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Is there a list of those in the Polish Army during WWII?

Teresa Sikora    
15 Mar 2017  #91

I am trying to find information on my grand uncle Roman Sikora. He was born in Poland. He served in the Polish Army during WWII. I know that he was an Officer/Captain. He served in Poland, England and France. I was told by my father that he was killed in Normandy in 1944/1945. He also said that he was in an Army tank.

12 Apr 2017  #92

Kazimierz Makarek Any information welcome, Thanks
15 May 2017  #93

Anybody have a relative stationed in Kessingland, Suffolk who was involved with mine clearance in the years after 1945?

My dad Aleksander Wojtiuk (from Rowne/Rovne) was there after serving at Tobruk and Monte Cassino with 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division
17 May 2017  #94

Ministry of defence gave me a lot of information and lists. My father was Jozef Michel Rzemieniecki and he was in the 2nd Polish Army, 3rd Carpatian Riffle Brigade. After the war he went to Holland were he met my mother. I wrote a book about his live during the war. There was even a investigation form from the russians in 1939 which he signed laying in the Hoover Institute in America. So search the internet and you will find a lot of information. By the way nu father was from Sosnow near Lwow, now Ukraine.
billythetipdog - | 1    
21 May 2017  #95

thank you for the reply - thank goodness for those who've painstakingly put all this information on the web
16 Jul 2017  #96

Hi I am trying to trace my farther. Francis Joseph Nicklewinski. I know that he was born in Poland (possibly) in Tymowa, in 1921. He was in the military (possible a submariner) and was stationed in Scotland (possibly at Thurso) during WW2. He married in 1950, at which time his surname changed to Nickel, and immigrated to Australia in 1951. I found 2 versions of his marriage certificate, one in the name of Nicklewinski and another with the name of Nickel. I also found an index to his application for naturalization in the National Archives but the document is "Closed for 100 years" the reason given as "Contains sensitive personal information which would substantially distress or endanger a living person or his or her descendants". Francis never talked about his past and we have no other information about his family or his time in Scotland. I would love to hear from anybody who can help further my discovery.
23 Jul 2017  #97

am trying to find out about my father ,Robert Ignacy Panszczyk, he was in the signals I believe .Escaped from Poland via Hungary ,to Greece, he said he worked his passage to Egypt ,after that not much known, Except he was in Scotland in approx. 1944 . upon demob, he finally settled in the Salisbury area of Wiltshire. Very keen to fill in the gaps, finally died in 1996, buried in Reading, Berkshire .
limafish - | 1    
22 Aug 2017  #98

Have service history of father from RAF Northolt and it says in it the term 5PAL does any one know what it means .I think it may be 5th Polish light artillery can anyone confirm this please.

Talked to a local Militaria dealer a while ago and he had sold some photographs and info on submarines to a polish collector of militaria. Apparently there were only 2 subs of the polish navy used in the war.Polish collector will be here in October at local militaria show, will pass on your info.
Ironside 46 | 8,407    
22 Aug 2017  #99

the term 5PAL does any one know what it means .I think it may be 5th Polish light artillery can anyone confirm this please.

5PAL - (5 Wilenski Pulk Artylerii Lekkiej) 5th Wilno Regiment of Light Artillery. A part of the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division -
24 Aug 2017  #100

I may be able to hielp
27 Aug 2017  #101

Polish Parachute Brigade

Hi Michas

I would like to access "1st independent Polish Parachute Brigade list of participants" to check if my grandfather is on it, where do I access this list?
Veronica Sprott    
24 Sep 2017  #102

My father Witold Eryk Sprott born in Katowice 23.7.25 was in Bari in Southern Italy with Polish troops at the end of WW11: he told me recently he approached the US army stationed there to ask for ? Amnesty? to join up with them but was turned away and ended up escaping on a boat to UK via Algiers : he has never returned to Poland. Does this ring any bells with anyone? He is very reluctant to discuss anything of this time with us his family.
kaprys - | 604    
24 Sep 2017  #103

He might have been drafted to the Wehrmacht like many other Silesians. They had often been forced to sign the Volksliste and many young men were subsequently drafted into the Wehrmacht. Some did it volunteerily of course.

Since your father wanted to join the Allies, he probably wasn't happy about serving the Reich.
But that's my wild guess. Only your father knows the truth.
There's a Wikipedia page about Poles in the Wehrmacht if you want to find out more.
Ironside 46 | 8,407    
24 Sep 2017  #104

in Bari in Southern Italy with Polish troops at the end of WW11

It doesn't make much sense! Are you sure he was in the Polish army? If so, you can find his file. If not ....sorry.

Allies landed in Salerno and Reggio di Calabria - Bari is across the way of Southern Italy.
If he was there with any army it seems likely it was German Army. .but that wouldn't account for them turning him off, they would have taken him as a prison of war. unless all this is somehow mix up. Was he a deserter, a criminal escaping justice. I don't know, you may want to find out.

Why would he approach Americans? There was II Polish Corps. as a part of the Allied forces.

ended up escaping on a boat to UK via Algiers

Escaping what, whom?
The simplest way to find out the truth is to find what Army he was serving in - I'm sure there are relevant records in existence.
28 Sep 2017  #105


I am researching my grandfather, at least trying to find out who he was from a few facts. Things seemed to have narrowed themsevles down to a town called Peterculter (short name culter) in Scotland. I found this table on a webpage today. I believe it means 2nd Infrantry Brigade though i have no idea where i can find more information about this brigade and what division is what part of etc. I do not profess to know army structures very well so understanding what this Brigade is comprised of, what it forms part of itself, and who commanded it would be useful to help me find information about it.

2nd Infantry Bde Culter, Aberdeenshire

If anyone even knows anything about persons stationed in and around Cutler would be nice to hear from you.

Kind regards

1 Oct 2017  #106

Trying to trace relatives of Marion Scubicevski? He lived in Lancashire changed his surname to Duncan-Shorrock after the war. Can any0ne tell me how to trace relatives in Poland?
kaprys - | 604    
1 Oct 2017  #107

My wild guess is that his name was originally Marian Skubiszewski. I guess you need to know his birthplace at least. Did he keep in touch with any of his relatives?
13 Nov 2017  #108

@bigre 50

I have narrowed down the list of names to those called Stanislow in 1927:

BĄCZKOWSKI Stanisław - - 1927/3 szer. 3. bn. lączn. KW
CZERNIEJ Stanisław - - 1927/5 kan. 2. pal.
GAŁKA Stanisław - - 1927/84 strz. 4. bn.
MIERCZYŃSKI Zbigniew Stanisław - - 1927/161 sL szer. 1. komp. san.
OLECH Stanisław - - 1927/35 strz. 2. bn.
PILCH Stanisław - - 1927123 strz. 3. bn.
POLAKÓW Stanisław - - 1927/123 strz. 7. bn.
WOŁOSZYN Stanisław - - 1927/85 strz. 4. bn.

Rosy, England, UK.

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