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Jute bags in Poland - lucrative business?

shadymetal 1 | -
31 May 2010 #1
Hey everyone,

I was just wondering if I start importing Jute, Organic Cotton and Canvas bags, will it, according to you, be a lucrative business?
As more and more countries are opting to go green and banning plastic bags and encouraging people to adopt environment friendly products, you think Poland would be a good market to explore although I'm sure Poland already has some stores selling these items.

I wasn't able to search much on Google about these stores as I don't know Polish.
The products that I plan to import would be completely Eco-friendly, Bio degradable like Jute bags (All sorts), Jute belts, Slip Ons, Neem pencils, etc.

Your reply is appreciated

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
31 May 2010 #2
Cloth bags are OK, but I'd suggest also bringing back the net or mesh shopping bags (siatki in Polish) of years ago. These are esp. good for bulk produce such as apples, carrots, potatoes, etc. which then wouldn't have to be packaged in plastic bags. In that way 2 plastic bags would NOT be used every time such a purchase was made.
nincompoop_not 2 | 192
31 May 2010 #3
It's like selling the ice to the Eskimo :)
These type of bags have been around in Poland for ages (it's the 'bad west' who introduced us to these awful plastic bags!)
Topping it up with the fact that in many respects Poland has been more organic than the 'West', I believe you won't find it very lucrative business (importing).

It doesn't mean there's no space for more but you'd have to make a really good research

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26 Nov 2011 #4
Dear Sir,
I have seen your message and happy to know that you are interested to start eco friendly bag business in poland. Yes it is very lucrative business, as the whole world is concerned about the bad impact of using plastic items.

Jute / cotton/organic cotton/juco/cotton canvas/kraft paper bags can replace plastic bags like non woven etc. We can help you to start this business as you are direct manufacturer exporters of various kind of eco friendly bags made of Jute / cotton/organic cotton/juco/cotton canvas/kraft papers.

You can visit our web site to see our prdoucts and services and we think, this web site may help you to decide.

Bidyut Dey
Wonder Bags
24 Jan 2012 #5
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are EXPO-WEB the jute bags supplier from west Bengal, India and we like to supply our export quality product to you, if you are interested with our product pl send us your specification, size and quantity alongwith your requirements , so that we can supply you according to your specification and requirements.

Thanks & regards
Mrs Laxmi Singh
28 Apr 2012 #6
Merged: Jute Yarn suppliers in Bangladesh to Poland

A & Y Services is a Jute Yarn ,Raw Jute & Jute Goods suppliers and garments suppliers in Bangladesh interested to export in Poland. It is involved in Jute Goods Manufacturing, Exporting, Jute selling and buying company.
9 May 2012 #7

It can be a good business if you could secure a contract with a supermarket chain who has green initiatives in place are planning to reduce their carbon foot print, also getting funds from EU in the process.

Should you need any advise, regarding registering a company in Poland, drop us a line.


Adam Smith
beckski 12 | 1,617
12 Feb 2014 #8
I purchased a jute bag at a festival in Lublin. It's very sturdy & great for carrying books.
Cardno85 31 | 976
12 Feb 2014 #9
This is a website dedicated to 'PRL hits' - things we miss the most from the 'red era'

These are really nice and I always use a canvas bag for my shopping but...

...near enough 30PLN for a shopping bag...I think not!
11 Oct 2014 #10
Not only jute bags are popular these days but all other kinds of jute products are so popular and are getting a huge demand from the people worldwide. Jute bags and other jute products are totally eco friendly and bio degradable thus are safe to our planet earth. I am sure jute bags business will be a very nice idea for you. There are different types of jute bags like conference bags, promotional bags, shopping bags, grocery bags, ladies purse, wallets, sling bags, gift bags, bottle bags, clutch bags, and more. And there are lots of manufacturers and exporters of varieties of jute bags and other jute products in fancy and attractive designs. For more information on all types of jute bags and jute products visit - jute products india
9 Jan 2015 #11
Seasons greetings from India
Urs you are in the right direction
We are a renowned jute goods supplier from India jute goods
Best regards
CM Manager
24 Jan 2015 #12
i am bangladeshi jute goods manufacturer want to sell my jute products in poland.
23 Feb 2015 #13
Hello sir

Yes it is very good business to enter because now a days every governments also push up for green products.

Please contact us we are exporter of eco friendly bags world wide.

Thank you & Best Regards
Jaymin Bhatt
Shrayoj Enterprise
Ahmed Mustaque
24 Apr 2017 #14

Re:Export of Wide range of jute bag

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totaljute - | 1
27 Feb 2018 #15

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Jutify_Lifestyle - | 1
16 Dec 2022 #16

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