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The best online shopping portal in Poland?

26 Oct 2017 #31
Im from another country but I liked Allegro. Its easy to order something to my friend in Poland. Nothing hard. You can translate automaticly and their customer service is good. I only know Allegro. I dont know any other and I will try other sites in this topic that you guys recommend.
Cecilia URU
22 Nov 2017 #32
Hello . I want to buy jaket hat in rabbit or fox true fur. where can I find the best prices ?? please send me information to .

Cecilia URU again. Please if you can give me some advise to go and shop in a store or market ? good prices please let me know here also
27 Jan 2018 #33
I live in the US.and saw a kitchen kettle i liked that my relative in Poland showed me...i would love to buy it and simmilar items ( toaster, coffee maker) in that pattern IF they have them...but how... it would be American money...i couldn't tell from the picture the brand it is...and know id have to get an adapter...please IF you can help i would so appreciate it!!!!!!😘
vikash_evs - | 1
29 Jan 2018 #34 is good for online shopping of clothes. Free door to dooe return, no questions asked.
KervinJacque - | 1
1 Sep 2018 #35

Is there a website I can find that I can buy the merchandise I found in Warsaw center?

Good morning, I was in Warsaw, to visit my best friends and since i was my first time, they walked me through the warsaw center and had me see man wonderful things which I am thankful for. However, though I bought some things, I wanted to get more things but I didn't have time to buy somethings. I was wondering if they have a website similar to having the things I found in Warsaw Center?
4 Nov 2018 #36

Online shopping website for clothes and household items

Hi all , I am going to start my PhD work in Poznan next week , so I will be relocating to Poland soon. I am searching for online websites for getting clothes , vessels and other electronic gadgets. Kindly suggest. Also if online shopping is not recommended , kindly suggest some retail shops in Poznan where I can get clothes and vessels.

larahollmes01 - | 11
5 Aug 2019 #37
Of course, Allegro, Ceneo but it is not everything. Polish eCommerce websites that are highly appreciated by clients can be found here - link
3 Dec 2019 #38
If i will buy from allegro pl .Can they send it to uk?
Atch 23 | 4,045
3 Dec 2019 #39
It varies, depends on the individual seller. You can send the seller a message and ask if they will send orders to the UK but you need to write it in Polish as most of them are not fluent in English. Just put your message in Google Translate and copy and paste it, it won't be perfect Polish but they will understand it.
Mohamed from Bah
25 Jan 2021 #40
Hello there
Language barrier is driving me crazy!!!
I have been trying to get hold of anything in English but just failed to.
I want to buy Polish ladies wear and beauty products etc...
Where and how can I do that?
Kindly help please
Lenka 5 | 3,396
25 Jan 2021 #41
This website for example
But I would guess most shops have online sale as well

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