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What do Poles think of how they are treated in Germany, in comparison to the Muslim migrants

11 Feb 2019 #1
I see young Polish migrants working in awful jobs (together with other eastern nationalities) , tiring and health damaging manual jobs. Imet a polish guy working in a factory. He did a 3 shift job in a town 2 hours far away. Another girl I met, she had a degree in Poland and worked full time in a factory. She siffered from a bad backache and se was relly young (I guess 20). Poliah migrants have no right to attend German language courses for free (unless they pay like, 1200€.). A syrian, iraqi turk etc whatever muslim person doesn't work at all and they are financially supported by the state funds. They go around in sposts far, their women just male babies and don't work. They are apparently paid to be housewives. Cool. These migrants can repeat the german courses like, endless times and still don't have to pay a single cent. Same the Polish to th other EU countries. What do Poles think of it? Why don't they complain? I talked with a polish guy and he told me 'it's like this and se can't help it'. He seemed designer but not so upset. I was more than him.
Shitonya Brits
25 Feb 2019 #2
That's easy,

German investment: Tens of billions of euros spent each year to attract and provide welfare for its burgeoning Muslim population.

German resentment: Refusal to pay even a penny towards the very reasonable $1 trillion it owes to Poland in WWII reparations.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
25 Feb 2019 #3
What is the market value of the ex-German land now being part of Poland?
Shitonya Brits
25 Feb 2019 #4
Sorry, Herr Kraut, but there will be no discounts given for previous land swaps which Poland had no say in.
Lyzko 30 | 7,392
25 Feb 2019 #5
Poles have been living and working in Germany since the first coal miners migrated there to the Ruhr Pott region
in the 18th century.
Crow 148 | 9,274
22 Jul 2020 #6
Well, Poles, forget Germany. It just moving in war with Russia again. I read in the news. This time that s it. The end game.

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