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Is there a list of those in the Polish Army during WWII?

26 Dec 2018 #151
I posted in 2015, looking for a Polish officer in Diepholz Germany from 1945-1947 named Kacykik Jelinski. I received several responses regarding what could be errors in his name ( spelling). My mother told me his name and spelled it ( though she may have been wrong). I am still searching for him. My brother has done DNA testing and all his matches that are on the paternal side are Polish. My brother is now 70 years old and I am desparate to find ANY information at all . ALL help would be greatly appreciated.
Ironside 50 | 11,105
26 Dec 2018 #152

No way it is a Polish name. It is a string of random letters as far as I can say. If you have only it, just look for officers if you know his rank with the name Jeliński. I'm sure there are some records, if you don't know his rank and his first name is just a random string of letter it would make it more difficult to find out.

I guess the best option for you would be to hire someone.
mafketis 25 | 9,304
26 Dec 2018 #153
It is a string of random letters as far as I can say

Given that's been handed down orally, I think there might be a small chance it's a (very) distorted version of Kazik (from Kazimierz) but searching by rank and last name (and/or hiring a specialist) is probably a good idea.
1 Mar 2019 #154
Looking for anyone from the Sroka family that may have served in either WW1 or WW2. Can you help?
24 May 2019 #155
looking to obtain formal Polish documents of my father in the Polish Army 1937 to 1939. Israel frenkiel born 1915 Sierpc. was captured and taken to Russia. Photo he had was in uniform in cavalry
2 Jun 2019 #156
I hope you can help, I'm trying to find my father, he was a Polish soldier stationed at Alloa in Scotland during 1944, I was born 1945.I recently discovered that I have a half-brother who was born in 1943 in Kelso, about an hour and a half from Alloa, to the same man. I've been trying for many years to find my father, the only name we have for him is Tadek (Tadeusz) Budziak, but can find no sign of him. I am hoping there's a list of names somewhere so that I can see if any were at both camps during the appropriate dates to give us an option in our search. Jeannie Morrison
Edward Paszek
5 Jun 2019 #157
Hi. I'm looking to find any info on my dad. Kazimierz Paszek. He was born in 1924/25 in Borislaw near the Ukrainian border. He died in 1989 but hardly ever spoke about the war. He was captured by the Russians at the begin of the war then captured by the Germans and made to work in a farm in Austria

He escaped, with many others, when they were being transported by train. They fought their way to Italy 1943 or 1944 where he joined up with General Anders Army. After the war went to England, Manchester I think then came up to Scotland early 50's to work as a tunnel borer in the hydro electric schemes.
Liz wagner
6 Jun 2019 #158
I'm trying to find anything out about my father who was in the 1st Polish Parachute Brigade, I have papers from October 1944 onwards but before that is a blank, even though he arrived in the Uk at the end of June 1944, I know he was register under false ID for a few months due to the risk of threats to family in Poland - his papers I do have show his true identity Czeslaw Wagner of Łódź born in 1926 and his army number is 48250, He was in the brigade before that doing training and was set to go to Arnhem in a glider as he has not finished training. I know when my mother recorded his death she had to declare him as being known by another name but nothing further, anyone got any suggestions?
6 Jul 2019 #159
My Name is John Taggart, and my email address is I was metal detecting at Symington House grounds on the 4th July 2019 when I came across a gold cuff link with the Polish Double headed eagle on one part of the cufflink and the Initials PRAB on the opposite side of the cufflink, could anyone tell me if they know of the polish I assume officer who was the owner of these cufflinks as I would like to return this to his family, please contact me by email if you have any idea who owned this cufflink.
Ironside 50 | 11,105
6 Jul 2019 #160
Double headed eagle

That a Russian or Serbian eagle.
6 Jul 2019 #161
Hi Ironside, It is the Polish 2 headed eagle or griffin, I have found out that the polish regiment that was camped around Symington was the 1st Chasseur Regiment, this cufflink may have fallen from an officers shirt as it is gold, and I would of course like his remaining family to have this memento of him if possible.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,663
6 Jul 2019 #162
It's likely Russian not Polish. I can't think of any Polish double headed eagle except for the very old order medals that were given out during the partition years and even then it was only the Russian occupied parts of Poland.

