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What about the Poles living in Germany?

tuzin 1 | 14
23 Jun 2010 #31
i think you all gets suprised when i say that the germans don't have anythink against the poles

I've made unfortunately different experiences...
24 Jul 2010 #32
Poles have been living in Germany, especially in the Ruhr area, since the 19th century, when they came to work in the mines. Many family names, Grosenik, Koslek, Krawitz, Wapniewski etc... bear the mark of Polish forebearers in much of Germany proper. Once, people joked about re-naming "Bottrop" "Bottropki", because of the large percentage of Poles living there-:)))
scotman - | 2
10 Nov 2010 #33
How is it life in Germany?? Do you like it?
anvanh - | 5
13 Apr 2011 #34
well, am Polish and live in Germany. What would you like to know??:-)

Life is good but there are too many Germans here lol
13 Apr 2011 #35
I recently move from Warsaw to Berlin. And it's not that easy to live here without good german. It's quite difficult to get a job as well. If you have any tips about job etc. let me know! I would really aprciate it!
anvanh - | 5
13 Apr 2011 #36
without good knowledge of German language it will be very difficult to find a good job. I would try with some international companies based in Berlin.

Germans are very strict about work experience, letters of recommendation, certificates, etc..They never look at a CV without those well organized and neatly listed. It doesn't matter if you are very good at what you are/were doing- it HAS TO look good on the paper.
13 Apr 2011 #37
i totaly agree with you. The only job I menage to get here is internship in online marketing company where I'm working in Polish/English. But I couldn't find any "good" job. Maybe someone heard about bartender/waitress job in Berlin? I use to work as a journalist in Warsaw but I could'nt find a job for english spaeking person here.
Jars777 20 | 70
13 Apr 2011 #38
May I join as a German living in the UK and thinking about moving to Poland?

If I can help with anything regarding life in Germany let me know.

May I also ask how Poles think of Germans moving to Poland?

13 Apr 2011 #39
You are generally decent, law abiding citizens with good work ethics (as we can judge by
our German minority in Opole area), so I can't see why anyone in Poland should mind you
moving to our country (as long as you come without your panzers and Stukas, that is ;)).
Jars777 20 | 70
13 Apr 2011 #40
Thank you! That helps. Will remember to leave Panzer at home... :-)! That is actually leading me to my next question...

Through living in England I had to learn not to take jokes about WW2 personally. Brits make jokes about it quite a bit and it is a very strange experience. I don't think

people would joke like that ever in Germany. I suppose we grow up just feeling guilty for it all the time. How is it in Poland?
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
13 Apr 2011 #41
I think that WWII jokes are world wide phenomenon in English speaking countries, but like in Germany I think that the topic is treated a bit more seriously in Poland.
13 Apr 2011 #42
How is it in Poland?

You hear them every now and again, but not very often. You are more likely to hear jokes
about mothers-in-law, policemen or sex, like in any other country. Contrary to what you might
think, there is no widespread anti-German attitude in Polish society, so as long as you don't
address people as "du Polnische schweine", you should be OK :)

Sorry for the jocular tone, but you really shouldn't worry about moving to Poland. Go for it!
13 Apr 2011 #43
so as long as you don't address people as "du Polnische schweine", you should be OK :)

'Schlesien immer deutsch' would play well in the current climate, too :)
Jars777 20 | 70
13 Apr 2011 #44
WWII jokes are world wide phenomenon in English speaking countries, but like in Germany I think that the topic is treated a bit more seriously in Poland.

Good. I think it's strange that WWII jokes are very common in English speaking countries.

Sorry for the jocular tone, but you really shouldn't worry about moving to Poland. Go for it!

Thank you... I am trying but job search is slow... and probably a bit early too. We can only move in August as school term in the UK finishes late July.

I wouldn't dare say anything like that... I have only had good experience with Polish people. My parents farm employed men from Poland for many years and they were lovely

and very hard-working. I wish I would have known then that I would think of moving to Poland in the future. I would have got them to teach me polish. :-)
gumishu 11 | 5,681
13 Apr 2011 #45
you wanted a WWII joke?? ;)

WWII - Russian bunker - there is some heavy knocking on the steel door -

Kto wy? (Who are you??) Swoi! (Friends (as in friend or foe) A skolko was?? (And how many of you are there?) Ein-und-zwanzig :)

the dialogue of the joke is normally said in Russian and German - it is much more funny then for Poles

or another one hehe

WWII - Russians sitting in a buker on a frontline playing cards drinking 'spirt' (say a strong booze ;)) - at one moment a growing low buzz of motors is heard - Starszyna ( a sergeant) says: Sasza, słyszy, tanki jedut. (Sasha can you hear the tanks coming?) - Da, słyszu (Yes, I can hear them) - Sasza wozmi granat iz połki idi rozbij tanki (Sasha take the grenade from the shelf and go knock them out) - Sasha takes the grenade and leaves - After a while several cracks and blasts are heard - After next couple of whiles Sasha returns

Starszyna (The sergeant) asks - Sasha, tanki rozbity??? (Sasha, are the tanks knocked out?) - Da (Yes) - To położy granat na połku (Then put the grenade back on the shelf)
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
14 Apr 2011 #46
I don't get that bit, so how did he get rid of the tanks?
gumishu 11 | 5,681
14 Apr 2011 #47
well, in Russian (and in Polish) rozbić/rozbit' means to smash/to break like to break a glass - actually in Polish we wouldn't say rozbić czołg like Russians would say but rather zniszczyć czołg (to destroy a tank) or more colloquially rozwalić czołg - just imagine a guy smashing tanks with a hand grenade ;) - then again I thought it can be funny for an English speaker imagining a guy 'knocking' out tanks with blows of a hand armed with a HG (actually knocking at them) ;) - the funny idea for Poles is that Russians could really try doing this and actually succeed in it hehehe :)
31 Mar 2019 #48

Polish in Berlin more evidence they are thugs lol

The question is are we worse than the turks and albanians over there? is it that low now?

I really do think that the polonia in germany is worse and seen worse by the germans than the hard working and generally polite ukrainians in poland despite the numbers being the same: 2 million.

reading this thread there is so much ignorance. these are thugs you people support. go to berlin alexanderplatz, i was there and even shared pics with this forum in a thread now gone possibly or burried. you act like your just good citizen pollacks don't you?
Lyzko 30 | 7,423
31 Mar 2019 #49
Many Poles whom I've met living in Germany, in general speak better German than English. No surprise there:-)

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