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Teaching Job [online] for an English Native Speaker - Poland based online school

Milosz 1 | 2
23 Feb 2016 #1
We are looking for English Teachers - native speakers at the moment, to conduct english courses in our online school -

More info can be found at:

Quick info:
You can work from your home (everywhere in the world)
We will fill up your schedule in notime, but you can also submit selected hours
We'll give you teaching materials, online tools, and training, but we need your enthusiasm and positive attitude :)
Labrador 2 | 50
23 Feb 2016 #2

You might add that people need at least one year teaching experience.

InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Feb 2016 #3
Not only MINIMUM 1 year of experience but also proper qualifications. Being a native does not mean being a teacher ;). Furthermore, natives of ANY language often make a lot of mistakes in their own languages so .... beware! ;)
terri 1 | 1,665
24 Feb 2016 #4
They forget to state how much or how little they will pay the teacher, what materials (if any) they will provide, who ensures that the student has paid for his lessons and other very important points.

It strikes me that this school wants to earn a fast buck at the cost of minimally trained/educated teachers who will earn 10-15 pln per hour.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Feb 2016 #5
@Terri: good schools which have good clients and which pay good salaries (+on time) hire qualified and experienced teachers only. Shi##tty schools attract sh###ty "teachers" and vice versa and the rule applies to everything.

Everybody with basic common sense knows that being a native of any language does not mean being a teacher of said language. Teaching is a real job, not something to improvize.
terri 1 | 1,665
24 Feb 2016 #6
That reminds me of a good British saying...You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
OP Milosz 1 | 2
24 Feb 2016 #7

Thanks for noting that, it's in the job ad


We test those qualifications during the interview process, one of the steps is conducting an online lesson with a regular student and our head of studies. Certificates and diplomas are one thing but we are looking for the ACTUAL teaching gifted people.


Thank you for your questions, but I think you must have confused us with a different school (wages-wise). As previously stated we provide all teaching materials, necessary tools, and training. We pay the teacher (not the students). The pay is determined by various factors, for example: qualifications and the level of commitment. Thus it is individually discussed with the teachers.

Apply online and we can talk about your points in a more concrete/professional manner :)
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Feb 2016 #8
@Milosz: good! I'm reassured ;). Good luck with your project! :)
Labrador 2 | 50
25 Feb 2016 #9
Teaching is a real job, not something to improvize.

In fact they are looking for English teachers in a " Polish forum ". This can't be a professional school.

And as you've already mentioned..1 year teaching experience... I mean everyone started at some point! But without any English qualifications? I wouldn't got there. I rather improve languages using many different sources.
25 Feb 2016 #10
I responded to this type of ad before and it turned out a scheme of some sort, they promised high salary and then kept on asking for more and more personal info until smelled something fishy abt it
terri 1 | 1,665
26 Feb 2016 #11
There are some English saying worthy of note:
If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
You can fool some of the people some of the time,...
InPolska 11 | 1,821
26 Feb 2016 #12
@Terri! yes :) )! When something looks too good, I suspect it to be fishy and very often it is. I know that people need to work and sometimes as they are desperate, they just take anything (I have done it too because no other choice (but never stayed long) so I understand and I don't blame them) but it is necessary to first of all check all details about the company. Also, when a company hires all the time, it is often because employees don't stay ;). I'm also skeptical about those looking for labor through free of charge portals (ok though for a babysitter, private lessons, a cleaning lady or someone to work around the house...) (I've been working for close to 30 years so I know a lot re topic and I could write books ;)).
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
26 Feb 2016 #13
They forget to state how much or how little they will pay the teacher

Well, a bit of mathematics is always useful in these situations.

They charge a minimum of 295zł for 16 lessons in a 6 person group. So you can count like this :

6 people in the group - they earn 1770zł per month. (110zł per lesson)
5 people in the group - they earn 1475zł per month (92zł per lesson)

In a 4 person group, they charge -

4 people in the group - 1280zł per month (80zł per lesson)
3 people in the group - 960zł per month (60zł per lesson).

Their operating costs are minimal because they use Skype and similar, so anyone that wants to work for them can easily negotiate based on the numbers above.
Labrador 2 | 50
26 Feb 2016 #14

To me it seems pointless. I would get more money out of it, if I would just offer my services by myself, without a foreign company standing behind me and taking away parts of the money they would pay me as a whole if I would do it all myself.

I have been teaching German for a while, and I did not need some company finding students for me.
ricardocameron - | 3
10 Feb 2020 #15

Czesc, Miloz!
I am a native American English speaker with i-to-i TEFL Certificate and neutral speaking accent. I have a little po Polsku as well. I'd love to chat with you. dricardo1(at) gmail
OP Milosz 1 | 2
10 Feb 2020 #16
wrote you an email!
gjene 14 | 204
28 Apr 2020 #17

Besides what is listed in the posting you have provided in your post about wanting English Teachers, what are you looking for that is not listed? Prosze email me. Dziekuje. I currently live in Canada.

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