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How do Poles feel about Romanians and Bulgarians?

hudsonhicks 21 | 346
10 Dec 2012 #1
Labour Market Restrictions on Romania and Bulgaria will be lifted on the 31st December 2013.
So it's fairly certain we're gonna get a tsunami of these people coming to the UK just like the A8 Nations in 2004.

When i say Labour Market this basically means Benefits + Jobs (If they're lucky).
No doubt the whole self-employment for 3 months making NI contributions will open up the entire UK Welfare state up for life.

These people will flock to the cheapest immigrant friendly areas possible ie - where the Poles are at.

It's the first time in nearly 10 years that we're going to be invaded by so many people in such a short space of time.

How will Poles feel when Polski Skelp is getting replaced by the Romanian Skleps?
Perhaps there will be animosity in the workplace. Poles being kicked out and replaced with Romanians.
TommyG 1 | 361
10 Dec 2012 #2
I don't see how Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK affects Poland or the Polish people one way or the other.
Maybe you should troll their forums...
Wulkan - | 3167
11 Dec 2012 #3
it's the huge amount of gypsis living in those countries would be the problem, not the ethnic people from those countries.
antheads 13 | 341
11 Dec 2012 #4

wat is your connection with poland? have you been cuckolded by a pole?
TommyG 1 | 361
14 Dec 2012 #5
His only connection with Poland is going to his local 'Polski sklep' to buy Lech.
The good news is that soon we'll know how to write 'Romanian shop' and 'Bulgarian shop' in those languages... oh, and 'benefits in the UK' too:D
Crow 162 | 9463
13 Jan 2018 #6
You must see this > Serbian blonde coming to Bulgaria. Like when somebody from the town coming to the village. And what village. To all who seek for deeper understanding of Serbian strategic role, this is utterly important. Its bringing of light to the darkness. Literally.

Lepa Brena - Koncert na stadionu Vasil Levski - ( Sofia, Bugarska 1990.)
Lyzko 43 | 9527
13 Jan 2018 #7
Bulgarians and Romanians belong to two totally separate ethnicities, therefore the only thing they share is a common history of Communism, but little else.
During the Second World War, Bulgaria was on the Allies' side, whereas Romania (like Hungary along with several others) was on the Axis side.
Crow 162 | 9463
13 Jan 2018 #8
In deep past both were crucial part of the very Sarmatian core. Then, they were exposed to Hellenes and Persian Empire. Then, to Romans and to the Eastern Romans. To Turks then. Then both were fascinated with Nazi Germany and then with communist ways of Soviet Union. Today, subjects of EU.
Crnogorac3 4 | 811
13 Jan 2018 #9
During the Second World War, Bulgaria was on the Allies' side

You have just received an "F" in history, you may take a seat now Mr. Lyzko.
Lyzko 43 | 9527
13 Jan 2018 #10
Bulgaria, much as Albania (I believe), did in fact allow Jews safe haven during WWII, whereas the majority of countries, including those occupied, didn't. Sweden remained "neutral", as did Switzerland (HA!!!). Finland and Norway (despite the "Heroes of Telemark") sided with the German enemy, even if not for the same reasons:-)

Addendum. Technically, Bulgaria WAS on the Axis side, however, unlike supposedly neutral neighbors, Bulgaria didn't automatically hand over her Jews. In that sense, she didn't follow Berlin's orders.
Crow 162 | 9463
14 Jan 2018 #11
Essentially, I value Bulgarians more then Romanians.

I just told how I have more respect for Bulgarians and, Romanians again proved themselves unworthy of my respect. They humiliated Japanese PM Abe. How much one government can be moronic for something like this >>>

So now they cry

Romanians apologize to Japan's prime minister over visit

Hundreds of Romanians have apologized to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe whose visit to Romania at the end of a European tour fell short on protocol and diplomacy.

For the next 100 years at least, I think, one Japanese PM won`t mistake to come to Romania, presumably that Romania itself endure 100 years more.

On the other side, Romans have potentials, too.

This is from one movie, on the base of real story, event that really happened during NATO bombing of Serbia back in 1999 >
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
31 Jan 2018 #12
Poles don't have much of an opinion of Bulgarians. They kind of see them as Russia's little buddy.

