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Moving from India to Wroclaw

chintan982 1 | 1
14 May 2013 #1

I am from Mumbai, India. I have got a job offer (IT Field) in Poland and planning to relocate to Wroclaw.
My wife & 4 year old kid would be accompanying me.

Need to know the following details ASAP -
1) Approx Monthly cost of living (1 bed apartment (Fully furnished), Utility bills, Internet, Grocery (Pure Vegetarian),Transport Pass for 1 person)

2) Planning to put my Kid in American School of Wroclaw (ul. Wyścigowa , 53-011 Wrocław). Its near Hotel Novotel Wroclaw.
Are there any residential area nearby that school (Walk-able), then would like to hire appartment somewhere there.

3) Does satellite TV in Wroclaw has Indian channels. If yes; then whats the monthly cost of the same

Looking forward to prompt response

Monitor 14 | 1,820
15 May 2013 #2
1) General information about the prices you can get from here: India&city1=Mumbai&country2=Poland&city2=Wroclaw&displayCurrency= EUR

Prices of public transport tickets:,biletomaty/cennik%20od%201052012.pdf
- 90 days ticket for all lines: 240PLN
- 30 days for 2 chosen lines: 90PLN

Internet for example in this company:
- 30zł / month 1Mbit/s
- 40zł - 4Mbit/s
- 50zł - 20Mbit/s
(prices when signing 2 years contract. To the price add ~30zł phone line fee)

512kbit/s mobile internet is free in Poland.

2) From India you can book appartment through [ or and when here you can rent something long term cheaper. This website has biggest number of private advertisements: -wroclaw/c9008l3200007

3) I don't remember any Indian channels on 2 the most popular satellites in Poland (HotBirt and Astra 2), but take a look on this list. If you see there any satellite with Indian channels then you can receive it. But payed Indian tv is not offered in Poland, perhaps it is in UK. Then you could buy decoder in UK and watch in Poland.[/url] Maybe it would be simpler to pay for TV online

Maybe this post will interest you: Here it's about Bydgoszcz. Wrocław has higher rent prices. And use search option, because similar questions were asked before in this forum.
OP chintan982 1 | 1
15 May 2013 #3

Thanks for your first response.

However there seems to be some misunderstanding in your 2nd response. I am moving to Wroclaw and not Bydgoszcz. I guess Bydgoszcz is another city in Poland.

With regards to my 2nd query; if you are aware then can you please let me know whether there is any residential area nearby American School of Wroclaw (Wyścigowa , 53-011 Wrocław).
Monitor 14 | 1,820
15 May 2013 #4
No misunderstanding. I wrote that Wrocław has around the same prices like Bydgoszcz, except of rent prices and salaries (both little higher), so many prices you read in that topic about Bydgoszcz are valid for Wrocław also. Take a look at google map to see that there are houses around this kindergarden. Btw. how much does it cost? I expect to be much more expensive than kindergarden with polish staff.
hannusia - | 5
15 May 2013 #5

I am living in the area you asked for. Actually, it is the newly built part of Wrocław - it means there is a lot of new flats to rent so you should't have any problems with finding something nice and appropriate. Moreover, the surrounding is very calm and family-friendly - there is a huge park - Park Południowy that is beautiful expecially in the Spring and Summer time. Close to that Area - Krzyki (this is teh name of the district) - there is the biggest shopping centre in Wroclaw.

Hope you will enjoy your stay in Wroclaw.

DominicB - | 2,709
15 May 2013 #6
My wife & 4 year old kid would be accompanying me.

With a wife and kid that needs to be placed in a private school, you are looking at expenses of at least 6000 to 7000 a month.

The appartment, together with utilities and internet, will cost you between 2500 and 3500 PLN, depending on quality and location.

Food is going to cost you about 50 PLN for three people per day. Slightly less if you are eating simple vegetarian, and more if you are going to want to cook and eat Indian meals. That's 1500 PLN for the three of you. That's just basic, no-frills eating at home.

The school is going to cost about 500 PLN a month.

That's from 4500 to 5500 PLN just for housing and basic food. Add another 1000 or more for sundry expenses like entertainment, public transport, clothes and toys.

So if your NET income is going to be less than 7000 PLN a month, it will be hardly worth you while to move here, unless you want to live at a very low standard (one bedroom apartment far from the city center, cheaper preschool for child, watching every penny).

Things can get a little cheaper once you settle in and learn to live in Poland. But not all that much in your case.

