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Polish military uniforms - collar markings   2
32 - Brilliant, thank you....

HistoryOzi DanASWaldman - 17 Apr 2018
Which nightclub in Warszawa (Warsaw) you could recommend?
Where to buy Polish Beer wholesale in UK?   2   3   4
A predictable "Is my salary high enough post" - Krakow 13,500PLN GROSS Month
Recruitment agencies in Poland to hire workers?   2
Ireland and Poland - ways of struggling for independence
Polish child maintenance, possible Irish father, Polish mother
Polish law on inheritance and real estate   2
38 - I appreciate everyone's advice and feedback. Thank you!...

Real Estatecam1878JanP - 16 Apr 2018
Going to Poland and looking for some antiques
I applied for Poland's national visa for 2 times and I got refused without convincing reasons
Polish President Lech Kaczynski and gov officials die in a plane crash in Russia   2   3   4   ...   21   22   23
682 - Another photo (Notice the windows on the building)...

NewsMark33Slavictor - 15 Apr 2018
Is there a list of those in the Polish Army during WWII?   2   3   4
Do Prussians still remain in Poland?   2
Polish people in New Delhi   2   3
Etymology of the word "brat" - in Poland and other Slavic countries
17 - Well now, that's sure the pot calling the kettle black:-)...

LanguageCasual ObserverLyzko - 15 Apr 2018
Work in Ireland hair stylist required with good English
2 - Knowledge of Gaelic a plus?...

ClassifiedsCathy 1970Lyzko - 15 Apr 2018
Starting an English building company in Warsaw.
Boarding schools for elementary aged children in Poland?
Grand mother's maiden name? She was born in Poland.
Rowing clubs in Krakow?
Looking for Wasylkowski family history after moving to the USA from Europe (Poland?)
Study in UK
Officials in Poland are hailing an upcoming visit by Donald Trump   2   3   4   ...   18   19   20
Eurosnack Super Chrup Onion Rings from Poland
Warsaw buyer or sellers market? Houses around the Milanówek area
Records from pre-1914 Będzin and Sosnowiec
Real Estate Lawyer costs in Poland
Why are Polish women so cat-like?
Help locating a town / city listed as "Stuelufe, Lublin, Poland".
Best way to get from Metro Mlociny to Chopin Airport?