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For Poles living and working in one of the countries not covered in the Poland Away section.
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Learning Polish in Amsterdam
Poland and France cultures are similar   2   3
Closed: Volunteers from Poland in Novorossiya   2   3
90 - ...

PoloniaCrnogorac3 - 24 Sep 2014 / Crnogorac3 - 18 Mar 2017
Do you know any Polish Language teachers in India?   2
36 - Hi, I am moving to Poland in few months so I want to learn Polish. Currently I live in...

Poloniaabsyfine - 2 Apr 2007 / amitkcho - 14 Mar 2017
Polish people in Saudi Arabia
Polish communities in Latin America?
How Belarus counts the visa-free days?
Learn Polish in Delhi
Let's talk about Sweden and other Scandinavian countries   2   3   4   5   6
Pakistani married to Polish Girl in Sweden   2
40 - Hahah. Not a very fair trade if you ask me...

Polonialuckykhan - 11 Apr 2012 / nothanks - 13 Feb 2017
Work permit for Polish married with Indian boy
Work in Denmark? Do you want it? A versatile builder who can speak English needed.   2
On a world trip - wanna meet people with Polish mixtures/roots
Procedure for obtaining a student visa at the Polish embassy in New Delhi?
15 - Merged: How to check stamping slots for Polish Embassy in India ? I am looking for any...

Poloniajohny31 - 25 Nov 2013 / pragyaa19 - 3 Jan 2017
Inquiry about invitation letter to Poland (I'm from the Philippines)
11 - i need invitation letter from poland how should i get it...

PoloniaJasmin - 30 Aug 2011 / dunga lee - 20 Dec 2016
POLES vs BULGARIANS   2   3   4   5
Polish Community - Dubai or Abu Dhabi   2
Looking for Poles in Brussels, Belgium.
17 - Hello Does any one know anybody travelling from Brussels to Gdansk that can move some luggage for me....

PoloniaMr_Bruxelles - 12 Dec 2011 / FrankInGdansk - 15 Nov 2016
Moving to Spain - where is the Polish community there?
Polish people in Malta
Sending a parcel from Poland to Italy
Poles in Kazakhstan ignored by the "Polish" state.
Moving to Dubai
Polish satellite TV abroad   2
39 - Merged: Polish Satellite TV in the UK Dzień dobry! My wife and I live in the...

PoloniaStu - 24 May 2010 / Bagguley - 19 Jun 2016
POLISH People IN SPAIN .......
Poland tourist visa inquiry for Philippines?
Polish people in New Delhi   2   3
Ania from Poland looking for job vacancy in New Delhi
Should Poles help Germans organize protests demanding free media ?   2   3   4   5
Is it possible to meet a Polish female in Dubai? I'm looking for fun.   2
Moving to Lviv, Ukraine - mother is Polish
Polonia outraged by EU interference   2   3   4   5   6
175 - I repeat a conscious decision. And so they are where they are....

PoloniaPolonius3 - 14 Jan 2016 / polishinvestor - 20 Jan 2016
What About The Poles In The Netherlands?   2   3   4
98 - @Maf: 1. why are so so obsessed? 2. when I say that I have NEVER seen it, I mean...

PoloniaMareGaea - 6 Oct 2009 / InPolska - 15 Nov 2015
Libanese born to a Polish mother - applied for Poland's Citizenship. How To Live There?
Uncomfortable treatment of Poles in Lithuania?
MOVING MY STUFF TO MOSCOW and a Harley motorcycle ...any ideas?   2
Egyptian man Want go to Poland
7 - Merged: anyone working in Poland from Egypt ? Hi i need some one from Egypt to help...

PoloniaKareemSamir - 19 Jun 2013 / msam - 7 Apr 2015
Tourist guide in India available
I m looking for Polish people IN India
Any Poles in Thailand?
Working with a Polish Passport or a British passport in Abu Dhabi?
7 - Wow... I had no idea... I guess one can learn something new every day about how f*cked up...

Polonialooking4advice - 9 Dec 2014 / Paulina - 10 Dec 2014
Moving to Poland from Israel. Shipping stuff ideas / company?
Average rent for a 3 bed flat in Italy?
Anyone here knows good options to send stuff to India from Poland?
Problem with approving legal capacity in Manila, Philippines
Poland is set to get Vilnius back via its fifth column in the city.
What people in Netherlands think about "polaks"
Polish people in Shanghai ...? :)   2
Where can i buy bigos here in dubai?
Family in Venezuela - how can I find one?
Sending gifts from somewhere in the EU to Poland - options as shipping is expensive!
Any polish man/woman like to visit Bangladesh?
New blog about Turkey and Poland
German police aggresively manhandle Polish citizens?
Is there anyone living in Norway who can help with transporting a TV to Lodz?
6 - Yes i will try But could you tell me how I'm in poland , i think it is not...

PoloniaAymeb - 16 Dec 2013 / Aymeb - 16 Dec 2013
Indian Students in Poland but wanting to Work in Denmark.

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