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Food hygiene in restaurant New Delhi in Wroclaw, Poland

Emeilea Adams
19 Dec 2022 #1
I dont if this is correct place for me to appeal aur not but still wanna try my best for people safety.
My name is Emeilea Adams. My recent visit was in poland Wroclaw, when i search over for good Indian restaurants New delhi was the first one on the list but as soon i went and ordered food it was so un-hygienic i cant even think of, the waiter over there was serving food with such big and dirty grown nails, hairs was open, some was even in my food and when i asked to replace. The quote made by waiter was if you wanna eat this eat aur else pay and leave. I dont think this piece of restro even gone foe eu standards and got medical examine of their worker. I cant trust how can this dirty restro got that good ratings. And when their waiters are like this how can be their chef may be its true that they are making bread dough with legs aur dint know how..?? And one more thing this restro was smelling like something is burning all the time...ohh god that was terrible. I cant even think how this waiter was full of smelling with cigarettes and bad that she didnt bath for months and there floor was dirty as hell like black water all over. I would like to request higher authorities if they are reading this that this restro should be please examine thoroughly once for god sake according to eu and poland standards and its not for me its for the people of poland and eu who are regularly going and eating this hygienic food and getting ill.

Please help.! Please help.! Please help.!
cms neuf 2 | 1819
20 Dec 2022 #2
Strange way to spell Emilia
Alien 21 | 5279
20 Dec 2022 #3
H@cms neuf
Emilia is Theo and Indian restaurant is only an Indian restaurant not German or Polish.
jon357 74 | 22830
20 Dec 2022 #4

Yes. She (or more probably he) is almost certainly the proprietor of a rival restaurant. The weird spelling plus the histrionic tone of the post suggest that strongly.

The New Delhi restaurant in Wrocław has 4.5/5 stars on Tripadvisor and 4.8/5 stars on Google which suggests that its customers like it a lot.

I'll go next time I'm in Wrocław. It sounds good.

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