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Polish bus crash in Croatia. Is there a fate?

Alien 12 | 2,238
7 Aug 2022 #1
Polish bus crash in Croatia. Is there a fate?
If this bus left the highway 50 meters further on this curve, nobody would be hurt. It must be a fate.
pawian 197 | 19,976
7 Aug 2022 #2
Is there a fate?

Yes, but some bad events procured by fate can often be contained and avoided. You just need proper guardians who take care of you. In case of those fatal casualties, their guardians were busy doing sth else.
OP Alien 12 | 2,238
8 Aug 2022 #3
My wife once went to the seaside with the children. There was a traffic jam announced on the radio. Shortly before the jam our little son called out that he wanted to pee and the wife went to the last parking lot before the traffic jam.1 min later a big truck was blowing in the back of the traffic jam, crushing a small passenger car and killing 2 women in it. Well, tell me it was only a full bladder and not a fate?
pawian 197 | 19,976
8 Aug 2022 #4
not a fate?

Fate destined your family for a fatal accident. However, it was reverted by your Guardians from the other world. Another family whose guardians were busy doing sth else suffered in the event.

I also had such a situation. While on vacation, we were going to go sightseeing in the area in the morning but it was delayed coz I found out our car battery was completely dead. Charging it lasted 3 hours and then I went to a garage in a nearby town to change the battery but they told me mine was perfectly all right. What had caused it went flat all of a sudden??? Our Guardians discharged it, in order to delay our departure and prevent us from having a bad situation on the road. .
Crow 160 | 10,261
8 Aug 2022 #5
First to say RiP to Polish brethren.

Then to note. Do you know where they traveled? They were pilgrims to Medjugorje. You know what site is that? Supposedly wonder happened where Orthodox monastery brotherhood was massacred by Croat clero nazi ustashe during WWII and very close to site where entire local Serbian village (man, woman and children) were thrown into the mountain pit. So some Croats reported miracle happened there in the wake of Civil war in former Yugoslavia when they wanted to mobilize world public against Serbs. Of course, Vatican declared `miracle` to stub its flag in the region, and since then people coming.

What I want to tell you.... What we see here is bad karma. Not visit to miracle but to the site of horror and utter political manipulation. BUT, somebody from above really looking all what humans doing.
9 Aug 2022 #6
Selbst are also warmly invited to Medjugorje.
9 Aug 2022 #7
Sorry, auto correcteur, of course S E R B S and not "Selbst" 👋
Crow 160 | 10,261
14 Aug 2022 #8
Sign from God.

12 Serbian children was today injured in Bulgaria in bus crash.
12 Poles died in bus crash in Croatia few days ago.

There was 12 apostles.

How I see this?

God telling to Poles not to travel to Medjugorje to adore the false miracle that is invented to cover horrendous crime. Even to celebrate crime. Miracle happened today that God saved Serbian children and sent message to Poles. Its sign because Medjugorje stays in correlation with Poles, Serbs, apostles and there is 12x3 in less then 9 days.

To religious person this should be enough of warning.
OP Alien 12 | 2,238
15 Aug 2022 #9
My sympathy, I hope that all Serbian children will recover quickly.
Sylvio 20 | 156
15 Aug 2022 #10
Genral comment About time someone invented a device to stop drivers nodding off at the wheel.
pawian 197 | 19,976
15 Aug 2022 #11
someone invented a device to stop drivers nodding off

It is still used in train engines. You have to push the awake button every few minutes, If you don`t, a metal bolt in the seat stabs you painfully in the back in case you are asleep.
gumishu 12 | 6,007
15 Aug 2022 #12
I'm not sure you are right about it - as far as I know if you don't press the awake button in time the engine will autmatically apply breaks and stop the train
pawian 197 | 19,976
15 Aug 2022 #13
That must be a modern innovation. In my times, the bolt in the back was a popular awakening method. :):)
GefreiterKania 16 | 749
15 Aug 2022 #14
@Crow Sorry to hear about the Serbian children. Hope they will get well soon.

God telling to Poles not to travel to Medjugorje to adore the false miracle

Even when I was still a Catholic I considered Medjugorje to be a horrible scam (and the local Catholic bishop of Mostar-Duvno seems to be of the same opinion). If I were a Catholic, it would make much more sense for me to go to Gietrzwałd (as I did in the past) - a place of officially recognised Marian appartitions in Poland, than drive through half of Europe to a place where the CC forbids to go on organised pilgrimage.
Crow 160 | 10,261
15 Aug 2022 #15
Thanks. Seams that driver tried to makes his sit more comfortable, turned and lost control of the bus. Now they tries to save him from leg amputation and children goes better and better. Youngest injured child has 6 years.




BDW, I remember reading the article about year ago that Cardinal from Poland was involved in purging the financial machinations in Medjugorje.
OP Alien 12 | 2,238
23 Oct 2022 #16
What do you mean with financial machinations in Medjugorje.
OP Alien 12 | 2,238
25 Oct 2022 #17
Fate can also mean a bit of luck. Just like I got a ticket to pay yesterday. I was driving 130km/h ( cruise control was on) on a 100 km/h section and it flashed to me. Fortunately, they calculated that I was driving exactly 120 km/h. It only means a ticket. At 121 km/h or more, there would be an additional 1 point and 1 month without a driving licence. Ha,ha, luck not from this Earth (as it is with Aliens).
OP Alien 12 | 2,238
16 Nov 2022 #18
Isn't it a twist of fate that a stray russian/ Ukrainian thermally controlled rocket targets a lone tractor on the Polish side, killing 2 people in the process?🤔
Paulina 13 | 2,952
16 Nov 2022 #19
@Alien, how so? What does it have to do with fate? There's a war over our border...
OP Alien 12 | 2,238
16 Nov 2022 #20
I would say, it was a fate at least for this 2 dead men because tractor with trailer wasn't a proper target for this rocket. Yes, the rocket just hit the wrong target. So we can call it a fate.

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