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Hosting home party for my Wroclaw colleagues. How much drinks and food to prepare? Any activities/games?

Jjhhdyhrnt 1 | 3
8 Jan 2016 #1

I just moved to Wroclaw for an short term business trip. I am planning to host a party at my apartment for my Wroclaw colleagues.

I am a Asian and am not sure the customs in Wroclaw.

So a few questions that want to clarify:

1. How much drink I shall prepare? I am planning for 4 bottles of wine + 1 bottle of vodka + 8 cans of beer. I do not normally drink alcohol so not sure if it is enough for around 8 pax.

2. The party is post dinner. Do I need to still prepare for full dinner or snacks will do?

3. I am planning to buy wine and vodka that is around 20-30 zloty per bottle. Is it acceptable price range for a party?

4. What other activities/games that we could do other than drinking and watching TV?

5. Anything else I shall prepare? Or any other advices?

Thanks a lot for your help!
9 Jan 2016 #2
Forget the wine, buy like 5 bottles of vodka and 20 cans of beer at least, some people might bring their own alcohol. We don't have any party games in Poland, its' mostly just drinking. Snacks will be fine, you don't need full diner.
jon357 74 | 21,930
9 Jan 2016 #3
Good advice. Keep it simple, especially as people here prefer not to mix what they're drinking. If you do decide to buy wine however, the price range is appropriate. Same with vodka - wyborowa is always a good choice.

You'll also need fruit juice or Coca Cola for them to wash the vodka down with. Better to get more of that than you think you'll need.
OP Jjhhdyhrnt 1 | 3
9 Jan 2016 #4
Thanks for the advice. My colleague told me that they do not like vodka that's why I choose to buy wine. I will definitely buy more beer for the party.

Will do. Thanks!
frd 7 | 1,399
9 Jan 2016 #5
It really depends on the people. I'm not sure who you're inviting, but based on the type of people board games/ party board games/ card games can be sometimes a good idea. With people you don't know well I supposed drinks and conversation are fine.

Wine + Vodka + Beer sounds like a lot of mixing, not everyone likes mixing. Wine is a must if there are girls, cause that's what they, most of the time, prefer.

If the people you are inviting don't have gourmet tastes in terms of alcohol - then some blended Whisky like Red Johnny Walker and coke can be a good idea for some simple drinks. One bottle of wine can be a good idea for the odd person that likes wine ( if there are no women ) - a simple red Carlo Rossi is the type of mass produced wine that is not too cheap, it's not that bad and at the same time tastes ok.

Crisps, snacks etc are good idea and during the party you can always ask people if they'd like to order a pizza.
OP Jjhhdyhrnt 1 | 3
10 Jan 2016 #6
Thanks for the advice! All are young people. There are 3 girls including myself. How does it work? If one person drink vodka, the other must drink the same? Or people can drink differently ( e.g. Girls takes wine and guys takes vodka or beer).

I plan to prepare some variety as I thought people can choose what they want. But I might be totally wrong.
Looker - | 1,134
10 Jan 2016 #7
You're right - people should drink what they want. (or even not to drink any alcohol at all, if they wish)
veikkopl 2 | 19
10 Jan 2016 #8
There are 3 girls including myself.

Priceless, I was wondering when reading why the absolute expectation that the OP is a man?

Generally, buy enough beer, you will be amazed how much people sometimes drink. While there probably is a shop nearby where you can get more it's not ideal. Most of all, don't stress too much!

As a learner myself I didn't know that Poles don't play any games but I must say I'm not surprised. Why waste good drinking time playing games?
OP Jjhhdyhrnt 1 | 3
10 Jan 2016 #9
@veikkopl, Thanks! Have carried 20 cans of beer to my apartment today. Quite a lot of effort :)
10 Jan 2016 #10
Why the pidgeonholing that Poles don't play any games.
It's all very relative, it depends what people you know. I know lots of people who play games. There are pubs in Wrocław where they will give you a variety of board/card games to choose from. in comparison I think what's not really popular is karaoke. At least people prefer to play it at home if at all, and there are no karoke parlours in cities.

There were gender symbols next to posts before in these forums, looks like they got removed - I haven't noticed.

@Jjhhdyhrnt "If one person drink vodka, the other must drink the same?" I meant that people usually stick to one type of alcohole during the evening, if they drink responsibly of course. If there's variety and every person can drink what he/she wants then it's good.
10 Jan 2016 #11
I've not been to any parties where Poles were playing games. I think it'll be quite new to them they'll probably join in but won't be used to it at all and they may feel uncomfortable.
pawian 222 | 23,756
18 Feb 2020 #12
My colleague told me that they do not like vodka that's why I choose to buy wine.

The best option is to buy a little of everything and eveyrbody wil choose what they like. I would certainly prefer wine to vodka or beer at a home party.

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