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Is there a list of those in the Polish Army during WWII?

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14 Nov 2020 #181
The link no longer works

There are archives available, check this link:
15 Apr 2021 #182
My fathers name was Jerzy Solowiej he lived in the northeast of Poland near Vilno and joined a local regiment at the begining of the war. The only thing I know is that he was at Monte Cassino fighting with the allies at the same time as my father-in-law who was from Yorkshire. He came to England after the war looking for his mother and sister and found them in a refugee camp in Shropshire called Wheaton Aston. He met my mother there and after they married they moved to another refugee camp in Oxfordshire called Springhill where I was born. Neither my mother or father talked about their lives before they came to England I would welcome any information in order for me to find out a little more.
21 May 2021 #183
@Teresa Sikora
I believe I have a relevant piece of information..I am reading a French book called "La Vie des Morts" by Agnès Chabrier. The dedication in the book is to a Captain Roman Sikora, killed at Falaise on 8 August 1944. The dedication in French reads: "A la mémoire bien-aimée de mon fiancé, le Capitaine Roman Sikora, tombé dans les combats pour Falaise, le 8 août 1944". I hope this helps your research. There might be a war grave where he is buried; perhaps you might be able to find more information on him at the Sikorski Museum in London. Best wishes.
6 Jun 2021 #184
My father was stationed in Italy from 1946 his unit was the pulku 7 pancerny does anyone know where he would be stationed his name Antoni szeniawski

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