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Asian community in Poland

mateinone 5 | 58
23 Dec 2009  #91
But i just hope it doesnt turn out like in Australia were basically its ruled with Asians and indians

That is not actually true Pawel, there are still far more anglo/europeans in Australia than asians. I happen to agree that there is probably too much immigration here, but your comments are not actually accurate.

[quote=Learner]Also, poles are immigrants in many parts of the world, and would definately loved to be seen and treated equally and with respect[quote]Why is that relevant? If your family has lived in an area for 150-200 years and have contributed to making it a fantastic place, then they are the real "Australians/American" etc. The aborigines of Australia were here first, the Indian in America were the first there, that does not however lessen the fact that the country as it is now known was build by the settlers and those that come after then.

Afghan has no idea at all. He starts off with Australia is a shithole. I am biased, I am an Australian.. however... Australia is a fantastic place, it is a place where hard work is rewarded, be that hard work in an office or out on the land. It is a friendly place where people would rather help than hinder. I have been living in my latest address for 12 months, within the first month everyone had stopped and said hello. Education is free until Uni and then subsidised, medical is free to those who cannot afford it, same with dental. A single mother has a kid who needs braces... no worries. An old person has nowhere to live or no one to look after them.. no worries. Now not all Australians are great or even good, but it constantly ranks very high in regards to standard of living polls and has for many many years, there is a good reason for that.

By all means Afghan bag the place... but I wonder why it is that there are so many people that immigrate to Australia and not away from it?? hmm... must be a desperate horrible place to live.. I would much rather you keep that thought and stay the hell away.

rant over..
11 Jan 2010  #92
But i just hope it doesnt turn out like in Australia were basically its ruled with Asians and indians

Like mateinone said, Australia has still got much MUCH more Europeans than other races. No opinion myself on the immigration issue (I'm not going to pretend I know enough about Australia myself to have a half-right opinion about it, I'm not from there nor have I ever lived there). But I do find the comment lacking so much in... substance... that it is quite denouncing to Asians and Indians as well... (When will the 'us' versus 'them' attitude end??)

Oh yeah, by the way, it does snow in Australia. Maybe not as much as Poland, and mostly in the mountains (where some places have permanent snow all year around), not in the streets. It is 40 degrees during Christmas there because that is when they have their summer. I hope the world being round is not a crime...
kookiexo - | 3
2 Apr 2011  #93
yes there is. mostly vietnamese but there is also filipino, korean and japanese i also heard that chinese one is growing. (they aren't so bit though)

please feel free to make use of the quote function
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
2 Apr 2011  #94
Yes, my own wife is Korean, and recently met some wonderful Korean people in Poland through my father in law's contacts. Although they are mostly here for business purposes ...

Not too much in contact with Asians ... but I am sure there is a diverse community present in little amounts across Poland. We are not really very diverse ... very few international community :) ...

Welcome :) ...
khanfrompak 2 | 12
12 May 2011  #95
Much is said about Asians here in poland .. what is real problem to those who are saying bad words and making fun of it....does they have humanity in them........or not.......what does it make diff when some one is from other country or area???????????
12 May 2011  #96
Much is said about Asians here in poland ..

So lets get this right?!

You can only refer to an asian as an asian if he lives in Poland.....because if he lives in the UK he's not an asian. What is he exactly?

And you have the audacity to cast aspersions on my education. PRICELESS!!
19 Nov 2011  #97
I would like to meet Asian people in Poland. To talk :)
Brandee He
23 Jun 2014  #98
I'm a Chinese student in Australia, I absolutely love Poland. I read about their history 3 years ago, by far the most interesting history I've ever heard. I'm definitely going to Poland one day, no one is stopping me! However should I be worried about racism in Poland? Dzięnkuję!
Wulkan - | 3,251
23 Jun 2014  #99
However should I be worried about racism in Poland?

You should be alright as a Chinese.
24 Jun 2014  #100
I don't look like my race. Some may say I look Chinese, some say Vietnamese, etc. However, I do come from an Asian country, a pretty developed one. Maybe it's because of my skin colour or maybe my nose, that people in Poland often relate me to "Asian features". And all of them will get it wrong. Nobody could really guess my race correctly. And anyway it's good to know that I'm still alive here in Poland and happy.
NiceGuy11 - | 1
22 Nov 2015  #101
Merged: I'm LF asian gf in Gorzów Wielkopolski (lubuskie)

I'm looking for asian girlfriend(or even very good friend) In my city where I'm living (Gorzów Wielkopolski).
I saw couple of asian girls in my city but I feel weird to disturb her at public place ^^ And no one of my friend know any asians also couldn't find any other way to find her so i decided to make a topic at this website. I think I'm even ok to relocate from my city if we will feel something more to each other.

India Supplier 1 | 3
2 Dec 2015  #102
I am an Indian and living in China currently.I want to start a online selling business in poland and looking for a local partner from poland. I am travelling to PL in last week on January. Please get in touch if you are interested
jamshaid 2 | 20
12 Mar 2017  #103

Asian People in Bydgoszcz

Hi I am planing to move bydgoszcz in May 2017 and interested to know any asian guys living in Bydguszcz Turkish/ Indian or Pkistani guys or family. Please write me pm thanks
i live in singa
14 Feb 2018  #104

Are there any forums for Asian people of Polish descent?

My family moved to Singapore when i was 3. Both of my parents are polish and we use polish at home. I was wondering is there are any forums for people like me? Like, any Polonic websites for people from Singapore, or just Asia in general? I really want to connect with them and i think that would be a good start..

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