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Is there a list of those in the Polish Army during WWII?

10 Dec 2015 #61

I'm looking for further information on my fathers history in the polish RAF. His name was Boleslaw Jakimowicz but had the surname shortened when he came to live in England. I believe he got sentanced to 20 yrs of labour but escaped to france where he was picked up by the brittish. Does anyone know where I can access further records?

Many thanks,

poleszuk Stanis
3 Jan 2016 #62
My father Stanislaw poleszuk was in Monte casino during the second world war would love to find out about him and his army record
3 Jan 2016 #63
poleszuk Stanis : my father was also at monte casino, so little has been recorded, not even the names / numbers that the medals were awarded, many people post here asking the same question. try using the search facility for Monte casino so that you mat catch up, maybe it is for us sons and daughters to try and piece together this moment in polish and world history, maybe we could start a special thread on PF, maybe arrange to visit the cemetery at casino,,, lest we forget the brave that fought for our freedom.
lukkija 1 | 10
4 Jan 2016 #64
I am trying to do a pilot research on lives of the Polish soldiers demobed in the UK. I am particularly in those who had settled in Yorkshire and Lancashire after the war was over. It would be fantastic if I could collect some post-war memoirs or testimonies (also from their family members) and develop it into an academic research. Please get in touch if you can help.

Unlabeled - | 1
13 Jan 2016 #65
Hi there,

I'm starting a research on my grandfather, Eugeniusz Stanislaw Hofbauer, who fought in the 2nd Army Corps of Anders Army. His story is very mysterious and we don't know much about his war years but we found some certificate issued by the War Office Records Centre (Polish Section) testifying his service history.

What I would like to do is to find as much information as possible with regard to his journey from Poland, to the UK, to the concentration camp in Siberia and finally to Southern italy where he lived until his death.

If anyone could let me know where to start or who to contact that would hugely appreciated.

Thanks so much!
SDerdau - | 2
15 Jan 2016 #66
I'm just starting to research my ancestry. My father died when I was 3 years old so I don't really know him. I've heard over the years he was in officer fought in Africa, Italy and may have been in a concentration camp. I've recently been told that I can become a citizen of Poland etc from someone I just met. Anyways, his last name was Derdau as is mine. I'm hoping to find out more and learn a little about my heritage. Any pointers and assistance would be very helpful and appreciated. I live in the United States and may one day hope to visit Poland. Thank You.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
15 Jan 2016 #67

If your dad was Polish, chances are the name was Derda or its variant Dyrda. They come from the dialectal verb derdać or dyrdać which means to walk at a brisk pace.

For more info please contact:
kiedrowicz - | 1
26 Jan 2016 #68
hi all I'm trying to find records of my great grandfather all we have is a letter he was going to send to hq to ask to leave the polish army and travel to Italy (he never went he stayed in uk) but we was under the impression he was also in the german navy (from the uniforms in the pictures) any ideas on how I can access these records of service hit a dead end on google something popped up about someone with the same name being sent to stutthof concentration camp too so very confused would appreciate any help
6 Feb 2016 #69
I want to find war records of my uncle Stanislaw Rusak born 29/06/1909 . He was imprisoned by the Russians & on release joined the Anders army making his way from Russia to the Middle East through Iran . He fought at Monte Cassino . He was billeted in Scotland & believe to have been in the Polish Air Force but I do not know of his rank . On his uniform there are 2 bars . After army disbanded he eventually returned to Poland in the late 40's . As a girl I heard something about Tobruk but not sure if it was Stanislaw or his brother Bronislaw who for certain spent time in Palestine . I would appreciate some kelp in my search.
22 Feb 2016 #70
Hi . I'm looking for information about Edward Popieluch from the 1st Polish Armoured Division commanded by Gen. Maczek.
He was presented with the Polish Cross of Valour and the belgium Croix de Guerra 1940 avec Palme.He is supposedly my grandmother's brother in law and was married to Kazimiera Matraszek. They had 4 children that became civilian refugees and were able to leave the Soviet Union thanks to Gen. Anders.What I am looking for is a date,and place of birth wifes name and what happened to them.I have tried CAW and other Polish archives and there is not much there. The children were placed in refugee camps in Africa ..Kenya and there names Longin, Waldemar,Halina,Jadwiga. This may not be close family but my grandmother Aleksandra Celmer( Matraszek) was inprisoned by the Germans and then taken to 2 concentration camps.My grandfather Zdzisław Celmer was murdered by the KGB Ostaszków then buried in Mednoje.

Should anyone have any information or know where one may be found I would be very graetful.

Andrzej Celmer Zajączkowski.
14 Apr 2016 #71
Hi, I hope someone can help me.

I am looking for my Grandfathers military record. His name was Stanislaw Bryla, born 28/11/1910. He was at Monte Cassino and Salerno. He lived in Peterborough, England after the war.

