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Opening bank account online in Poland as a non Residence.

maxalyx 1 | 4
29 Jun 2023 #1
hello, I am currently at abroad and trying to open an online bank account in Poland. I already have two accounts but I need another one. I don't have a Polish ID or residence permit, but I have a pesel number. Is there a bank, from abroad where I can open a bank account by verifying with another bank account? I already have accounts at BNP and Santander.
Lyzko 42 | 9,497
29 Jun 2023 #2
For what reason do you wish to open an acc't. in Poland and of which country are you currently a citizen?
Cargo pants 3 | 1,490
29 Jun 2023 #3
His profile says Łódź .
I'm not gonna come to a conclusion but can be money laundering or tax evasion.
I also read somewhere that Indians are doing that from India & hongkong and hiding money in Poland
OP maxalyx 1 | 4
29 Jun 2023 #4
I need for payments and I'm citizen of Turkey.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,490
29 Jun 2023 #5
But you posted that you already have 2 other bank accounts?
I know if you have Santander account then go on there site and can open another account
OP maxalyx 1 | 4
29 Jun 2023 #6
@Cargo pants what? Hahah, no. Actually I need it for PayPal. My PayPal account get restricted and PayPal don't let me use the previous bank accounts on a new account.

And yeah I tried to open on ING Bank but couldn't open. I typed everything right but not accepting.

Santander and BNP Paribas don't let me to open an another PLN account on online, they want me to go to their brunches.
travel999 1 | 4
30 Jun 2023 #7
You cannot open a bank account online in Poland if you are a citizen of Turkey. You have to come to Poland and first establish a residence, then you can open an account in person.
OP maxalyx 1 | 4
30 Jun 2023 #8
@travel999 I already have 2 accounts in Poland, I'm trying to open an another account online verifying via Santander or BNP. This is what I'm trying to say.
travel999 1 | 4
30 Jun 2023 #9
Without citizenship or residency in Poland, you cannot open an account online. They will not allow it.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,490
30 Jun 2023 #10
It depends on the bank,in some banks you dont need residency papers,just an address and a passport "Nest bank"in Warsaw is one.But the OP is looking to open online acct so its different.I opened my acct in 2000 with passport and a rented flat address,but the banks change there laws frequently.
OP maxalyx 1 | 4
1 Jul 2023 #11
Well, is there any app that gives PLN IBAN?

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