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martinka_m 1 | 5
8 Jan 2008 #1
witam wszystkich i zachecam do kontaktu ze mna. od niedawna mieszkam w Indiach i chcialabym nawiazac kontakt z rodakami, ktorzy tutaj przebywaja!


strona web:
strona web:
hello 22 | 891
8 Jan 2008 #2
Hi, do you live in India permanently?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
8 Jan 2008 #3
Hi - write only in English.
OP martinka_m 1 | 5
9 Jan 2008 #4
hi all, yes , I am in India now. currently living in Bangalore. How about you?
zion 16 | 168
9 Jan 2008 #5
what are you doing there ?? did you married a indian boy ? do you work there ? tell us all . oh just read your blog now i know more what you up to. well good luck free lancing in india .
OP martinka_m 1 | 5
9 Jan 2008 #6
:) I am enjoying myself so far :)

my partner is Indian and I also got a job here

and you guys?
zion 16 | 168
9 Jan 2008 #7
I am an Brazilian living in Warsaw must say I am having a hard time settle in.

you got a job there !how is the pay like ?better then in Poland ?
OP martinka_m 1 | 5
9 Jan 2008 #8
well, depend on your profession but Indian Rupee is much weaker than Polish Zloty,

I came here to get some good experience with MNC companies and travel as well. And honestly, havent worked in Poland for the past 4 years. I was in London before.

So, what do you do there? And why is it hard for you to settle in Warsaw? Its an excellent city, the best in Poland I would say.
zion 16 | 168
9 Jan 2008 #9
IT work .... is cold I dont know the lingo and English is not widely spoke...
OP martinka_m 1 | 5
9 Jan 2008 #10
hmm, well, thats true, you cant rely on English just yet but at least you can admire Polish winter which you cant get in Brazil ;)

If you looking for more money and have really good IT experience you should try UK then. What is your specialization in IT?
zion 16 | 168
9 Jan 2008 #11
UK been there donne that type of thing ....
winter yes good to look at but not to fell it
Test Enginner is my field but I am looking to get out of IT soon
OP martinka_m 1 | 5
9 Jan 2008 #12
ok, well hope you manage to survive untill spring time ;)

good luck!
zion 16 | 168
9 Jan 2008 #13
thanks, will make if you make in Brazil you can make anywhere ..
indiancowboy - | 3
12 Nov 2008 #14
Hey martinka,
nice to know that you are in india. I am an indian from south [Andhra pradesh]...I have been in ireland before on student visa and made really good polish friends [ofcourse, I am not in touch with them now...its been long since we spoke to one another]. I am now india at hyderabad. I am an MBA working for a world's leading market research company as project leader. if you are ok with us being friends, could respond to this message or my email is : kamalrajmba@gmail
southern 75 | 7,096
26 Nov 2008 #15

Call her Kasia.
2 Jan 2009 #16
Martinka, where are you in india? I'm Polish and planning to join my fiance in Chennai.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
2 Jan 2009 #17
I went very near India this time. I've been to Bangladesh....South Bangladesh on their vast beaches and an Island known as Saint Martins. I wish to visit that place too....but as a traveller I suppose.

But good luck to you both... Martinka and the Guest!

I heard its a vast country with many races, cultures, languages and cuisine.
opts 10 | 260
7 Mar 2009 #18
Would you tell us how expensive it is to live in India: housing, food, transportation, etc?
twinkle - | 3
11 Aug 2009 #19
Hey! R U In chennai now? I am from Chennai...basically north India but working for a DENISH company.
4 Apr 2010 #20
[Moved from]: Polish in Bombay/ Mumbai

Are there any polish people living, working or visiting mumbai?
love_sunil80 14 | 127
4 Apr 2010 #22
I dont think any polish would be living in bombay.
agugu6210 2 | 17
5 Apr 2010 #23
what are you doing there.hehehhehehehehheheh..i guess there are alot of polish there why not try the national television and newspapers to locate some polish living in bombay..thoughtful advice..heheheheh.goodluck in your search
indiancowboy - | 3
16 Jul 2010 #24
hello people, how r ya doing? hope things r going well...

hi this is kamal. Another member of this forum just like you guys. i am from south india. I live in hyderabad (city), andhra pradesh (state). just wondering if there are any polish people in hyderabad???

the reason i am asking is: i have been to europe once and i loved the place and people, especially polish people.. istayed in ireland and made real good polish friends...they pretty genuine and sweetly innocent in nature...

if there's any polish person in hyd - male or female...i'd would be happy to meet n hang out with him or her....n show him/her around...

some friendships are godsend...they are for life...i hope i will find one here...

cheers guys,

7 Aug 2010 #25
I am going to Bangalore in October for 1-2 years. Would love to meet to Polish people there. I still have 2 months to go but cause I've lived abroad for many years I know that it's good to have Poles around. You can join my on linked in.

indiancowboy - | 3
8 Sep 2010 #26
Hey Szym,

Hope you are doin good. Glad to know you are comin down to Bangalore. I checked your linkedin profile - that was pretty impressive. I belong to media industry [digital side] as editor for international news division of a British media company.

wanna be friends? then mail me at kamalrajmba@gmail. Please check my previous post - indiancowboy [my screen name]. for other details..

by the way, my real name is kamal....i am from south india...

cheers n good luck,,,

gouravgyl 1 | 14
24 Dec 2010 #27
Why Polish Girls like indian boys too much ;)
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
24 Dec 2010 #28
Polish Girls like indian boys too much

Umm ... its not like that exactly. There is no such a formula.

Some men are good and treat them special ... Polish women (not the loose ones you meet initially ... but the solid, good ones who come later after judging the man) love values and honesty.

I've found them with Kashmir, Egyptian, Bangladesh or Indian guyz, American men and Persian men! Its the "value" factor they look for. People from those countries also come in cheapness unlimited - those meet with the worse of the lot.

Now when we talk about values ... that can come in Polish men too =). I'm a Pole and I dont think I am deprived of values either =). Although I myself married someone who is not a Pole (a Korean infact).

So dont go by nationality ... the wise person goes for the VALUES ... which would include not a drunkard or who drinks much, or not a player/heavy flirteous/indecent or game-player kind. There are loose ones every where in the world for those kinds, and its better they stick to it.
southern 75 | 7,096
24 Dec 2010 #29
Lodz have you ever been beaten,punched,kicked and taken it up the ass?Are you a real man?
Listen all the above mentioned categories you refered to sell some fairy tale.It is usually in muslim wrap since this is what they have been taught.Polish women are so dumb and naive that they swallow the wrap and believe the fairy tale.Here being in glorious Balkans truly conscious of all the muslim tricks we refuse to obey to anything and know very well the foolness and the dumb grass they try to sell.

Probably you have not been exposed too much otherwise it is not explained.Even western women are way smarter.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
24 Dec 2010 #30
.Even western women are way smarter.

I've been in many of your western countries and seen much more "inter racial mingling" than you can ever find in Poland if you spend in your whole life here ... plainly because we just dont have that much of immigrants.

By the way ... I belong to a family of reputation. Not only that, its my neighborhood of wonderful people, and I have never been beaten. I didnt grow up in the neighborhood such as that as you perhaps can figure. Respectable people live around my place and I've been with respectable people ... and my views are shared and celebrated by the modern, civilized and educated Polish youth ... even increasingly so. If you spend a good year in Poland mixing with students or people with vision ... you will know what I am talking about.

Muslims are not of my interest. Its people, not religion. Why you are obsessed with religion?...

BoldItalic [quote]
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