The area around ul. Wyścigowa is a residential area, generally good and expensive, although there are some cheaper, poor quality places nearby, like along the railroad tracks on ul. Warsztowa. Frankly, though, with a wife and kid who don't blend in and are likely to be perceived as Gypsies, I would stick to the better parts of the neighborhood.
sedor77 - | 1
15 May 2013 #7
Hi Chintan,

Life in Poland, especially Wrocław is not very expensive compared to other European countries. Krzyki is one of the most beautiful district located in South of the city. You should not have any problem in renting an apartment. You may look for it on your own for ex. on websites like or, or you may contact any local real estate agents. They usually speak English and know the best offers. Streets such as Wyscigowa, Zwycięska, Karkonowska, Krzycka might be a good location if you are interested in walking distance from your child's school.

The American School of Wroclaw itself is the best English speaking kindergarten in the town as far as I know, and you may get to know some parents from India in that school too as they are a couple of Indian kids there. Its a multinational environment. They have a great staff, and wonderful care for children. My kids are also in American School and I trully recommend it!

If you want Indian channels you might get a dish w decoder. They are available in the market as AStra of HotBird. Its a one time investment of about 300-400 PLN (equipment & work).

Wroclove Welcomes :)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
15 May 2013 #8
Its a multinational environment.

It certainly is not. I've heard many stories about that place, and the fact that it advertises itself as "American" while actually being Indian-run is another question mark.

There are certainly better places to send children in Wroclaw.
bnrrv0 2 | 5
19 May 2013 #9
Hello Chintan,
I am from India and moved to wroclaw around 2011.Its a nice quiet place. Compared to mumbai.I am having a family with 2 children.
I mumbai.I do cook only veg..i have been living in krzyki.there are few more indian families in and around this area. My son goes to internationalplayschool which is walkable. I met the owner of the school you mentioned yesterday and she was mentioning that A newbranch will be opening in next few months.

The rental for a decent accomodation will be around 2000 to 2500 pln
Groceries for amonth if you cook inidan food will be around15-2000pln.
Ofcourse youmay not find all the tthings in most of the shopsbut there are other places to procure.
Indian channels.. i have to check.becos only one family has gotit.
If you need anyfurther information reach out.

All the best
Kumar26 3 | 6
31 Oct 2013 #10
How much does American school Wroclaw charge?
8 Jul 2014 #11

do u know what are the fees like at the American school in wroclaw?
rdhir 6 | 19
3 Aug 2014 #12
There are certainly better places to send children in Wroclaw.

There is a British school in Wroclaw as well. How's that compared to the American school? Which one's better for pre-school and kindergarden kids?
19 Dec 2014 #13
How much can I expect for 6 yrs experience in telecom field in Wroclaw ?
saggy - | 2
23 Dec 2014 #14
Hello Chintan....
I am in same condition as yours...Family of 3,planning to shift to per my reference to majority of latest posts..I think monthly survival expense(Apartment+Food+Light+Water+Internet+travel+Phone+Kid school) is coming out to be approx 6000-6500 PLN...

I think Chintan you are already in your practical experience on ground now? Whatever I have analysed or concluded is right?
prakashaa - | 1
3 Feb 2015 #15

Basis my discussion with few friends and colleagues in WRO, I found out that the rental ~ 2000-2500PLN, cooking at home 1000-1500PLN, transport 90PLN (monthly pass for tram / bus), American School of WRO for kindergarden (age 4 to 6 years) 1600PLN per month and other expense like electric, internet etc 500-1000 PLN per month....Total around 6500PLN per month

Please suggest if this understanding is right.

Additionally, I would like to know the expense to go to other places in Europe like France, Swiss, Italy etc for a couple + kid. Good if someone can give some estimate for flight cost, hotel and other expense.

Levi_BR 6 | 219
3 Feb 2015 #16
and other expense

You are forgetting the most important thing at all: TAXES.
3 Feb 2015 #17
Taxes, national insurance, health care, clothes, entertainment, just a few things.
DominicB - | 2,709
3 Feb 2015 #18
Please suggest if this understanding is right.

Your prices are about right. With one kid that has to go to private school, it would be best to earn at least 9000 AFTER TAXES AND INSURANCE in Wrocław. Otherwise, it's not worth putting your family through the inconvenience.

Family trips to Western Europe are pretty much out unless you are making a lot more than that. With a wife and kid in tow, you cannot slum it like a single man.