Sorry I don't have any more information. Please email me at narcisobaldo@hotmail if you can help in any way.

15 May 2016 #72
Looking for relatives of Leo or Leon Wojnilowicz, 10 Armoured Cav. Previous addresses Harrow Road and Skardu Road London.
23 May 2016 #73
Bołesław Kołodziej
29 May 2016 #74
Nor-PolishDisc Office. Mrs. Margaret Goddard.
APC Polish Enquires
West End Rd
Ruislip, Middlesex
England HA4 6NG
Tel: 020 88338603
24 Aug 2016 #75
My father Jan Pająk served under the assumed name Jan Próg during his military service with the Polish forces during WW11. Service number 30061714 Lance Corporal.The MOD have provided full details of his service including action in Monte Cassino, Southern and Northern Apennines and Battle for Bologna. His Polish awards include Cross of Monte Cassino, Cross for Valour, Silver Cross of the Military Order of Virtuti Militari - Class V and Army Medal.

I would like to find out more about the actual events that took place and for which my father received the awards. In particular the Cross for Valour is dated 11.11.44 ( Per Register in Sikorski Museum No 6770 under name Pajak) and I think this relates to a mention in Despatches by the Commanding Officer of the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division ( Order 73/44). The Virtuti Militari medal is registered under number 11638 under name Próg. I have visited the Sikorski Museum a few years ago and although there was a great deal of information it had yet to be organised. My father served with 8 Rifle Battalion, 3 Independent Carpathian Infantry Division, Supply Company, 5 Kresowa Division and 3 Company 18 Lwowski Rifle Bn. 6 Lwowska Inf. Brigade. 5, Kresowa Inf.Div.

Is information available now that would help me find out what happened and which prompted these 2 awards?

David Pajak.
2 Oct 2016 #76
My father's name was Czeslaw Kostecki and he was a Captain in the Polish Army during the war. He didn't speak about the war much nor did he tell us much about his army record. Is there any way I can find his record please.
21 Nov 2016 #77
My father served in the Polish Army. He was a radio operator during WWII. He told me his troops escaped from Poland through Hungary and ended up in Scotland. I am trying to find out more information. Married a Scot, my mom. Family moved to Canada 1956. He passed away in 2002.
wjjusko - | 1
28 Nov 2016 #78
I am trying to determine if any Polish soldiers with the last name Jusko were stationed near Duns, Scotland,
during 1941-42.
28 Nov 2016 #79
Is that all the information you have? In order to go any further I think you would need the unit he served in to access any records.

According to this link, there were 3 units in Duns and the surrounding area, 1st and 2nd armoured regiments of the Polish Army, and 16th motor battalion:-
Malik80 - | 4
15 Dec 2016 #80
My grandad Stefan Malik was in the regiment of the 1St independent Polish paratrooper brigade. He fought in arnhem in operation market garden. This weekend I found out that my last name was changed when he came to Britain. I would appreciate any help, where I could find this out.
gumishu 11 | 5,680
15 Dec 2016 #81
Stefan Malik

Malik is a perfectly Polish surname, I don't think it had been changed
Malik80 - | 4
16 Dec 2016 #82
Maybe that's why he changed it to that?
My dad said he once saw his birth certificate, and we had a different surname
gumishu 11 | 5,680
16 Dec 2016 #83
oh well I haven't thought about such possibility to be honest - and I can't really tell what might have been the reason - Ukrainian surnames are typically accepted as Polish with slight pronounciation changes and plenty of Poles in Poland bear them without a trace of discrimination based on their Ukrainian origin - the same with surnames of German origin
Malik80 - | 4
16 Dec 2016 #84
I've had a look at the roll of honours for the 1St independent Polish paratrooper brigade, who was involved in operation market garden. There's only two stefan's, and

one didn't return home.
gumishu 11 | 5,680
16 Dec 2016 #85
hmmm I wouldn't even know where to look for such information - I am not well versed in such things - maybe you have found your granddad and his previous surname - I can't really tell you

what is the surname of the surviving Stefan in those files (presumably your grandad)? - maybe this can shed some light
Malik80 - | 4
18 Dec 2016 #86
I'm hoping so, thanks for the help
22 Jan 2017 #87
I am looking for information on my mother's fiance in 1945-1947.KACYKIC ,Kacyk Kajetan, Kalikst, Kasper/Kacper, Kazimierz (already mentioned by you). Kamil, Karol and Kasjan.

Jewish names in Ka- include: Kadysz, Kasriel, Kalman, Karpiel, Kaleb and Kajem.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Christine Nace
25 Jan 2017 #88
edward kulik
9 Feb 2017 #89
I am trying to trace my father, Jozef E Macura. He served with the Polish Army (I beleive) in England during WWII. Demobbed in Scotland and married my mother Mabel Ward in 1947. I was never told anything about him and I am desperate to find out any information that might help me.
16 Feb 2017 #90
Śalman, David

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