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Is there a list of those in the Polish Army during WWII?

12 Aug 2014 #31
Would the British location for archives of Polish military have something on the signal corps?

I'm 99% sure that the British location only has archives of Polish military during the time that those Polish armed forces were based in the UK. As for the rest of your post, I really don't know (although there certainly is a POW museum in Lambowicz).
vomLomza 2 | 9
15 Aug 2014 #32
In 1878/1879 Poland, was the military a Russian army under Alexander II or a Polish national army?
I am trying to find some information on my great grandfather Jan Wyszynski. All Polish military records I found are after 1900.
When my grandfather was born in Nov. 1879, according to his birth record, Jan Wyszynski was 34 years old on temporary leave from army. No indication which army or what job or rank. I have been unable to find any other information on his life.
20 Aug 2014 #33
I am looking for my father he was a captain in the polish army he was captured and brought to England. His name was Antony Krakowiak he was born in Warsaw in about 1999/20 is there a list or a book to look at thank you and hope some one can help my name is Chrisrine
2 Jan 2015 #34
My grandfather fled Warsaw during the occupation and joined the Polish ranks ( unsure of which unit) I have a picture of him as he joins and then his demob picture where I have managed to source that one of his medals is the Cross of Monte Cassino , his uniform also suggests that he was either a junior rank officer or Sergeant and above, he has on a commando beret which has led me to research to whether he was part of 6 Troop 10 Commando Polish Brigade , I have taken a couple of address's for information to follow up on now but thankyou to all that have posts on here they have been most helpful

2 Jan 2015 #35
Hi Rob. The best place to contact for more information is this office of the British MoD:
APC MS Support - Disclosures 5
Building 59
RAF Northolt
West End Road
Tel: 0208 8338603
Fax: 0208 8338866

More info is here:
11 Jan 2015 #36
Looking for any information on landwirt mieczyslaw zurek from follvark Poland.paratrooper in ww2,not sure of anything else.
He is my grandfather,and would love to find out more
23 Jan 2015 #37
I would like to be pointed to where I could find information on my dad, Zygmunt Frackiewicz. In the Polish army, He was captured in September 1939 in east Poland then to a series if camps though 1945. I would be interested in his military rank and division and any capture and camp data. Thanks
vomLomza 2 | 9
7 Feb 2015 #38
I have a partial list, mostly from Lomza County.

This may not be direct answer to original post but it is great resource to find people who fought in Warsaw upraising 1944 .
8 Feb 2015 #39
How can I access the records of my grandfather who fought in the 10th artillery regiment in 1939 and subsequently died at Starobielsk at the hands of the Russians. His name appears in the Katyn records and his wife and daughters (one was my mother) were transported to Khazakstan. They were released and joined Anders before crossing to Iran.
10 Feb 2015 #40
My father was Polish, Antoni (first name) was stationed in Dumfermline , Fife, 1945/ 1946. He dated a girl, Fanny Davies, my mother, from Edinburgh, went dancing at the Plaza Ballroom. Not much but does any one know any thing ? Antoni Douglas Davies.
13 Apr 2015 #41
Can anyone help me to find information regarding my father Kazimierz Szefler he lived in a Polish Village, Okreglik around 1941-42, as either the Russian Army or German Army approached rounding up people for the labour camps he and 3 friends hid in a local church and started their journey away from Poland my father went to Alexandria, I can also remember him talking of being in Italy. From when he left Poland to arriving in the UK not sure what route he took or how he ended up in Alexandria unless he was captured by the Russians and ended up in the Anders group. I have no idea where he landed when arriving in the UK only that he lived in the north for a while, moved down to the Sevenoaks area working on farms, then into London becoming a builder he married my mother 1950. Thank you
18 Apr 2015 #42
I am trying to find records of my father Julian Nowak born nov 1916 in Lubola Poland. Was in military and have photos in uniform with a black MP band around his arm. Was captured and unable to identify where, ended up in Lebach german camp when war ended, married and sailed to Australia 1949 as displaced person.

