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Need a Polish to English translator!

slimjadey 1 | -
23 Oct 2019 #1
I'm sorry if maybe I am using this wrong, it is my first time using a forum site. However, I've been in need of someone who is fluent in Polish and English that can help me translate an episode of a show on TVN.

I run a Youtube channel for a polish MMA fighter, it has a little over 1,000 subscribers right now. My last guy that did translations disappeared on me, so I need a new member. The episode in question is a 43 minute long video, and I'll be paying $30 for the translation via Paypal or any other cash app that you feel comfortable using! For those curious, you can check the channel out, just search Jedrzejczyk Feed for a better idea of what i'm asking for. Thanks for reading! Sorry again if I am using this wrong :(
Ziemowit 13 | 4,440
24 Oct 2019 #2
Not that I am interested in taking the offer up, but $30 for the translation of a 43 minute long video doesn't seem that much. Or maybe only a few words is uttered in there?
pawian 178 | 16,036
24 Oct 2019 #4
Rómcajs, don`t ask what the video can do for you. Ask what you can do for the video. That`s what Slim wants to read from you.

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