I believe its called order of virtuti
6 Jul 2019 #163
HI Ironside,
There is a small inscription above the Griffin which Says "Dominus Provident" I think if that helps and a scroll bar at the bottom of the griffin .
Ironside 50 | 11,105
6 Jul 2019 #164
the Griffin which Says "Dominus Provident"

I can't tell for sure but with 95% certainty I say it is a family crest.
10 Nov 2019 #165
Looking for any information on Franek Pierzgalski who was in Stonehaven and Kintore circa 1945/46 and returned to Poland in 1946.
kaprys 3 | 2,498
11 Nov 2019 #166
Could it be him? Franek is short for Franciszek. Was he in his 30s when he left?
13 Nov 2019 #167
Yes, that would be him. He left Scotland just after February of 1946. Can you shed any light on his time before and after his time in Scotland?
Yolanta66 - | 1
22 Jan 2020 #168
I am looking for information for my father Waclaw Struzik born 9th August 1913 I believe in Koniecpol who served in the 1st Polish Parachute brigade was in Kirkcaldy 1941 - 1942 I don't know where to start. After the war he and his family where in a displaced persons camp in Lincoln he settled in Nottingham
11 Feb 2020 #169
My father was recruited into Haller's Volunteer Army in Czerniejewo, and served during the Polish-Russo War 1918-1920. He was wounded and awarded a medal. How may I locate any records regarding his service, particularly enlistment and discharge records?
15 Apr 2020 #170
Hello . I am looking for any information regarding my step grand father FRANCIESK FRANK KAZMIERSKI /.He ended up being a despatch rider in Scotland near muir of ord 1940s

Any help would be very grateful.
9 May 2020 #171
Hi, like many others I am trying to find out more about my father Kazimierzowi Dytrych or Kazimierz Dytrych. He was in the 1st Polish Independent paratroop regiment and like many others never really talked about what he did there. I think he was a Bren machine gun operator as he used to have a handbook for the weapon. He was a L/Cpl and discharged from service in Jun 1949 and resettled to Morpeth Common Camp (Northumberland). I have very limited documents - Couple of photographs, Permission to marry letter stamped with the 1st Parachute Brigade badge,Discharge certificate, and a few others relating to resettlement. Any help or advice would be much appreciated Many thanks in advance.
Ironside 50 | 11,105
9 May 2020 #172
Kazimierzowi Dytrych or Kazimierz Dytrych.

Always Kazimierz.
to whom? ( a medal was given) Kazimierzowi.
13 May 2020 #173
Hi everyone, like most people on here I am trying to find my fathers war time record for WW2. His name is Gerhard Pastuszka and was born in Katowice in 1925. I know he was a paratrooper and he settle in Nottingham after the war and met and married my mother. Unfortunately he passed away in 2007 and I have his eagle badge and parachute badges but would like to find some more information, would appreciate any assistance
kaprys 3 | 2,498
15 May 2020 #174
There's a Gerard Pastuszka born in 1928 in Chorzów (close to Katowice) on Arolsen
You can contact them to look for your Gerard.

Was he in the Polish army?
Do you know the fate of numerous Silesians at the outbreak of WW2?
3 Jun 2020 #175
Thank you for the information, he was a corporal in the parachute regiment but that's as much as I know. I will look into the information you found, many thanks 😊
6 Jul 2020 #176
hi looking for polish man was in planes and name I have is seseski I think spelling may be wrong was in Scunthorpe Lincolnshire area 1959 approx. till 1960 anyone have any info please
1 Aug 2020 #177
Can you tell me anything about my father, Franciszek Pierzgalski, born 15th July, 1910?
5 Oct 2020 #178
Hello, According to my mother, my father's name is Ferdynand Boyda and he was a paratrooper in the Anders Army. He was supposed to have left for Australia after the war but I have not been able to find him. I am sure that he has passed on a while ago. Can anyone help me with this?
25 Oct 2020 #179
I have no clue where to start to find out the regiment my grandfather served in the polish forces in WW2 in Scotland. All i have is a marriage certificate which says 'presently at Reddencamp, Brechin' in December 1946. He was from Poland and moved to Bethune, France when a little boy then joined the polish corps during the war. He settled in Scotland but never talked about his time during the war and i am very frustrated as i need the regiment before i can apply for records. His name was Jozef/Joseph/Josef Lewandowski. Thank you
14 Nov 2020 #180
Someone posted this link:
It is supposed to be a list of names of those who fought in Monte Cassino. The link no longer works so I'm wondering if there is an updated or alternate list somewhere. I would like to search for my grandfather, Jozef Odcecki or Joseph Odecki, who was possibly an artillery gunner. I hope there is some kind of list online where I can find out more information about him. Thanks

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