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Polonia in Uruguay

opts 10 | 260
30 Jul 2006 #1
Is there a large Polish community in Uruguay?
I assume, most Poles live in Montevideo?
Is it expensive to live there?
bossie 1 | 123
3 Aug 2006 #2
Optsie, why are you interested in Polonia in Uruguay, is it about the notorious Radio Maryja's sponsor who lives there? You're in the States after all, so I don't suppose you want to move down there...
OP opts 10 | 260
3 Aug 2006 #3
Bossie, hola mi corazon.

I am considering moving there. I wondered how expensive is to live there.
Would I have to marry an Uruguayan citizen in order to live there?
Bossie, perhaps we both can moved there and live? What do you say? :)

Gee, I should be working instead of chatting.
bossie 1 | 123
4 Aug 2006 #4
You're not chatting but making serious life choices here...

I lived in Peru, was rather cheap. I'm afraid I don't know much about Uruguay anyway. In Peru you can apply for some kind of residence even if you don't get married to a local.

I have just moved four months ago so you'd have to wait a while. And no promises, lo siento.
OP opts 10 | 260
4 Aug 2006 #5
Mi corazon,
I want to make that serious life choice with you. :)
After reading your posts, I knew that you are special.
It is Karma.

We have a lot in common. Couple years ago, I visited Peru and Ecuador.
What did you do in Peru?
Did you enjoyed living there?
How long did you lived there?

I heard that Uruguay is inexpensive and safe.
bossie 1 | 123
11 Aug 2006 #6
For one thing, I got married and pregnant in Peru. Two things, actually...

I enjoyed some things there, delicious food, low prices, hot summer. But there are other things you don't normally read about in the guides - terrible poverty, culture of pessimism, high crime rate, dirt, lack of safety on public transport (one of the things that shocked me most was the common presence of window glass fitted into mini buses instead of safe car glass). The list is endless...
OP opts 10 | 260
11 Aug 2006 #7
Yes, you are correct.
bossie 1 | 123
12 Aug 2006 #8
Now, that was brief! So much for serious life choices, er? :)
OP opts 10 | 260
10 Feb 2007 #9
Any information on Uruguay? I am thinking of visiting the country in the summer.
apatrick - | 2
4 Sep 2007 #10
that's true. I agree with that comment.
solalice 1 | 10
5 Apr 2008 #11
Hey, I am from Uruguay on an expat assignment in KRK, let me know if you still have questions, happy to help.
brazilii 8 | 97
16 Apr 2008 #14
I`ve been to Uruguay couple of years ago...
It`s cheap, althought not as cheap as Peru. It has a very european feeling there, arquitecture and population aspects are very similar due to imigration in the last the summer is very hot, but winter is rather cold. I`m not so sure how the economy is doing there, but poverty is definetely in smaller number as in other South American countries.
JEJO - | 2
29 Apr 2008 #15
Hi Solalice,

You have mentioned you are from Uruguay...I have some questions...can we chat about it?
Dzhaklin 3 | 166
29 Apr 2008 #16
I had a friend who studied in Montevideo he said it was pretty inexpensive and that it was really pretty.
JEJO - | 2
29 Apr 2008 #17
Dzhaklin, did your friend said anything else? What's the health care like our there? What are the leaving standards?
Dzhaklin 3 | 166
29 Apr 2008 #18
Well he was a student down there about a year ago. He said the health care systems weren't horrible but that they weren't Swedish Standard (where he was from) he also was the kind of person who if he got sick he relied on herbs and vitamins, holistic medication. He rented a house with two other people for $800 a month (split) he said electronics were very expensive though. Everything else was about the same price if not cheaper than costa rica
Rishabh - | 10
14 Aug 2008 #19
Montevideo is nice. Although Punta Del Este and Colonia are nicer places. But, only from a tourism aspect. If one decides to go and live in Uruguay for a long period of time, Montevideo is the best option. And although its cheap, I found Argentina to be cheaper. But, that was some time ago - now inflation is spiraling in Argentina.
6 May 2009 #20
heeeeeey :) , it was great to read "polonia in uruguay" , im uruguayan, and i live in punta del este.
im half uruguayan and half polish, but i dont have the polish citizen yet, on summer i was going to go for the citizen , but, guess what?, polish embassy CLOSED! i have to go to Buenos aires, to make it . i can answer anything about uruguay :) , just ask me, i will tell you both faces of uruguay.


Mateo Losiewicz
23 Nov 2009 #21
You said you are from poland and you want you live in uruguay ? I'm born in uruguay and we welcome europeans, in fact we prefer a lot more europeans to live in our country, we do not want our beloved uruguay invaded by those ugly races of indians from peru bolivia etc. they never did or will do anything constructive for us they only come to make ugly ghettos and cause social problems in our getting back to you, europeans are the only people that build uruguay the type of society that was many years ago and still is now in a less scale that was many years ago..if you have a job profesional or terciary studies surely you can apply to live there, you can learn the language I know polish people are intelligent to learn quickly and also you can pronounce the letter 'r' with not difficulties I knew people from poland..good luck to you I would like to see you living there..
26 Mar 2010 #22
Hi, can you tell be about any Polish people living in Urugay? I am doing research and wondering if you can help.

If you know any Polish people living there, I would like to contact them.

Thank you!
OP opts 10 | 260
26 Mar 2010 #23
That is a nice Polish last name :).

Can you tell me the cost of:
1. an average house in Montevideo and Punta del Este
2. utilities - gas, electric etc.
3. food
4. medical insurance

I understand that there is a Polish church in Montevideo?
What kind of jobs are available to foreigners in Montevideo?

16 Jul 2010 #24
Im thinking of moving to Uruguay with my wife a citizen of the U ruguay, how long before i can apply for citizenship originally from Dominican Republic?
mvefa 5 | 591
16 Jul 2010 #25
You said you are from poland and you want you live in uruguay ? I'm born in uruguay and we welcome europeans, in fact we prefer a lot more europeans to live in our country, we do not want our beloved uruguay invaded by those ugly races of indians from peru bolivia etc.

hahahahahaha So much for the ass licking...
11 Apr 2012 #26
i am from Uruguay. I dont recommend people to move here... yes Montevideo and punta del este are very beautifull cities and we do welcome europeans(if you have a degree you wont have any trouble getting a job) but living here is expensive and unsafe.. i suggest you came to visit first for a couple of month before any drastic decitions.
SCH12 - | 3
25 Nov 2012 #27
I am a uruguayan of polish ascendation, the polish community in Uruguay I d say is the 8st largest after spanish, italian, french, jew, germanic (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium), russian and african. We also have to consider that %50 of the jews in Uruguay are of polish ascendation. And yes most of the polish community live in Montevideo.

About prices: In the recent years as a resault of the economic growth, Uruguay has became a very expensive country. So that, that the major economic problem of the actual goverment is inflation. I would say it is expensive as southern europeans countries. The most expensive goods are electroinc and automoviles.

Pd: not all the uruguayans are f... racists as adix

Thank you and sorry for my english.
SCH12 - | 3
26 Nov 2012 #29
The climate in Uruguay is not cold as Poland or Germany nor hot as Brazil or caribean countries. It has a template and wet climate. The average temperature in July, the coldest month is 4 or 5 (C) and in January the hottest 23. I would say the climate in Uruguay is similar to southern europeans countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy and southern France.
George janiszewski
1 Mar 2020 #30
My grandfather went there in the 1940's my father and him wrote letters and his name was tadeusz janiszewski and told my father to go to Canada st that time not Uruguay. We always wondered why he left wife and 3 kids to go there

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