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Polish workers in Denmark

5 Jan 2022 #31
Hi. I have a small business and I would love some help with office work. I was recently in Poland and wonder if you know how to get in contact with a Polish person who speaks and writes Danish (preferably English too). It would be part time and I hope to be a better employee than those described in this thread.

I met people in Poland who very much wished to have extra income.So I am looking to employ a Polish person, who lives in Poland and we just work together online. If any of you know anyone, thank you for your help. All the best
Lyzko 33 | 7,988
6 Jan 2022 #32
You'll find them rough, but you'll find them ready....willing, and able.
Poles tend to be linguists, in their own way, not too terribly different from the Danes! Many already know German, some Russian and English.
Danish certainly won't be much of a stretch!

Held og lykke med dig:-)
6 Jan 2022 #33
Thank you for your answer. But where to find them? Any ideas?
I looked online but it is a jungle and I prefer not to go through an agency. I am sure many have lived in Denmark for some time and then gone back to Poland and would welcome some extra income.
mafketis 34 | 11,606
6 Jan 2022 #34
contact with a Polish person who speaks and writes Danish

Look up places with programs in Scandinavian languages. Danish has never been the most popular of those (it used to be Swedish, now it's Norwegian) but it does exist as a university subject. Ask them to put up signs (often there are employment boards in university depts).
7 Jan 2022 #35
Great idea!! Thank you so much!! Wishing you all the best

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