Central Archives in Poland have no record, suggested i write to site in UK but this seems to refer to persons associated with UK only

Can anyone have a similar story and can help guide me please
Mr. Grunwald
18 Apr 2015 #43
Try looking for veterans, family of the veterans, books memoria that sort of thing. get's you 1 step closer.
12 May 2015 #44
Jozef Piwowarski b15/03/1918 Served in the Free Polish Army in WWII. Won the Polish Cross of Honour at Monte Cassino.
Where can I find details of his war service?
13 May 2015 #45

I would like to find out some information about my grandfather and what unit he served in the Polish army under the British. Based on an old photo caption, I know he was in Falkirk, Scotland in 1943, but I was hoping you can tell me more based on the other photo caption that reads:

Looker - | 1,099
13 May 2015 #46
Basing on the information you got from the photo, your grandfather stationed at the Centre for Training of Sappers in Falkirk. "VI KURS. KIER. SAM. i. MOTOC." may mean "6th course for car drivers and motorcyclists".

Here is the story of the Centre in UK: (sorry for the clumsy translation)

In 1940, in Scotland was established at the Sappers Grouping, in the Polish Army Camp in Crafford, the Sappers Technical Research Bureau. In December 1941, it was created the Sappers Training Centre in Dundee, and then in Irvine. Due to the shifting of berths the Corps center units on 18 April 1942 has been moved to Falkirk and North Qeensferry. At the same time The Gaseous School was transferred to the Infantry Training Centre. The main task of the center, having regard to as soon as possible organization of a Polish armored division, was to prepare engineers for the 1st Armoured Division. [...]

Here is the main (only in Polish also) wiki site about the Centre:
13 May 2015 #47
For both of you the best place to contact for more information is this office of the British MoD:
APC MS Support - Disclosures 5
Building 59
RAF Northolt
West End Road
Tel: 0208 8338603
Fax: 0208 8338866

More info is here:
22 Jun 2015 #48
I am looking for a Polish officer who was stationed in Diepholz Germany from 1945-1947. He was engaged to my German mother. His name is KACYKIC JELINSKI . There is a very probable chance that he is my broher's father. I would really appreciate ANY information that might help us in our search. Thank you,Christine
jon357 67 | 16,655
22 Jun 2015 #49

Could it be Kazik (short for Kazimierz) or perhaps Kacper?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
23 Jun 2015 #50
perhaps Kacper?

Definitely not Kacper which back then would have been a misspelling. The normal form since time immemorial in educated speech had been Kasper (as in Kasper, Melchior i Baltazar - the inscription you scrawl in blessed chalk over your doorway on Three Kings). Kacper was a peasant variant which became popular fairly recently in the 1980s.
jon357 67 | 16,655
23 Jun 2015 #51
back then would have been a misspelling

We are after all looking at a misspelling. Any ideas what the name could be?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
23 Jun 2015 #52
Any ideas

Thre Kacyk part reminds me of a Jewish name, just the appearance somehow does - maybe by analogy to Kadysz. In Polish the word kacyk (originally tribal chief) now means a self-willed provincial official.

Other Ka- first names include: Kajetan, Kalikst, Kasper/Kacper, Kazimierz (already mentioned by you). Kamil, Karol and Kasjan.
Jewish names in Ka- include: Kadysz, Kasriel, Kalman, Karpiel, Kaleb and Kajem.

Where did the poster see the name written that way? Did he copy it properly?
jon357 67 | 16,655
23 Jun 2015 #53
Where did the poster see the name written that way? Did he copy it properly?

Quite. Just a leftfield idea, but would a handwritten record have been in Cyrillic (think Vagvaga Riskegipt in Marina Lewycka's wonderful novel 'Two Caravans', a book with a few Polish characters). Probably not, but worth thinking about if it's a written record in the Russian Zone of occupation...

