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Looking for driving job in Poland

Becoming dad 3 | 29
26 Jan 2022 #1
Hi Everyone, I just passed my driving practical exam and proud of myself even if I have been driving for over 20 years in my home country, it feels good because Poland's driving licence procedure is hard.

Anyway I'm open for driving jobs. I have saved up about 20k złoty for a car and I don't mind using my car for any job offered as long as it's worth it. Any suggestions, opinions, directions etc will be appreciated.
OP Becoming dad 3 | 29
26 Jan 2022 #2
I work remotely as a real estate broker, before I started working remotely, I worked as a real estate agent and consultant for two decades so I'm open to doing real estate business in Poland if I don't have to speak a lot of Polish, maybe to expatriates.

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