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Karta Pobytu application and Sworn Translator in Warsaw

ragmasingh 3 | 12
25 Jan 2021 #1
I'm about to begin applying for a Residency Card and I'm confused by some of the requirements:

*You must submit documents in Polish.
*You must attach a sworn translation into Polish to documents in a foreign language.

Am I understanding correctly here that my passport needs to be translated(?) and if yes, does that simply mean
the two pages concerning my birthplace/date, passport number etc or does it mean even the pages with stamps on?

Has anybody gone through this process to date?

And can anybody recommend a reasonably priced sworn translator in Warsaw?

Many thanks
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
25 Jan 2021 #2
Nah, no need to translate your passport as long as it's in the standard international format. Just photocopy all the pages that have been filled in - the front cover, the information page and any pages with stamps on them.
OP ragmasingh 3 | 12
25 Jan 2021 #3
I hope you're'd save a fortune
Cargo pants 3 | 1,174
25 Jan 2021 #4
My friend did it last year,no need to translate passport but the DO WANT PHOTOCOPY OF EVERY PAGE of the passport stamped or not stamped at least in Warsaw.
OP ragmasingh 3 | 12
25 Jan 2021 #5
Thanks Cargo, that's good to know

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