And is it even Jelinski? I know the name exists, but so does Zielinski, and if the lady only heard rather than read the name and is now no longer alive so there's Chinese whispers....

Kazik Zielinski?
2 Jul 2015 #54
Does anyone have any idea why my Polish grandfather (unknown to me as he left my grandmother before my mother was born) who served in the army during WW2 used a couple of variations of both his first name and surname? Lack of education, or was there a reason to attempt to avoid detection? I do know that he left a wife and three children back in Poland, though I don't know if they were divorced, so maybe deliberately mis-spelled his name on the marriage certificate?

Also, with regards to finding out more information, they need a next of kin, but one does not exist. After leaving my grandmother and his son with her (and she was pregnant with my mum) he married someone else and they had one child. Both the wife and child are now deceased and the child had no children. My mum and uncle would therefore be the next of kin but they are illegitimate and I don't think he's named on their birth certificates.

Should add, his name: Michael Zachwyc. Born around 1909 and was definitely in Scotland 1944 - 1949 and possibly before, too. This seems to be the most common spelling though he married as Michal and I've seen his surname listed as Zacwyc.
2 Aug 2015 #55

Hi am trying to trace my late father military records. Jan Czarnecki.
Taken by German army to force labour camp in Tyrol, Austria.??
He escaped, and after several days running from German soldiers he was captured by America soldiers.
He then joined Gen: Anders army. When I'm not sure, but think it was after Monte Cassio.
His shoulder badge looks like a buffalo, 5th Kresowa Infantry Division??
He says he operated as wireless translations and heavy machine gun (bren ?)
Came England 1946/7? And was demob near Reading.
That's all his military background I know. He would not talk about it.
In 2008 he passed away. Now I would like to retrace his steps, particularly which Labour camp in Austria.
Where do I start?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
2 Aug 2015 #56
Where do I start?

You might try the Polish and Austrian Red Cross Tracing Service.
7 Aug 2015 #57
Hey tankyou Polonius3
12 Aug 2015 #58
I have been in contact with what was previously known as the Polish Disclosure Office, if I recall correctly. This is a department of the Royal Air Force based at the RAF Northolt camp west of London. The ladies there are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about how to locate individual Polish Officers and Polish Army personnel. Just remember always that your facts must be totally correct if you want quick answers. I was able to receive my Grandfather's Service Records from pre-1913, when he joined active service, to his death in Edinburgh in Scotland in 1945 as Kapitan Doktor Henryk Roliński from Brody and later from Lwów after he married my Grandmother, Doktor Stanisława Burak-Rolińska. He was just about to be made a Major the same as his brother Edward Roliński who died after nine years in a Russian gulag after being arrested in Lwów some time after 1945/6. The RAF Office were even able to deliver to my Mother, before she died in February 2011, her Father's posthumous medals for his service during 1939 to 1945. Awesome!

The RAF is the best place to begin your searches I believe,and then try all networking opportunities and do not forget places such as POSK on King Street in Hammersmith, west London. This is the first time that I have visited these pages to post a message, but it looks very good so far. Also read pages such as this and you may just find unlikely connections that you never knew existed.

Best of luck and I hope you find what you are looking for. I am now living in Katowice where a few of the Lwówians ended up in 1945 including my cousin Doktor Krystyna Drozd.

27 Sep 2015 #59
I'm writing my MA thesis on the forgotten odyssey of polish exiles to Russia and those who made it out with Anders and his second Corps. This is loosely based around my mothers experience who was deported to Khazakstan after my grandfather was arrested and executed at Katyn (he was a captain in the 10th infantry division (Lodz army). If you have similar stories I would be delighted to use and incorporate them (as reportage - unchanged statements) with due acknowledgement and they can be sent to my email

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
27 Sep 2015 #60
similar stories

A colleague, Prof. Anna Dadlez, has written a book about her family experiences as forced exiles deported to Kazakhstan -- herself then a young child, her mother and grandmother. It may be useful to you in your dissertation:

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