Romania and Poland were pretty close during PRL. The relationship wasn't really nurtured up to the entrance of the EU and especially now under PiS especially since the right wing is popular in Romania. Poles knock Romania as a rather poor country since outside of Bucharest there's a lot of poverty and there's also a large gypsy population. Romania today has a closer relationship with Poland than say Bulgaria, but not as close as say Hungary or even Lithuania, Czechy, etc.
Crow 162 | 9463
31 Jan 2018 #13
Bulgarians. They kind of see them as Russia's little buddy.

See brate, how you don`t understand region.

Bulgarians are Russo-German k***a. British, too. They themselves don`t know to whom to give themselves. Others f*** them, while Bulgarians dream of Serbs. Classical case of sad lost k***a.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
31 Jan 2018 #14
Poles don't give a **** about Bulgarians. They don't really have either a positive or negative opinion of them. They never really have except during old wars. Hungarians and Lithuanians have always been Poland's closest people followed on and off Ukraine, Czechy, Slovakia, Austria to an extent, Romania, etc. depending on the times - sometimes the relationship was great, sometimes Poland and Czechy, Poland and Lithuania, etc. would skirmish over territory on the borders or in WW2 when certain factions would ally with Soviets or Nazis.

Bulgaria and Poland also have very little trade between each other. Romania even has more of an economic and to an extent political relationship with Poland than Bulgaria.
kaprys 3 | 2180
31 Jan 2018 #15
Bulgaria has been a popular holiday destination since the communist times.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
31 Jan 2018 #16
Yes for vacations the black sea is very popular. Very cheap tickets from Poland. My next holiday in Europe for sure will include a few weeks in the Balkans.
mafketis 37 | 10935
31 Jan 2018 #17
Bulgaria has been a popular holiday destination since the communist times.

I don't know if I would say 'since'. It was the about the only reliably warm summer seaside vacation place available in communist times but immediately afterward all but disappeared from Polish tourists' minds four about 15 years as they were eager to try other places, esp Italy and Spain and Greece etc.

Then it began attracting Polish tourists again around 2006-07 or so and has remained popular since then.
Crow 162 | 9463
2 Apr 2018 #18
You are all crazy and deluded. One Serbian blonde and Bulgaria and Romania are out of NATO in 24 hours!

Here, Serbians are overlords. Living heartland of Sarmatia. The core! This is Slavia! Racowie are coming back to bring light and changes to Europe, to make it as need to be, to make it better and as it suits us.

Lepa Brena - Koncert na stadionu Vasil Levski - ( Sofia, Bugarska 1990.)

Lepa Brena - Perice, moja merice - (TV Grand 2014)

Bulgarians are Sarmatians/Thracians that were for too long exposed to Persian yoke.

See, similarity in Persian and Prussian names aren`t just accidental. I explained already that ancients for reason unknown (there are theories) used two names parallel to designate itself. Those are Sarmatian and Thracian names. So, Sarmats that were on Baltics were exposed to some foreign influence (I suppose to Jewish and Roman) over trade/culture with time became Prussians. P-russia > from Th-racia. Same happened in case with Persia. It was land on the fringe of Sarmatian world in Asia so it turned to be Pe-rsia > from Th-racia under the influence of foreign factor.
BlueSpace 1 | 22
7 Apr 2018 #19
Those one whos sell some staff in bazaar are Romanians or Bulgarians?
Crow 162 | 9463
23 Apr 2018 #21
last year I was on Tassos in Greece. Location Tripiti. 1/3 of hotel beach was held by Serbs while mix of Italians, Germans, Poles and Russians held some other 2/3 of the beach. Then, large group of Romanians came and you could see how Poles and Russians homogenize themselves, changing location and moving to until then homogeneously Serbian part of the beach. It was funny to me, really. Serbians finished in between Poles and Russians as some kind of tampon zone between them. Lying on the beach, I looked left and right, on the eyes of Poles and Russians when Romanians come close to swim and only disgust was there in their eyes.

Back in those days, I knew, I would tell this one day on Polishforums.
Mr Grunwaldski
24 Apr 2018 #22
That's cause they mistake them for Gypsies in Polish you either say: Cygan/Cyganie or Romowie for gypsies. So when somebody tell them their "Romanian" they automatically think gypsy. Not many Poles or Russians know the history of Romania...

+ Romanians have a negative relationship with Hungarians which can affect Poles if they know about it.
Crow 162 | 9463
24 Apr 2018 #23
Yes, I know. We all see them as Gypsies. With all due respect on Gypsies.

