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southern 75 | 7,096
24 Dec 2010 #31
and I have never been beaten. figure

This explains a lot.You simply cannot understand.You don't know what justice is.

I've been in many of your western countries and seen much more "inter racial mingling" than you can ever find in Poland if you spend in your whole life here ... plainly because we just dont have that much of immigrants.

Yes,but polish mix to a humiliating extent when in UK where there are lots of tthird worldlers.You are losers by nature.Already Brits regard you as non-whites,how did you manage that?Maybe you need some teutonic discipline?Anyway why not mix with nice Russians or even Germanics to get a boost in appearance and civilization but instead prefer to downgrade with third worldlers?Are you attracted to the abyss?These people are worthless in western eyes,even Arabs look upon pakis and call them slaves and chocolate.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
24 Dec 2010 #32
Ur pathetic southern ... and perhaps you know it too.

There is just one world ... in this one world there are many small subcultures... you belong to a subculture which is always threatened, and in ur subculture are ur perverted brits and arabs and pakis.

I've got nothing to do with perverted people, only good people - and good people thankfully come in dignified ways in all colors and features.

Ur way of thinking will never lead you anywhere ... but who am I talking to. Keep moaning in helplessness.
gouravgyl 1 | 14
24 Dec 2010 #33
Lodz i am agree with your views.. family values are importent rather than reputation..hence reputation is the part of family values... about the respect, it automatically converted in reputation when a person has great sence of humor, down to earth, dedicated to their endavours, who can able to listen what the main aspect and resources he need to make himself that he can built his life....
southern 75 | 7,096
24 Dec 2010 #34
I think you belong to the subculture of multi-culti.I would be very glad if there were neighbours like Germanics and Russians from whom we would be greatly benefited.To leave this natural gift and go for the paki is distortion at least.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
24 Dec 2010 #35
neighbours like Germanics and Russians

I welcome Germans and Russians too. Infact you are blind enough not to see my posts, and love to collect your info to make racist issues out of everything.

For me all cultures and races are equally welcome ... but yes Germans have some regrets they should carry, and Russians too. But in all, I loved that post by a Russian about his daughter.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
26 Dec 2010 #36
witam wszystkich i zachecam do kontaktu ze mna. od niedawna mieszkam w Indiach i chcialabym nawiazac kontakt z rodakami, ktorzy tutaj przebywaja!


I don't live in India but fly in fairly often (at least several times a month), in fact I'm replying from Mumbai, looks like it's close to Bangalore but it's some 600 miles or 1000 km NNE of Bangalore. (Large country :)

Love the people here but must say the poverty is simply overwhelming...

Enjoy your time in India Marta.

Happy New Year - Nav Varsh ki shubh kamanayein.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
26 Dec 2010 #37
poverty is simply overwhelming...

I didnt spend too much of time in India, but in Bangladesh I have visited and I must agree to you. There is a class divide I would rather say. Some people are poor, and right the next corner live the lavishly rich!

My observation was that these unfortunate not being used by the rich to serve their purposes at remarkably low wages.

I got one friend living in India (a Pole) and she got 3 maids to take care of her. How is that? Her husband is not a King Tut either.

Everyone wants easy life ... and they use the poor for that.

I dont like this thing ... plus do you know that they are the much needed labor force to drive the economy and make the luxury life of rich people more luxurious. And if you make a comment against this kind of thing, they give you an empty look. What is more interesting is that the Polish friend who lives there gives an empty look ending with a cute - yet indifferent smile.

By the way, the poor are not considered a viable option for any deep emotions to be attached to them. They are a community of their own, not with the successful.

However, women among them are coming forward to improve their fortunes. I was in Bangladesh from my last job here, and I saw many women working in their Ready Made Garment sector ... and many enjoy the Microfinance revolution that started from that region.
1 Nov 2011 #38
hi guys am an Indian guy married to a Polish woman - stayed in krakow for more than 2 years - in Bangalore now..... :)
have fun all ...

22 Dec 2011 #39
Hi ,

well it is nice to read that you are a kind hearted in person,who think about poor and other's nice things.I like it very much. But the truth is have you ever tried to help some one to satnd above poverty? if yes you might bring revolution in future for these poor people :)

I have been several time to Poland,Polish people and culture is really good I appreciate their friend ship. Still I have so many friends there ...almost in every city ;) I am not a stranger for Polska ...

I live in Bangalore for last couple of years.....A lovely place to hang out (to stay).

Take care....


Good to know man:) how long you are planing to stay here. I am also from Bangalore but currently working in Hyderabad. I also been many time to Poland.I know everything about Polska :) how great na...

I am coming back to Bangalore in the first week of Feb.lets meet if you will be there...

take care

Hi Marta,

How are you? I live in Bangalore...well you don't know me very well we met once at your working place Bangalore? I know even where you work??? isn't it interesting? right now I am in Hyderabad but soon coming back to Bangalore.I will let you know...confirm me if we have chance to meet,how Long you gonna stay there in Bangalore?

I am coming to Bangalore in the 1st week of february....

take care
29 Jul 2012 #40
Martinka are you still in India?
3 Nov 2012 #41
Merged: polish people in calcutta,india

i wanna know is here any polish people in calcutta, india? i need some relevant information...
ariadna - | 1
24 Jul 2013 #42

I'm Eve livin now in New Delhi. If anyone lives here, please contact me on mail
We could meet and exchange impressions and experirnce.
Best regards

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