Have you considered leaving your wife and kid behind in India? That might be the wisest move, financially and psychologically.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
3 Feb 2015 #19
someone can give some estimate for flight cost, hotel and other expense.

Min 60 eur per day for hotel room for 2 people + child in France and Italy. Buses to Italy and France min 400zł return. Flights with cheap airlines from 40 eur per person (one way) when booked few months in advance. Short train trip there around 10eur per person. Lunch in restaurant min 10 eur per person (without drinks). Daily ticket between 5 and 15 eur per person, depending on city. For Switzerland double all these prices.

As for 6500PLN per month in Wrocław it seems about right. Just note that Poles usually spend less than your Indian friends because know better how to buy stuff cheaper and don't have to pay for private school for children.
6 May 2015 #20
Dear All ,

What would be the approxiamte monthy cost of living for a single - Female to run a good show in Wroclaw . I am single fine to share the rooms with my female collegues or fine to take a seperate single bedroom . I am vegetarian prefered to cook on my own . Please let me know the minimum and maximum salary a Prject Manager would drawn in the IT or Investment Banking Industry with 7 to 9 yrs of experience . Please reply to make a better decision .

Dear All ,

One more point I wish to check on the above query How about the hospitalization , taxes , Rent for accomodation and Life Insurance in Wroclaw . Please suggest

Thanks in advance
18 Aug 2015 #21
Hello friends i am planing to move Poland Wroclaw in few month looking to meet friendly Indian peoples i am also looking for 1 bed room with kitchen flat in the city centre my budget 200 to 250 EU monthly . thank in advance who can help me to start my life in Poland E>mail harrywaria@gmail
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Aug 2015 #22
i am also looking for 1 bed room with kitchen flat in the city centre my budget 200 to 250 EU monthly .

A one-bedroom apartment is going to cost you about 500 Euro, rent, fees and utilities included. On your budget, you will not be able to afford your won apartment. You can only afford a room in a shared apartment.
18 Sep 2015 #23

My husband and I have recently moved to Wroclaw and are looking for an apartment on rent .We have a 2 yr old child and would like a calm and good locality. The company provides a service apartment but we can only stay here for a month.Can some one help us with the contact details of any broker.And also the name of the places where it could be little cheaper. Our budget is 1500 pln.

bakkalgazi 2 | 21
18 Sep 2015 #24
My i learn what's your husband's job, how many years he has experience and his salary?

Thanks in advance.
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Sep 2015 #25
Our budget is 1500 pln.

That's far too little for an apartment in Wrocław. A modest one-bedroom apartment will cost you between 1800 and 2500 PLN a month all inclusive (rent, administration fees, and utilities except for phone, television and internet. If you find an apartment for less than that, chances are that it has big problems: substandard or run construction, not conveniently located in terms of transportation, bad windows (which can dramatically increase your heating bill), or a kitchen that is very small and very inconvenient.
10 Dec 2015 #26
Hi everyone, i am Harish. I am coming to Wroclaw on business trip to about 1 month and want to bring my wife and 1 year old kid with me. Can you suggest area for good leaving? also atmospheric conditions to bring my small kid there? what about medical facilities available there?
gdesai - | 1
19 Jan 2016 #27

I am indian 10 yrs exp in IT field planning to move to Wroclaw. After taxes, I will be paid 9125 pln per month. Just wanted to know if if 9125 pln is enough if i am staying in Wroclaw with my wife.

Kindly help
emha - | 92
19 Jan 2016 #28
Yes It is :)
frd 7 | 1,401
21 Jan 2016 #29
Depends on your lifestyle.
21 Jan 2016 #30
Hi - I would appreciate if someone answers for my questions I mentioned below.

1. I am a IT professional with over 11+ years of experience in India, now had an job opportunity at Wroclaw, Poland. Net salary quoted as 12,000 zl. I understand after 18% tax deducts from 12,000 zl, the gross salary for a month is 9840 zl. Please advise if this salary is manageable for a family of 3 (2 adults and 1 toddler of 3 years of age).

2. Is this standard company policy that the company will provide/cover "Health insurance" for me and my family (spouse and 1 kid) (or) Will the health insurance coverage for me and family is deducted from my salary?

3. What is the school fee in a private school, Wroclaw for Kinder garden, Primary?

4. From 9840 zl, after I spend zl for house rent, grocery, transportation, Mobile, Internet, School fee (in a private school), some sort of entertainment - occasionally, and any other necessary items, how much of zl I can save every month approximately?


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