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Kielbasa from Johnston Pa

8 Jan 2012 #1
I am looking for auth. kielbasa that was made by a butcher each easter who had a store on virginia ave in johnstown, pa.
jtown polack
13 Jul 2012 #2
i don't know of the store on virginia ave, but out on D street there is Froehlich's meat market, and a little further out D street extension there is Pudliners. Both make excellent sausage and hot dogs
OP nickbob1952
21 Jul 2012 #3
someone posted something about smoked kielbasa from a little store on virginia ave, johnstown pa. I lived at 927 Virginia ave. There was a little store just down the ave that we would put our Easter order in for smoked kielbasa. I'm not sure of the spelling but the store was the same name as the owner "Magooths" . If someone knows of this. please email me at nicolofft yahoo. I know its been about 40-50 years since i have this kielbasa but its the best i have ever had.
2 Jul 2021 #4
I pooped magooth kielbasa once it was stinky

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