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Wedding reception in Katowice, Poland

martynka 1 | 3
8 May 2015 #1
hi can anyone recommend a nice hotel or venue for wedding reception in katowice?
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
8 May 2015 #2
Smurf will be along soon to advise. In the meantime, don't do it :)

Affordable hotel food in Kato sucks BIG time.

Seriously though, the best value is still to rent out a hall and get some caterers (older ladies who know how to cook proper Polish nosh, 8 courses, and do it yourself.

400 bottles of vodka for around 70 guests, over 2 days, and a third day for farewells, should seal the deal :)
Why not rent out a Straz Pozarna in a village location?
majkel - | 64
9 May 2015 #3
I'd definitelly recommend finding nice venue, but not a Hotel. Things like Sala Weselna, Bankietowa, rooms in smalish palaces and so on usually offer such things with catering (sometime they don't provide cakes). Problem is that good ones are usually booked two years in advance, that's why people sometimes choose strange wedding dates to fit in. Same thing with bands, usually booked.

As for alcohol 400 bottles of vodka seems an excess, unless we are talking about extremly boozy family. Polish standard is 1 liter of vodka per person (calculated for everyone, including children), it should be enough. Usually you can get a deal with stores for them to accept the leftovers. For last 10 years people usually have some other alcohol available (beer and wine) for young people and not so heavy boozers.

If you're not in situation where all of family is near some area, you can always find a place whith hotel rooms, which comes handy for out -of-towners.

I'd recommend looking for something like this: mind it's not a suggestion, it's far away from Katowice, just to show you what type of place I'm talking about.
jon357 70 | 19,563
9 May 2015 #4
Of course you don't need to do it completely Polish-style with all that vodka and continuing the whole weekend - any hotel should be able to give you a quote for something nice.
OP martynka 1 | 3
15 May 2015 #5
thanks for your advice would anyone know of any good bands in poland that play a good variety of music and speak english? only bands at weddings i attended were playing disco polo and spoke no english. would like a band who can entertain both polish and irish guests. Seen a band on you tube jigs and reels manics anyone ever see them live? appreciate any help thanks
smurf 39 | 1,981
15 May 2015 #6
Smurf will be along soon to advise. In the meantime, don't do it :)

I've living in Kato for neigh on 7 years now and I've never once been to a wedding here: the reason, everyone gets married outside Kato coz it's a dump.

Go to Szczyrk or somewhere else that's prettier, and cheaper, than smelly, grey Katowice.
There was no way in Hell I was going to hold my wedding here, I'd have been ashamed to show the my Irish/UK family where I was living. Sorry, that'll offend native Kato people, but that's just how I feel.

My wedding band played loads of rock music, wasn't a single disco polo song. Plenty of drinking games and they were great craic, they split the songs 50-50 Polish and English language.

Here's their website:

If you wanna really give the Irish and Polish guests something a bit different, why not try and cool 'karczma' - style restaurant?
OP martynka 1 | 3
15 May 2015 #7
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but can i ask why you living in Katowice if you seem to dislike it so much? I have been going to Katowice for nearly 10 years now and i wouldn't be ashamed to bring my family there. It is an industrial city with apartment blocks and some ugly buildings built during the communism times but there alot of beautiful old buildings and all the recent work that has been done in the last few years has improved the appearance of the city a new train station and all the work in the city centre to regenerate it and it has a nice park aswell.

Thanks for the advice and your right there is so many nice places to get married like in the mountains like Zakopane and Krakow, Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz etc. We will have alot of people traveling from Ireland for the wedding trying to keep it as stress free as possible so if they can stay where the wedding is there will be around 70 Irish guests plus polish guests around 50. All the weddings i have been to in Poland have been in village halls and venues with very limited rooms for guests.
smurf 39 | 1,981
16 May 2015 #8
why you living in Katowice if you seem to dislike it so much

Money! The answer to all of life's questions.

you're right though, there are loads of lovely building and finally the city council have gotten their fingers outta their asses and are making people clean them and make the city look nice.

Katowice is improving, no doubt. Just not fast enough for my liking ;)

I'd seriously take a look at places in Szczyrk though, you can organise some cheap minibuses for transport and there's plenty of hotels down there that cater for weddings. Plus becasue there's so much competition you'll save a fortune.

Mates of mine had their shindig down there and got all their vodka, wine, cakes included in the price. And compared to mine that saved them roughly 5000zl. They were given a couple of free rooms too for themselves, parents, etc.

Anyway, just letting you know that option exists.

Good luck organising everything, lord knows I'd a helluva time....especially the church paperwork. If I was to do it again I'd have it in an office and avoid all that church paperwork and marriage courses.
OP martynka 1 | 3
17 May 2015 #9
thanks for all the advice :)
Alien 7 | 1,054
2 days ago #10
Katowice is the only big city in Poland to have a real motorway ring roads.
How was the wedding?
Are you still in Poland?

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