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Hungarian guy looking for job - planing to become a student at Politechnika Gdanska
Is Poland's ZUS obligatory for a one man LLC?
Studying in Poznan for an Arab student.
22 - BTW I am on the same page with you. Thanks for advice :)...

StudyMichele Haddadkikoonline - 18 Oct 2017
Salary expectation for a Junior java developer in Krakow / Warsaw Poland?
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How long do you have to wait after the appointment?
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Relocate to Lodz Poland
Best book for a language noobie? Learning Polish.
22 - Roz, you've abandoned Czech and its cases completely now, haven't you?...

LanguageRubasznyRumcajsZiemowit - 17 Oct 2017
Poland on course to end European winter/summer time
Questions on Civil Wedding Ceremony in Poland- Do we get the certificate on the day?
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Where in Poland can I sell 2 bottles of whisky I got as gift?
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6 - *I have never been there....

Genealogymienkojakaprys - 16 Oct 2017
Fascination of Poles with German Laundry Detergent
Why are PO and PiS the most popular political parties in Poland?
How do Polish men feel about gender equality?   2   3   4   ...   9   10
Tusk turning his back to idea about Intermarium (New Commonwealth), seeing only EU as future for Poland   2   3   4
Call from Urzad Wojewódzki (Citizenship Application) while being out of Poland
11 - @terri I thought as much, thanks for the post....

Lifedammestxpdammestxp - 16 Oct 2017
Roman Polanski accused of unlawful sex with a minor   2   3   4   ...   7   8
SLONSKI - Looking for my Polish grandfather
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Re-entry into the Republic of Poland
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Poland three year residency