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For Poles living and working in one of the countries not covered in the Poland Away section.

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Polish people in Saudi Arabia
10 - Do you prefer males or females? Or it doesn`t matter?...

Poloniaabu3issa - 20 Dec 2012 pawian - 23 Feb 2020
Polonia outraged by EU interference  2  3  4  5  6  7
What is the opinion of Argentina in particular, and Southern America, in Poland?
Package sent to Serbia has been stuck at WER Warszawa for 3 weeks.
Polish Zloty Can't Exchange in France!..
Poland, Germany, France, Spain or Greece?
Poland vs Italy vs Spain for an expat?
What similarities would you say there are between Poles and Mexicans?  2  3  4  5
Do you know any Polish Language teachers in India?  2
Procedure for obtaining a student visa at the Polish embassy in New Delhi?
× What are qualites of Germans?  2
Poles in Kazakhstan ignored by the "Polish" state.
Life in Poland vs Norway - good for children, benefits, etc?  2
43 - Tell that to the Swedes, who maintain their system....

Polonialocobron - 9 Nov 2010 Lyzko - 14 Sep 2019
Do Polish immigrants support Polish products?
8 - In season, yes. Just don't eat them out of season....

PoloniaTlum - 22 Jul 2010 Miloslaw - 13 Sep 2019
Polish communities in Latin America?
Poland and France cultures are similar  2  3  4
What About The Poles In The Netherlands?  2  3  4
Who in here yesterday said Lithuania is worse than Poland?
13 - Still not enough. The disparity in prices is larger than that....

PoloniaJedenDrugi - 10 May 2019 Miloslaw - 11 May 2019
× What do you, as a Pole, think of Albania (as a land, history etc...) and Albanians (girls and guys)?
What about the Poles living in Germany?  2
Polonia in Brazil?
Don't Poles know they don't get welfare when going Germany to look for work?
What do Poles think of how they are treated in Germany, in comparison to the Muslim migrants
× Pregnant Polish woman stabbed in Germany, loses baby  2  3
Where do you live, in Poland or abroad?
28 - That is why we can't even move to Florida. We just had two of them overnight. I would...

PoloniaWielkiPolak - 28 Aug 2017 Rich Mazur - 21 Jan 2019
Let's talk about Sweden and other Scandinavian countries  2  3  4  5  6
Polish workers in Denmark
Poland Embassy at New Delhi fraud
How do Poles feel about Romanians and Bulgarians?
Inquiry about invitation letter to Poland (I'm from the Philippines)
New blog about Turkey and Poland
Uncomfortable treatment of Poles in Lithuania?
Polish people in Malta
Norway - Polonia
Which country is better SPAIN or POLAND  2
Polish people in New Delhi  2  3
86 - Hi, Anyone from Poland in Delhi? I am coming next week :) Wish u a good day, Sandra...

Poloniaanakanka - 5 Jan 2010 Wonderland - 15 Apr 2018
Ever been to Sweden?  2  3  4  5  6  7
Problem with approving legal capacity in Manila, Philippines
Egypt Visa on Arrival for Polish Citizens
Learning Polish in Amsterdam

PoloniaKnoblauch - 1 May 2017 The linguist - 28 Nov 2017
Necessary things to bring while coming to Poland From India ..?
Poland tourist visa inquiry for Philippines?
Vanguard Polonia - Game Changing Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
Reckless Polish Man starts wildfire in Montenegro  2
48 - As long as he doesn't light it......

Poloniadelphiandomine - 31 Aug 2017 jon357 - 1 Sep 2017
Looking for Poles in Brussels, Belgium.
19 - Definitely not here. Try or keywords ekipa murarzy You may put an ad in Polish...

PoloniaMr_Bruxelles - 12 Dec 2011 peter_olsztyn - 30 Jul 2017
Half-Polish Terrorist attack on the Champs-Elysses  2
55 - It's probably easier and more lucrative to smuggle migrants through Calais...

Poloniadelphiandomine - 20 Jun 2017 spiritus - 5 Jul 2017
The Polish Failures Club in Berlin
Who still speaks pidigin Polish after many years in the country?  2
× Volunteers from Poland in Novorossiya  2  3
90 - ...

PoloniaCrnogorac3 - 24 Sep 2014 Crnogorac3 - 18 Mar 2017
How Belarus counts the visa-free days?
Learn Polish in Delhi
Work permit for Polish married with Indian boy
Work in Denmark? Do you want it? A versatile builder who can speak English needed.  2
On a world trip - wanna meet people with Polish mixtures/roots
POLES vs BULGARIANS  2  3  4  5
Polish Community - Dubai or Abu Dhabi  2
Moving to Spain - where is the Polish community there?
Sending a parcel from Poland to Italy
Moving to Dubai
Polish satellite TV abroad  2
39 - Merged: Polish Satellite TV in the UK Dzień dobry! My wife and I live in the...

PoloniaStu - 24 May 2010 Bagguley - 19 Jun 2016

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