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Business activities in Poland

Udaya 2 | 10
29 Sep 2020 #1
Dear all,
I have been living in poland since 14 years and working in food industries. Now i am in a stage to do my own business but i need few partners to be a part of it.

It depends of investor to be a part physically or not but you don't have to be here even in Poland. Before you send me any message the range of business is about half million złoty. Please let me know if someone is interested.
pawian 224 | 24,530
29 Sep 2020 #2
Which of these two do you mean?:

I have money and expect propositions from people who have no money but have an idea.

I don`t have money but I have an idea and expect propositions from people who have money..
OP Udaya 2 | 10
30 Sep 2020 #3
Dear Paiwan,
Both of your doesn't match .I have money but not enough money to start business which i have idea. It's about production and marketing and this idea cost about PLN half million.

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