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The best online shopping portal in Poland?

Roslinda 3 | 3
12 Nov 2011 #1
Dear all,

I just move to Poland. Really appreciate some info, I would like to know what is the most popular website for shopping online here in Poland. I'm talking similar too ebay. Back in my country Malaysia they have a website call where you can find any items you want and it's very cheap. And also where people selling their goods as a second hand items. Really appreciate if anybody could inform me the same kind of website here in Poland. Thank you in advance.
OP Roslinda 3 | 3
12 Nov 2011 #3
Thank you so much. Appreciate that.
10 Dec 2011 #4
RaspBerry Heels is excellent -
11 Dec 2011 #5
I don't know if is big in Poland? might be what you are looking for,
15 Apr 2015 #6 is a collection of online shops, divided into categories and subcategories
15 Apr 2015 #7 see my page please...All handmade all natural
28 May 2015 #8
Merged: Polish online shopping :)


I have heard that on Polish online shopping pages are very beautiful clothes. Can someone recommend me some page where I can buy woman dresses, shoes and so on.

Thank you all!
Have a nice day:)
Atch 20 | 3,961
28 May 2015 #9
Try Lots of different online shops there.
3 Dec 2015 #10
Hi I am looking for lingerie shops on line
20 Feb 2016 #11
I hope I will recive my comand from , i have aready 32 day`s. in France , is not so far from Poland.
25 Feb 2016 #12
I tried ebay and allegro myself probably the best ones
Sunrise - | 3
17 Aug 2016 #13
Please I am looking for an online shop where I can make purchases in Poland so I can get receipts and all to apply for a shopping Polish visa....PLEASE I will really appreciate any form of help. Thanks
kpc21 1 | 763
17 Aug 2016 #14
What kind of shop do you need? What do you need to buy?

The best option is to find the cheapest one using the comparison services:

Check not only the options that look cheapest - some shop do some cheating so that they appear cheaper than they really are.
Sunrise - | 3
18 Aug 2016 #15
Ok,thanks alot.....I want to buy some food items and clothes also..
Paulina 17 | 3,992
18 Aug 2016 #16
Often clothes brands (both Polish and Western ones) have on-line shops on their Polish sites. There are also sites like or

As for food - here are some that I've found:
Sunrise - | 3
18 Aug 2016 #17
Thanks alot everyone,I really do appreciate.
25 Oct 2016 #18
Hi all, does anyone know if i can sell my products on
1 Nov 2016 #20
hello @Peter_olsztyn, thank you for your response. what about on
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
1 Nov 2016 #21
what about on

Yes of course you can.
30 Mar 2017 #22

You can sell your products here:

New market, new opportunity.
thank you
24 Apr 2017 #23
Is there a website where I can buy a Polish flag bedding set for a double size bed? Preferably one with a Polish eagle. I'm looking for a comforter that's a Polish flag for a double sized bed.
27 Jul 2017 #24

is there a polish online shop in english language?
7 Aug 2017 #25
To Alg7.
Hi, I live in Poland. Allegro is most famous shop but this site is only in Polish language. Mayby I can help you with ordering something from Allegro cheap?
21 Oct 2017 #26
I would like to purchase a baby gift for delivery to my nephew in Poland... what is the best website to use... like an Amazon or Department store in USA?
Roger5 1 | 1,455
21 Oct 2017 #27
If you can't deal with the language on Allegro, try ebayuk. The postage will be lower than from the US.
cms 9 | 1,255
21 Oct 2017 #28
You could try it's pretty good for toys and kids clothes.
21 Oct 2017 #29
I would like to purchase a baby gift for delivery to my nephew in Poland...

Either, which is basically Polish eBay, or buy in the USA and then use Polonez Parcel Service to ship the parcel to Poland.
spiritus 69 | 666
26 Oct 2017 #30
At the risk of stating an obvious solution but have you not tried google translating Allegro via your web browser. ?

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