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Poland to China shipping

pdangelo4 2 | 3
13 Dec 2012 #1
Hey does anyone know of any private logistics companies that ship by sea or air to China from Poland (or nearby)? GLS is mainly within Europe, and DHL and UPS are pricey.

berni23 7 | 379
13 Dec 2012 #2

Although i doubt it will be much cheaper, after all its the same service.

If you want to ship large quantities you should look into cargo container shipping, which is much cheaper.
amandahunter - | 1
17 Dec 2012 #3
please tell me if you prefer to by sea or by flight? if you can tell me this information, i can introduce one for you. Are you still looking for this information?
DeadCatBounce - | 1
29 Nov 2017 #4

Reshipper from Poland to China/Hong Kong (parcel shipping company)

I'm looking for a company that can send packages from PL to CN/HK.
My friend got shipping company on US that can get his packages delivered from US to his place on very cheap rates 10-12 USD (usually shoes).

Similar company that is shipping from US to Poland is Polamer,
I want to find something like that, that can be used to get orders from Poland.

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