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I am from Yaounde, Cameroon searching for a job in Poland

chenwiernest87 1 | -
8 Sep 2021 #1
I am 33 years old and i am from Cameroon. I have a degree from a university and i can speak English and French. I need help me get a job like in a supermarket like a Meat Processing, Construction Worker, sales agent or security guard or a cleaner in a restaurant or hotel or a driver or a warehouse agent etc in poland
amiga500 2 | 739
8 Sep 2021 #2
are you currently living in Poland?
Lyzko 30 | 7,713
8 Sep 2021 #3
Yaounde, do you plan on learning Polish?
Alien 2 | 142
9 Sep 2021 #4
If you studied in Cameroon, why would you want to apply for a simple underpaid job in Poland? Why don't you want to do a career in your home country?
Cargo pants 2 | 1,086
9 Sep 2021 #5
First step to get into the EU,thats why.
What some dont get it that having a karta pobuty or even permanent card dont let you work in other EU countries LEGALLY until you get Polish citizenship which takes 7 years at least now with B1 Polish language certificate.How desperate one has to be to waste 7 precious years of there life
gumishu 11 | 5,725
14 Sep 2021 #6
hotel or a driver or a warehouse agent etc in poland

getting a work in Poland in the fields you mention without decent knowledge of Polish might prove impossible unless you are part of a gang with a foreman who can communicate in Polish - you can try Uber though but maybe they prefer Indians
Cargo pants 2 | 1,086
14 Sep 2021 #7
but maybe they prefer Indians

I think not MAYBE,they do,as I see almost 50% indians working for Uber eats &Uber cab drivers along with Ukranians.I knew a young Indian girl(24/27 yo) who drove for Uber and was making over 11k Pln a month last year during covid,without speaking Polish lol and without a Polish driving license.She worked 12 hrs 6 days with Tuesday off as she claimed was the slow day of the week.I remember she telling me she was making 15/17K a month before covid,She told me Uber prefers Indians,Ukranians and Russians as they are reliable and work long hours.
Lyzko 30 | 7,713
1 day ago #8
Most anyone thinking straight could well imagine somebody ambitious from Cameroon willing to find work to enhance their career in Poland than the reverse!
Apropos of nothing, Cameroon used to be a German colony, by the way:-)

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