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Question on Have I actually paid?

wronki91 2 | 1
15 Mar 2011 #1
hi, this is a quick question. I recently bought something from allegro,pl but I need to know if I actually payed for it. Im only confused because I didnt have to give any card information but only my bank's name that I use. Is there any further action that I need to do in order to make it complete or does the bank do the rest? Thanks!
JonnyM 11 | 2,621
15 Mar 2011 #2
Yes. You need to make a bank transfer or another form of payment. has a function whereby you can contact the seller. You need to ask for his or her bank details.
Nika23 - | 1
27 Nov 2013 #3
[Moved from]: Allegro Problem - I bought the same item 3 times!?

Hello! I've recently started to use Allegro and I just decided to buy one item.
My surprise was when I noticed I bought the same item 3 times! I don't know what to do now! Any help?!!!
Of course I don't want to pay for the 3 items, just for 1! I'm also not so sure how to pay it.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
27 Nov 2013 #4
Contact seller ASAP. Ask him what to do. If he insists on you buying 3 you may not pay and in worse case you will get negative comment.
Looker - | 1,032
24 Sep 2015 #5
Before you buy an Item you need to choose delivery and payment options. If I'm not mistaken you need to have an bank account to even register. If you have such account then most likely you've got also the debit/credit card. Paying via the bank transfer - choose your bank name and after purchasing the site is automatically redirected to your bank - then after log-in you just have to confirm this payment - the amount/address, etc. is already there. Maybe easier is just to pay directly using the bank card number.

You may always track the status of your payment on the tab: /moje allegro/PayU/Lista moich wpłat

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