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The famous Polish brands for 'Lingeries' and 'Bags'?

23 Aug 2011 #1
Here's what.

I am newly moved to Warsaw, and tring to enjoy myself here. On the plane from Milan last July, bTW it was LOT, I read this article in the LOT magazine that shows some famous polish brands. I surely remember the content, it was about a underwear(maybe something like Samantha) and a bags. It's the names I don't recall when I am dying to try them on. Can anybody help me?
23 Aug 2011 #2
For some ideas take a look at the thread, Clothing Companies in Poland.
23 Aug 2011 #3
Thanks Beckski, now i know 'Reserved' is a polish brand. But i couldn't find my answer in the thread.

I googled and find the brand name of the bag though. It is Batycki. It has a small amber on every bag, and that was the search word.

Now, anyone knows the underwear? Ha ha
23 Aug 2011 #4
Here's something i found on google:

Several Polish clothing companies try to build strong and appealing brands that could compete also outside Poland with the international giants like H&M or Zara. One of such companies is LPP SA based in Gdansk, an incorporated company noted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2001 which owns and distributes the following brands: Reserved (flagship mainstream brand), Cropp (urban & streetwear style fashion), House (youth fashion), Mohito (active women’s fashion), Esotiq (women’s underwear), Rene Vilard (exclusive women’s underwear), Henderson (basic men’s underwear) and Promo Stars (advertising clothing).

30 Sep 2011 #5
30 Sep 2011 #6
Now, anyone knows the underwear?

24 Jan 2012 #7
The most known for lingerie are :

- Ava:
- Gorsenia
- Gorteks
- Konrad -
- Milena - ( very pretty new collection ) The quality is the same as Lejaby`s but the price is just a fraction of it .

- Gracya
- Kostar -
- Axami -
-Kris Line
24 Jan 2012 #8
Much of this either poor quality mass market stuff or truly tasteless. A saunter up Nowy Swiat takes you past some good accessory and knicker retailers. If the OP specifically wants Polish-made handbags, Pantera, next to Amatorska have an interesting range however the prices don't really match the stock.
20 Nov 2020 #10
My favourite one is Samantha
7 Nov 2021 #11
Wichen bags are good but the brand is not so famous like ...Micheal Kors or so.

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