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Allegro for non-Polish users -- Cancel order, bank transfer, contacts for help, etc.

Michele Mormino 1 | 1
31 Oct 2011 #1
I'm an Erasmus student in Gdansk and I'm trying to use Allegro for the first time to buy some things, but the website is not very easy to understand and it's just in polish; google translator is terrible, and so I cannot understand many things.

1) How can I cancel some orders I did by mistake (they're still not completed)?
2) I read that payment via credit card is possible only for experienced members, and that new ones must use bank transfer. If I go in a bank here (BPH, or ING direct, for example) with the IBAN code of the seller and the cash I should be able to do the transfer even if my bank account belongs to a different bank (an italian one) isn't it?

3) How can I contact the website's help? When I try to do it they say me that I have to fill in a form, but I cannot open it. Is there an e-mail address to whom I can just send some simple questions?

Thank you,

Cosmopolish - | 7
1 Nov 2011 #2
I haven't used allegro for years but had a quick look now and couldn't find any email contact address on allegro website (the contact form opened fined tough). And I know it's a shame that they don't have an English version.

Yes, you can make a transfer from any other bank to Poland using IBAN account number, but usually you will also need a bank code called SWIFT or BIC. You should also be aware that making transfer abroad you'll more than likely incur high fees for this service from your bank.
teflcat 5 | 1,032
1 Nov 2011 #3
I read that payment via credit card is possible only for experienced members,

Not true. Click on kupować bez rejestracji.
pantsless 1 | 267
3 Nov 2011 #4
I know this thread is old, but for any other interested parties.

1. You cannot cancel orders per se. If the seller wanted to they could easily take you to court and have you not only pay for the item, but thousands of zl in court costs. Why? You entered a contractual obligation to purchase the item. In reality all you'll get is negative feedback, possibly your account suspended.

2. Credit card payment is possible through the Place z Allegro option, but the seller must accept Place z Allegro payments in the first place. If they do not, you have to pay by bank transfer. Dont bother going to banks, just go to your local post office, you want to make a Wplata na rachunek bankowy, you need to fill out this form but it's all in Polish, have someone help you. You pay like a 1zl fee.

3. Allegro pretty much has no customer help of any kind. Maybe things changed, but I doubt it.
OP Michele Mormino 1 | 1
4 Nov 2011 #5
I will try to explain the situation to the sellers, hoping they're not too strict!
Thank you!
cvalen - | 2
22 Nov 2011 #6
I've just discovered on some products that interest me very much. I have sort it out to register a free account. Everything was ok until I started to contact sellers regarding the advertised products. I was able to send 3 queries and after that the website informed me that I am not able to send anymore queries because my account is not verified.

I live in UK and I have a bank account here. Does anyone know if I can get verified with my UK account?, considering that I am client to a bank that is not listed with Allegro, or any other way to get my Allegro account verified even if I live abroad?
pantsless 1 | 267
23 Nov 2011 #7
You are only able to send 3 messages a day.

You dont need a bank account to verify your account, you can have them send you a letter with a special password.
cvalen - | 2
23 Nov 2011 #8

I have notice that I am able to send just 3 messages a day, yesterday after I have started to contact sellers. My problem is that I want to get my account verified. Since I don't live in Poland (don't have a polish address) and I don't have any friends there and I don't have an account with any of the banks listed by Allegro there should be any other way to get verified and to be able to trade on Allegro. Are you aware of any of this?

Merged: Allegro.Pl - "Verified Account" activation for non-polish users without a bank account

Hi everybody,

As I started a few days ago to deal with the Allegro.Pl "verified account" activation I have figured out, helped by an Allegro support representative, how the account can be fully verified even if you live outside Poland and you don't have a bank account with a bank listed by Allegro.

Registration and Activation

- as a first step you must register with Allegro - you can find this option here ---> Rejestracja

- the easiest way to get your registration done in minutes is by filling out the registration form with a polish address (address, post code, phone number, etc)

As this stept has been fulfilled you should now receive an email confirmation that your account has been created and that you must confirm it by clicking the link attached in your email which must be in this form (Rejestracja w Allegro ---> Dziękujemy Ci za wybór Allegro - już tylko krok dzieli Cię od zakończenia rejestracji! - Należy teraz potwierdzić swoją rejestrację w ciągu najbliższych 72 godzin.)

As soon as you have confirmed your account by clicking the link attached to your confirmation email you will be redirected to a page where you must fillout your (login name/Login, password/Hasło/Powtórz hasło, mother's maide name/Nazwisko panieńskie matki, email/Numer Gadu-gadu, verification code/Kod z obrazka)

As you have filled out all the informations above you will be directed to the next page where you have to specify either if you have a bank account with one of the banks listed.

Considering that you don't have one you must use the following path to get your account verified. At the bottom of the financial institutions agreed by Allegro you will find this option - Chcę aktywować konto, ale nie posiadam rachunku w banku z powyższej listy - thick this box and go ahead with your activation.

After you have thicked this box below will appear a form where you will find (your name, address and all the informations that you have insterted in your registration form).


