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Polish WWII Survivors Conference

andrzejzbuffalo 1 | -
18 Sep 2009 #1
A conference entitled:

"Untold Stories Come Alive: Poland To Buffalo Through WWII"

will be held Oct. 3 and 4 in Buffalo, N.Y. (U.S.A.).

The conference is designed around the stories of Polish WWII survivors who settled in North America. A panel of survivors representing the Warsaw Uprising, Siberian deportations, German forced labor, D-Day and other experiences will be featured. Irene Tomaszewski a Montreal writer, and a child refugee in East Africa during the war, will talk about "The Childrens Odyssey".

Sunday's activities will begin with a Remembrance Mass and continue with a gathering of post-war families, during which the survivors will be honored and thanked for their sacrifice.

The conference is being organized by a group of descendants of Polish WWII survivors called the Polish Legacy Project-WWII.

Please contact me for details.

There is a sliding scale of registration fees. Survivors are welcomed free of charge.

Andy Golebiowski
wakiku edward - | 2
20 Jun 2010 #2
It is great to read about this conference. We are organising a similar conference in Uganda at the Polish refugee camp at koja on 1st/11/2010. May be your guest speaker lived here.

We have prepared quite a lot for the day after a memorial Mass, We shall have a conference to discuss all that happened. We are going to have an exhibition of; The camp(an artistic representation-remodelled on a flat surface), a model standard house used by the refugees,furniture, beddings and many others. We have a lot of Archive Material concerning administration, Education, Visas,appointment letters for different classes of camp workers,and terms of employment, How the workers were sourced, Documents used in occupied Poland(in Russian and Gernany Languages) Hundres of photographs for koja,Masindi in Uganda and Tengeru camp in Tanzania. It will be great if we share information on this subject/issue for the benefit of we the organisers and the partcipants/visitors. Contact me on

+256782766614 or ugandapolishfoundation@gmail or contact Fr. Ryszard Jozwiak a polish missinary in Uganda at ryszard_joz@yahoo or +256774-366059.
Wakiku Edward(care taker of koja cemetery)

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