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Where to buy Polish kielbasa online in the USA?

fabianski 1 | -
28 Apr 2010 #1
I'm dying for the kielbasa of my childhood! Growing up in So. Cal in the 60's and 70's my Dad would fly back to New Jersey to visit my Chopchie and shipped back the most heavenly kielbasa. Can anyone tell me where to buy the best online? I live in a rural town in Northern California and I want to share my polish heritage with my friends and family with the real kielbasa, maybe make some pierogis, golabki, and does anyone have any other great recipe? Thank you, thank you!!
plk123 8 | 4134
28 Apr 2010 #2
search these forums for recipes for all those.. there are some real good ones here... same with online food purchasing.. there is info here on that too somewhere
joepilsudski 26 | 1388
28 Apr 2010 #3
Fabianski, your desire to share the real kielbasa with your ethnically challenged neighbors is quite noble.

As I live back east, we always obtain the real kielbasa from a Polish butcher or market...But I would suggest just 'googling' 'kielbasa' or 'kielbasa online' and this will lead you in the right direction................StoLat, JoeP
9 Jul 2010 #4
google Piast in Garfield N.J.
Joanna100 - | 2
15 Sep 2010 #5
Yea Piast in Garfield - they have the best polish kielbasa n pierogi I hv ever eaten in the US!
I live in N.J. and visit their shop regulary, but as far as I know they are shipping goods to any state in the US! you can shop on-line Try it out!
2 Dec 2011 #6
Check out European Homemade Sausage Shop of Milwaukee, WI at or Frank was just featured on the History Channel's Meat America in July 2011 and on Wisconsin Foodie in Oct 2011 on PBS. The hosts claim this is the best.
19 Dec 2011 #7
Hey, Kielbasa is the best, specially when grilled :) ... check, we don't sell kielbasa online but we have many other Polish and European specialties that you might enjoy as well :)
EM_Wave 9 | 310
19 Dec 2011 #8
Kielbasa is overrated as is pierogi and many other Polish food items.

I do love Polish smoked cheese though.
19 Dec 2011 #9
Rice and peas is overrated as is callaloo and many other Black food items. So is EMWave, funnily enough. :p

I do like beef jerky though.
Seanus 15 | 19669
19 Dec 2011 #10
Overrated by? Ever tried TarczyƄski's pork (wieprzowy) kabanosy, EM? No, didn't think so!
12 Feb 2013 #11
Try Polish butcher from Toledo, Ohio.
13 Feb 2013 #12
We will begin our new online business later this year selling only home made fresh and smoked kielbasi from an old world NE Pennsylvania Polish recipe handed down over generations. contact me at if you might have interest. more information and website will be coming during the summer of 2013

This stuff is as authentic as you'll find anywhere!

nasadki - | 43
13 Feb 2013 #13
beckski 12 | 1610
14 Feb 2013 #14
Any difference between the Polish wedding sausage & more traditional ones?

Btw, they all look yummy!
nasadki - | 43
14 Feb 2013 #15
I really dont know about the wedding sausage. Not sure if I have tried it, my father-in-law(100% Polish) shops there at the actual store, so I figured I would post the link up for anyone looking for some Polish foods in the US. I can tell you the pierogi and pyzy are really good. I've got the Tyrolian sausage also and it is great. The kids liked the hot dogs, we grilled some up this summer at a party.
13 Dec 2018 #16
Kielbasa is the absolute greatest in lentil soup. I used to buy Coleman Naturals Kielbasa, but I can't find it anywhere any more. So I came to this page. I'll try the ones you say.
SteveG NH
24 Dec 2018 #17
Chicopee Provision CoBlue Seal Brand Kielbasa. Best in northeast maybe even USA
johnny reb 48 | 7443
25 Dec 2018 #18
I used to buy Coleman Naturals Kielbasa, but I can't find it anywhere any more.

Really !
Try here as it lists endless outlets for it.

This place however ships and has 'quality' Polish products.
I use to live close to them and was very satisfied with their sausages.
Take time to read their story at the bottom of the page about how they came from Poland and started this thriving business.
(Another successful Polish immigrant in America.)
12 May 2020 #19
PolishDeliOnline ships nationwide and has a huge selection, good prices.

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