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Behaviour of Polish migrant workers in the Netherlands

johnny reb 29 | 5,444
20 Nov 2020 #31
their defence mechanism to not be nice

I think you are totally correct on that point.
Like Cargo Pants said, "Polish people act over confident sometimes when they are not sure of themselves."
Being out of their comfort zone can tend to bring the worst out in illiterate people by making them feel even more insecure.
Novichok 1 | 2,824
20 Nov 2020 #32
Those you meet are more likely uneducated chavs from some village.

Education and chamstwo are not mutually exclusive. It is possible not to have a degree and still be civil, especially toward a young woman. My bet is that if she was 250 pounds of raw muscle packing a Glock, her Polish customers would be supremely cordial. Which goes to show that behavior can be controlled if one is properly motivated by the fear of consequences.
20 Nov 2020 #33
^Well it might be the weather. Dutch weather. Today Krakow saw at least some sun rays. Not so in NL.
Marsupials ghost
20 Nov 2020 #34
Labourers behave that way here too. Soon as the day is done they are drinking , an hpur later they are swearing, yeah kurwa there, same here. I see utterly no difference. It stems from hard work and wanting a circuit breaker at the emd of the day. Besides, what else is there to.look forward to on such peasant wages?
Novichok 1 | 2,824
20 Nov 2020 #35
Labourers behave that way here too.

I would suggest that it is being away from the hometown that makes guys - even those with degrees and titles - act like morons. I used to see a lot of that here on business trips. Too many of them think that they are God's gift to humanity and totally irresistible.
Lyzko 31 | 7,399
21 Nov 2020 #36
Naturally it would be as equally unfair to judge ALL Poles by the standards of semi - educated mígrant laborers as it would to judge ALL Dutch by soccer hooligans and vacationers to Grand Canaria, often getting rip-roaring drunk, then trashing hotel rooms etc. along with other fun stuff LOL English?? Wonder how many of those beauties would ever think to speak a word of Spanish:)
Novichok 1 | 2,824
21 Nov 2020 #37
Naturally it would be as equally unfair to judge ALL Poles

The not-all argument is false from the getgo. Just like when an abusive bum says that he never claimed to be a model parent. No sh*t.

Or like claiming that not all blacks are thugs. Or that not all Russians drink themselves to death.
The problem is that enough of them do to allow the rest of us take notice that there is a problem.
Lyzko 31 | 7,399
21 Nov 2020 #38
Not sure I quite see your point, Novichok. A blanket generalization remains just that, be it by Dutch about Poles or vice versa.What do you mean precisely?
Novichok 1 | 2,824
21 Nov 2020 #39
A blanket generalization remains just that, be it by Dutch about Poles

The Dutch girl not only didn't generalize but was very specific. Quoting:

Over 90% of the Poles that come to the store are the most rude, disrespectful, and annoying customers you will ever meet.

In fact, she was very open-minded before these idiots would ruin it for her:

Before that, I had no bad thoughts about Polish people,...

The broader subject is how the Dutch managed to exist before the waves of foreign bums landed in that beautiful country to pick stuff. How does Japan manage not to starve from the lack of cheap labor?

Yeah, I know, it's a global market.

Yes I generally agree that Polish laborers abroad do not have the best behavior at all.

Another soft-pedaling classic. "Do not have the best behavior"? WTF! How about: Many Polish laborers are crude a-holes. Too rough?
Marsupials ghost
21 Nov 2020 #40
I agree that being away from home makes the behaviour worse, it's like they can get away with more because nobody knows them. The other thing i reckon is they are there for a while and will leave, therefore they don't have to live with the consequences of their obnoxious behavior for very long. Anyone who has been away on some sort of football trip or such for a few days with friends will know what i mean.
Lyzko 31 | 7,399
21 Nov 2020 #41
A generalization consists in the nature of labelling a group of people, any people.
Lyzko 31 | 7,399
22 Nov 2020 #42
During the '7O's, Híspanics, especially Puerto Ricans, were similarly castigated as rude, asocial eye sores on New York City, low-level migrants who often refused to learn our national language. The comments offered by non- Hispanic neighbors and fellow New Yorkers (erstwhile Nieuw AmsterdammersLOL) read much as Schaapje's.
Novichok 1 | 2,824
26 Nov 2020 #43
Europe has a huge problem with xenophobia based on ethnicity.

...which is fine with me as "xenophobia" will one day be Europe's salvation. In that sense, xenophobia, like greed, is good.
And, like most such claims, Poles or anyone else have no obligation, moral or legal, to explain or justify. A shot FO will do fine.

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