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Players wanted for boardgame evenings in Warsaw.

Eco66 1 | 2
18 Feb 2013 #1
Anyone interested in regular/semi-regular boardgame evenings in Warsaw? I'm not talking about chess or Monopoly, but more complicated games with theme, such as tje various Fantasy Flight games.
The Shadow 3 | 86
18 Feb 2013 #2
Yes, some of our group play these games too, like Game of Thrones and Tannhauser (video).

I will get back to you when I have a little more time.
nataliawz - | 1
1 Mar 2013 #3
i am planning on moving back to warsaw from new york city later in the summer, but when i do, i would love to get in contact for some kind of gaming fun! it's actually one of my biggest "concerns" in moving back haha
Kerwyn - | 3
24 Mar 2013 #4
I would be interested in boardgame evenings with more 'complicated' games!
6 Nov 2013 #5
Hi, currently I am living in Warsaw and I am looking some people to play boardgames. How could I contact you?
Kerwyn - | 3
10 Dec 2014 #6
Well, I guess, my answer is a bit late. But you could contact me via PM or Email. Just click next to the user name. I'm still in Warsaw and happy to add new people to my gaming group.
7 Sep 2021 #7
This is abit old but still in need of new players, have a few board games to bring to the party scythe terraforming Mars moonrakers and others

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