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Used Vehicle Bought in Poland - Registration Question

convex 20 | 3,978
8 Aug 2010 #1

I bought a used vehicle here in Poland. The sales contract is in my name, and the vehicle has already been deregistered by the owner. Now I'd like to register it under another person. I have all the original documentation (still with the original owners information), I just haven't registered it myself. Would there be any problems registering the vehicle under a third person? That is, with all the documentation, the original contract between the seller and myself, and the contract between the third person and myself?

Any suggestions?
lobsterg - | 10
8 Aug 2010 #2
A written donation (darowizna) maybe?

You have to donate it because only "owners" - people named in the contract are registered with their cars. Further details in the article.

In order for a car in Poland to be put into service, it should be registered, have proof of registration, and be provided with legalized license plates and inspection sticker.

Each car put into service must be registered. Registered cars must be new vehicles purchased in Poland, acquired in the secondary market , which had once recorded by the previous owner, imported from abroad , and even vintage vehicles . Put into service vehicles are registered abroad , but only if they conform to the required technical conditions and have been provided with a license plate number , which consists of the letters of the Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals , and a driver is carrying a document that will confirm the registration .

Cars imported from non-EU countries, after the final clearance of import duty, are put into circulation within 30 days. In contrast, the owner of the car imported from EU countries must register it in Poland within 30 days.

OP convex 20 | 3,978
10 Aug 2010 #3
thank you much, will give it a shot.
Zed - | 195
10 Aug 2010 #4
Just remember, that "darowizna" is separately taxed in most cases.
Olaf 6 | 956
10 Aug 2010 #5
Only closest relatives don't pay this tax, so if it is a big quid then maybe just consider registering it differerntly.
OP convex 20 | 3,978
10 Aug 2010 #6
I'm not worried about paying tax. I'll gladly pay tax.

I just have a contract selling the vehicle to me. I don't want to register in Poland under my name. What do I need in order for that third party to register it at this point?

What we've got:

All documents for the vehicle in the sellers name.
Sales contract between me and the seller.

Now I would like a 3rd party to register the vehicle. I have not registered it under my name, all the documents are still under the sellers name.

Is that possible to do?
Olaf 6 | 956
23 Aug 2010 #7
You cannot register your on somebody else - you'd have to sell this cart to this person or donate e.g. 50% of the car to this person and then you'd both be as owners and in the registration papers of the car.
OP convex 20 | 3,978
23 Aug 2010 #8
Just an update. We went to the registration place with two contracts, and it wasn't a problem. So just to clarify:

Vehicle documents were in the original owners name

Sales contract between the original owner and me

Sales contract between me and and the third person

Third person was able to register it without a problem.
Olaf 6 | 956
23 Aug 2010 #9
Yes, once you have a contract that you donate or sel the car to this third person - than it'as no problem. I thought you didn't have it. Anyway, good for you!

OP convex 20 | 3,978
23 Aug 2010 #10
and it couldn't have been easier. thanks everyone for your help
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
4 Apr 2014 #11
Different but related question:

If I buy a car from some other city, when I register the car in my name do I get a new registration plate for the city I'm living in or keep the old registration plate?

In other words, if the car's numberplate says KR123456 when I buy it in Krakow, will it become DW....something when I register it in Wroc?

Also, what's the name of the car registration/change of ownership admin office, please? How do I pay the 2% sales/purchase tax when I buy? Is the registration fee about 200zł?

Don't panic folks -- I'm not going to be the one driving it :o)

Anyone able to answer, please?

The info gathered from other sources in case it's of use to others:

When buying a used car you need to get a burgundy coloured book like a passport with the car's details on it, called a karta pojazdu or something like that.

You then need to go to the general local admin office for your town or city or their separate vehicle office in your area and register the car in your name. It costs 150-200 ZL and if it's not done within an hour it might take a few weeks, depending on the circumstances. They might give a temporary registration document to hold during that time. When the car gets registered you get a new registration number and actual physical numberplate issued at the office, with the prefix code for the area you live in (Wrocław = DW). You fix these issued numberplates to your car. Sometimes you get a choice of standard numberplates to choose from. If you want a cherished or personalised number, it costs a lot more, but the same office probably sells them.

The other stuff I haven't found out.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
7 Apr 2014 #12
what's the name of the car registration/change of ownership admin office, please?

Wydział Komunikacji?

How do I pay the 2% sales/purchase tax when I buy?

You need to fill PCC-3 and pay a tax only if seller isn't komis, dealer or działalność
Urząd Skarbowy
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
7 Apr 2014 #13
Thanks Peter :)

Wydział Komunikacji?

That's the one! Rings a bell!
2 Mar 2019 #14
I am American, living in Ukraine with Ukrainian wife. We are visiting Poland and I want to know how I would go about buy a car here in Poland to drive back to Ukraine. As an American I have visa free clearance for the time I am here. How do I go about registering the car so I can drive it back to Ukraine? Any suggestions?
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
3 Mar 2019 #15
Yes. Refer to my past comments. I am a British geezer living here for the last 27 years. Never, ever, buy a second hand car in Poland. Why?

1. People (wrongly) believe it is a seller's market and ask too much money ( around 30 percent) for their "recently repaired" car, and have a ridiculously false premise of its value.

2. Polish cars have been on Polish roads and are battered to fuckk.
3. Germany and other western countries are next door - where they sell their cars for real reasons ( taking up space/ want replacement etc etc) Buy there.

Hope this helps - not an opinion, but borne out from the above experience. Parts of 1 are paradoxically my own view - but I feel entitled, as prices are so laughable.

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