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Polish language tutor needed in southern Opole voivodeship or Albany New York

samotnik 5 | 7
22 Jan 2024 #1
Hello I'm looking for a Polish language tutor for private lessons in the Prudnik, Glucholazy and Nysa areas.

I speak both English and Polish but would like to improve my Polish language skills in specific areas besides everyday communication.
I have researched and contacted many schools and tutors in the area but most do not teach Polish and I can't stay in PL for a longer than 2-3 months time.

I am with family in PL now but could also do lessons in Albany NY when back home.
Paulina 17 | 4,445
22 Jan 2024 #2
@samotnik, what about her (she can teach both at her place, at your place and online)?:

From "Opinions" section:

Magda is a skillful and competitive Teacher, I have been learning with her for a year and a few months, and I can't express how much impact she has made on my language learning at the early adulthood stage in my life, I highly recommend her! she can adapt to our rushed day to day life"
OP samotnik 5 | 7
22 Jan 2024 #3

Thank you. Opole may be too far but I will check.
I've learned most private schools and teachers in this area teach English, German, Spanish and other West Euro languages and mostly for children.
Polish tutoring is difficult to find.
You can also sign up for a Polish language university course but it will cost a lot, have a big class and may take multiple semesters so you will need a place to live for many months.

Another option may be meeting in a public library if they have private study rooms for public use.

In recent years there were/are university programs and digital platforms created for Ukrainians to learn Polish, here are a few examples:
Paulina 17 | 4,445
22 Jan 2024 #4
Opole may be too far but I will check.

You mentioned Nysa area and it looks like, besides teaching online, she's willing to travel to different places:


There is her phone number posted, so you can call her and ask about that or send her an e-mail message (click "Wyślij wiadomość" button).
OP samotnik 5 | 7
3 Mar 2024 #5
In Poland I looked into a variety of options and the situation is:

- Not many tutors and schools teach Polish in some areas, you may have more options in bigger cities
- Of those that do, it is mainly tutoring for native Poles for completion of their exams
- You have to sign up for a summer course, multi-month or year long course which may not be possible for people who can only visit for a few weeks or months

The good news is you can at least take exams at universities multiple times a year to determine what level you are on:

Check the third link (click Lista ośrodków) for a list of cities to find the closest one near you where you can take the exams.

The paid exams are at various levels (A1-C2), ages (children to adult) and methods (writing, listening, etc).

In North America you can try contacting your closest Polonia community, Polish Club and universities for any tutor connections and programs:

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