In this form you must fillout, your name, your residence address, residence post code, residence city, residence country (your residence address where you live abroad, you must be aware that it must be the address where you live or your mailing address considering that allegro will send you by post the registation code that will help you to get your account verified, residence city, residence or mailing post code, residence country)

By going trough with all the infos you have just to press the confirmation button and allegro will register your residence address and your request for the verification of your account. They will send you by post a letter, within a period of 10-14 days, where you will find a "verification code". To get your account verified and to get full access to all the tools offerred by allegro you must follow the instructions contained in the letter.

If you have any other usefull informations about this thread just share. Thank you!!!
JimZA - | 3
2 Jun 2015 #9
Merged: - suggestions how to use it without Polish language knowledge - no English version exist.

I want to buy some vinyl records from allegro but I dont know any Polish ..
as far as I know there is no English version of allegro ..
online translator is almost useless ...

so ...

are there any suggestions ?
smurf 39 | 1,981
2 Jun 2015 #10
Use the Google Chrome browser.
It's ok, the best of a bad bunch.

I rarely use allegro though, far cheaper to get stuff from amazon/eBay etc.
Allegro sells will always try and rip you off regarding postage
jon357 69 | 19,522
2 Jun 2015 #11
Agreed - it's a nuisance. Unless they've changed it recently, they used to ask for a PESEL too. Amazon marketplace and even Ebay are more convenient (and trustworthy, since it's very hard to deal with them from outside PL if a seller rips you off) so I would suggest buying from another source if possible.

If not, as Smurf says, some web browsers and search engines have an inbuilt translation facility. As far as I know you just have to set it up via settings or add-ons.
JimZA - | 3
2 Jun 2015 #12
I am looking for specific vinyl records
from MUZA-NAGRANIA label, series Polish jazz
a total of 76 lp's ...
I have almost 50 of them and searching for the rest
cant find them at ebay or even discogs .....
if I knew Polish I could search for local record shops maybe ....
jon357 69 | 19,522
2 Jun 2015 #13
There are a few vinyl shops in Warsaw but in this case Allegro might be the best bet. Unless their payment methods have changed though, you'd need to contact the seller directly (to pay by credit card you need (or used to need) a Polish ID card number) and their bank transfer thing (again unless it's suddenly changed) is set up for Polish bank accounts.

Why not write the message you want to send the seller in English, post it in the free translation section here and someone can help?. Mention that you'd need to pay by bank transfer from a UK bank since you don't have a PESEL number. Obviously trust would be involved, however someone selling vinyl jazz records is probably ok.
JimZA - | 3
2 Jun 2015 #14
I'm not at UK
Location is Athens-Greece
cheapest way to pay is via paypal, bank transfer here costs at least 25-30 € ...

I opened an account at allegro
and contacted two sellers (in english), if I find any difficulties I wll have to ask for your help ...

thanks :)

does anybody know any online record shops in Poland that I can get in touch ?
jon357 69 | 19,522
2 Jun 2015 #15
I will ask around - better than just looking online however I'm posting on a phone from the pub so it won't be today. Some very good jazz from Poland, especially a couple of decades or so ago.
totuk - | 1
28 Aug 2015 #16
Hey I know the topic has a few months already, but for any other fellow who has the same experience there is this website. It is try-Poland. PM me if you are interested.
11 Jan 2017 #17

we a supplier who would like to offer our produts on Allegro
is there a telephone nr we can call to see how we should put our products for sale?
Babis - | 1
15 Nov 2017 #18

Hello friends. I need local help! Allegro

Hello friends.

I found this forum in my attempt to solve a problem pertaining to the use of

There are some auctions I am very interested in (gaming related items) and after snooping around a bit I found out that PayPal is not widely used by polish sellers.

The language barrier (I am greek) hampers my efforts to make an account in order to contact directly the seller through the allegro platform (is it possible?) and arrange a way for the transaction I would be proposing.

So, what do you suggest I do?

In other news, I've never been to Poland, yet, and one of my all time favorite football players is polish, I don't know if football fans in Poland know about the impact Krzysztof Warzycha had in the greek football in the 90's. He was one of the greatest. Look up Ajax-Panathinaikos (1996).

In any case, thank you very much in advance for any help.
Atch 17 | 4,005
15 Nov 2017 #19
I find that Allegro is a nightmare to use for the reasons you describe. If you look carefully at the seller's page, you will see that there are details of how to pay by other methods, usually by bank transfer and their bank account number will be listed. However, there are frequently problems, even using this method in my experience. Sometimes the payment doesn't go through for example, even though it shows as paid. Once, after paying, I got a really, really, rude email from the seller, asking where the money was. The whole thing is very messy and communication from the sellers can be bad, even if you speak Polish. Basically, it's hit and miss, sometimes the transactions go smoothly, the sellers are very professional and sometimes not. Could you not use Ebay or Amazon instead, they're both very straightforward. I've very rarely had any problems with either of them and when I did, they were resolved super quick.

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