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2011 Stats: 80% of Poles happy

PennBoy 76 | 2,436
2 Apr 2012 #1
More and more Poles are satisfied with their lives, more are saving and less are smoking, but in the last two years we've seen an increased in unemployment and an increase in the number of abusers of alcohol - on preliminary results of Social Diagnosis 2011.

The percentage of persons for whom the past year was a success, for the second time has exceeded 80 percent. - Results from a comprehensive study of the conditions and quality of life of Poles, who since 2000, is taken every two years by a team led by prof. Janusz Czapiński.

The most important conditions for a happy life for Poles in 2011 were as follows, health (63.7 percent)., A successful marriage (53.2 per cent.), Children (47.2 percent). And money (27.9 per cent.) However, only the number of people pointing to children has not decreased in comparison with the previous year.

At the same time the poverty rate in households living on unearned sources (eg benefits) increased since 2009 from 28.5 percent. to 36.4 percent. The sharp increase has occurred here as in the case of pensioner households (from 6.3 percent. To 10.2 percent.). For other farms there were no major changes. Except for some households of farmers, where the poverty rate declined from 13 to 9.6 percent.

Significant differences in this respect were also seen between different regions of the country. The highest poverty rate in 2011 is in the province. district (12.8 percent)., Kuyavian-Pomeranian (7.7 percent). and Podkarpackie (6.2 percent)., while the lowest - in the province. Silesia (2 per cent.), Pomeranian (2.6 per cent.) and Podlasie (2.9 percent).. The other is between 3-5,1 percent.

According to the results of the diagnosis, most people who are very satisfied with their place of residence are in Gdynia - over 41 percent. Such a response was given by more than 20 percent of residents of Slupsk, Rzeszow, Wroclaw and Krakow. Of the 32 major cities Warsaw ranked ninth (15.6 per cent. very satisfied). At the end of the list is Radom - where very satisfied are only 1 percent of residents.

In the large cities, most people with a higher education live in the capital. Where more than half (53.5 percent) have a higher education., in Toruń (50.8 percent).. A Higher education also has more than 40 percent of the inhabitants of Krakow, Poznan, Lublin, Koszalin and Rzeszow.

As assessed by Czapiński, education is one of the biggest successes of the Polish transformation. He noted that in the whole country the percentage of people with a higher education is currently 24 percent. This is thus 4.5 times higher than in the last years of the Polish People's Republic (PRL). Poland is also the second country in the world in terms of 19-year-olds who go on to college (80 percent).. Australia is only slightly ahead of us.
fringxx - | 30
2 Apr 2012 #2
I guess it's a really good new that Polish people are more and more happy with their living conditions. We've been always considered as a pretty pesimistic nation I guess.. really like these new tendency.
OP PennBoy 76 | 2,436
2 Apr 2012 #3
it's a really good new that Polish people are more and more happy with their living conditions.

Better education means more opportunities at home as well as abroad, even if one doesn't necessarily choose a career they went to school for. Better job, more money less material and financial troubles.

Poles have always been easy going, friendly and open people it's just that during communist times even the basic necessities like a home of their own, good paying job later even supply of food were hard to come by making people miserable and worried all the time.
24 Feb 2019 #4
are people not happy for no appearant reason?
Alien 7 | 1,047
13 Aug 2021 #5
Happines; sometimes I have an impression that men do everything in their lives to find a bit of happines and that they often fail, while woman do everything to spoil the happines that they have and they succeed. The end result is the same.
Novichok 3 | 6,510
13 Aug 2021 #6
Men and women are on two diverging trajectories. As they grow older, men become more generous and complain less about trivial things. Women - the exact opposite.

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