BDW, one evening, during drinking back in last summer on Tassos, one Pole started to `joking` with one Russian, when we were at the talk about that missile shield. Russian only said ``what you want, we have plans how to save you from yourself``. Pole on that said ``and Romania?`` Russian replied ``what Romania?``

Strangely, Russians and Poles force vodka even at summer. I had to convince them that bear shouoldn`t be underestimated. Till the morning we gave beer even to some Greek cat.
StephenMontagne - | 1
16 May 2018 #24

What Do Polish People Think About Romanians?

Hello guys,

I'm Stephen, from Romania and I'm thinking of moving to Warsaw for a couple of years and chill. And before you ask me why I want to come to Poland vs all other countries, well... I like the architecture, the scenery is amazing and I heard that the beer and food is great. Other than that, I don't really like the rest of Europe that much, especially how things are going right now, plus not to mention that Romanians are viewed as the plague in other countries.

I own my own company, and I work online, (not sure if it matters, but don't want to be seen as a gypsy looking for benefits or something like that).

Basically, I'm interested to know what is the view of Polish people on Romanians?

I know that many Romanian gypsies went to your country in the 90's, and begged on the street and caused chaos (like they usually do pretty much all over Europe, thus giving us Romanians a bad reputation). But other than that, how are regular Romanians viewed in Poland? Will there be any issues or something like that? For example, while looking for rent, some Polish owner might decide that they don't want to rent to a Romanian, because I might steal their stuff etc..

Thanks & Regards,
Dirk diggler 10 | 4506
17 May 2018 #25
Youll be fine. While I can't speak for every polish person, poles generally dont have any problems with Romanians as a people. They've never been close like with hungarians or lithuanians but also dont have bad blood like with russians or germans and to an extent ukranians. Unfortunately though due to the large amount of gypsies that are from Romania, other Romanians would get a bad rep undeservingly. In all honesty though even the relationship between poles and gypsies changed a lot in the past 10 years. The gypsies that would beg and pickpocket everyday in the square are all but gone. You almost neber see them and at most itll be one woman with several little kids in tow - babies of course always curiously asleep amd wont wake up for anything let alone cry or mutter baby words. Anyway, if you have the darker gypsy type skin tone and looks you may face a little hesitancy from poles. But not downright hatred or ****** with for no good reason. I really wouldnt worry about any of that as long you carry yourself as a standup dude and show respect.

Warsaw is a nice city dont get me wrong but personally I think theres better polish cities to live in esp if you run your own online business and arent tied to some office 9 to 5.
Crow 162 | 9463
18 Nov 2018 #26
You Poles can`t rely on Bulgaria and Romania. Romania is pro-French and Bulgaria is pro-German. You would be of better luck if Russians control them but, Russians only sometimes have little influence. That`s all.

Historically, if it was on Romania and Bulgaria, Poland wouldn`t even exist. Their politicians are by default always set against interests of Poland. After all, like many Poland`s politicians.

For your info people. It was Bulgaria, in deal with Germany, that cut off Russian-Serbian project of South Stream. Then Russia was forced to turn to Germany and Northern Stream. Russia exactly wanted to avoid dealing with Germany (as Serbia insisted because of German-Serbian problems and Serbia don`t wish ever to depend on German transit system). That way Poland would also avoid to be bypassed.

So, see, Germany activated one of its satellites in the region- Bulgaria in this case and that`s it.

Fortunately, Russia opened new alternative and that is Turkish steam.

What is sad, official Poland never speak of truth on South Stream. That not only Serbia but also Hungary had key place in that project.

And you know what? Hungary again, with Serbia, support project of Turkish stream. At the same time, Hungary and Serbia don`t oppose to any US project on energy. What Hungary and Serbia seek is to diversify sources of energy.

What I want to tell you, by failing to support Turkish Stream and before that South Stream, official Poland work against Poland. In a most blatant example. Think about it. Why Duda`s ``patriotic`` charade? Really, why? Who is behind Duda? What magnates? From where?

stick to the topic please
Crow 162 | 9463
6 Dec 2020 #27
One thing forgot to mention here and good that Poles knows.

During WWI, Bulgaria was in alliance with AH. As such, Bulgaria got eastern Serbia for its occupational zone. During 3 years of Bulgarian occupation, Bulgarian soldiers collected 3000 Serbian young girls and sold them to Turks for Arab market. Not to speak of other bestiality and genocide they committed during occupation.

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