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rychlik 41 | 372
1 Sep 2009 #1
I live in Canada and have a roommate from Bulgaria. He's been here about 3 years and will most likely go back to Europe somewhere.

Anyways, I've noticed that this guy is very pro-German (he's been there 3 times) and overall very pro-West. Nothing wrong with that. But the thing that irritates me about this Bulgarian is that every time I try to speak with him about Poland and it's current politics, he gets condescending and goes against everything I say. He says that Poland isn't very democratic, that Eastern Europeans are all the same and that Poland will never be an economic power in Europe. The optimist that I am, we argue over this because I despise how he assumes to "know" everything about Poland. In fact he comes off insulting. I keep on telling this dum'b ox that Poland is not Bulgaria.

I've never seen an Eastern European be so critical of Poland- especially since he's a Balkan prick. Do the Poles, Bulgarians and people from the Balkans generally get along? I can never guess who has a beef with Poland and who doesn't :)

1 Sep 2009 #2
especially since he's a Balkan prick

does he post here? sounds familiar ;)
southern 74 | 7,074
1 Sep 2009 #3
Do the Poles, Bulgarians and people from the Balkans generally get along?

No.Bulgarians get along with Russians.Serbs on the other hand are friendly to Poles.
Crow 155 | 9,030
2 Sep 2009 #4

not surprised with your expiriance

i think that i alredy gave quite good description of situation on Balkan, for this forum

here, Poland can rely only on Serbians. All other Slavic and non-Slavic states/ethoses in the region (Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim) live to satisfy German, Italian and Turkish interests. Even Russia retreat.

Situation is tragic. People grow up, educated in anti-Slavic and pro-German, pro-Turkish spirit... in Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria

beside Serbs, there are Greaks (Orthodox) and Slovenians (Catholics) who in their national values (spirit) resist to turkization/islamization and germanization. BUT NOTE- Greaks don`t care for Polish interests and Slovenians (Slovenian state) are so weak that they no matter their resistance, serve to Germany/Austria anyway
2 Sep 2009 #5
Don't worry... not all of us are fooled by EU indoctrination ;)
OP rychlik 41 | 372
2 Sep 2009 #6
No.Bulgarians get along with Russians.Serbs on the other hand are friendly to Poles.

Interesting because he does speak of Russian "gifts" to the Slavic world. I laugh at this guy.
Pretends not to know any Polish vodka's either. I shake my head :) Polish vodka is widely available in Canadian liquor stores.

I do have to say though that this Bulgarian is 37 and unemployed. Still going to college. I suspect he might be a Gypsy (joking). Russia took a shi't and out came Bulgaria :)
Crow 155 | 9,030
2 Sep 2009 #7
No.Bulgarians get along with Russians.Serbs on the other hand are friendly to Poles.

its not complete information, southern

In very very short... Russia can control Bulgaria only temporarely. History proved that. Germany is main factor of influence there

but, nobody can`t control Serbs. Just, over Slavic solidarity, Serbs regard other Slavs and that way present beacon of light for Russian and Polish interests here. Simple, in clash of Slavic and non-Slavic interests, Serbs regularly (as a rule) defend Slavic interests.

It is also noticed that in a clash of Polish and Russian interests, Serbs prefer to support Poles. No, not in the sense of agravating relations with Russians- not to confront Russians with hostilities, to be their enemies. Serbs simple sending signals to Russia that, what is ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and Russia sems understand. It is impossible to Russia to ignore Serbian attitude because Russia clearly understand tragic situation in the region- IF SERBS COLLAPSE, SLAVIC SOUTH IS LOST.

and so, one might ask why then Serbs support Polish interests over Russian and why Serbs love Poles? i would tell you... its above Christian divisions, its Sarmatian thing. Its because Serbs knows that without Poland there is no Slavic west, without Poland there is no hope for restoration of full Sarmatian strenght and potentials from Baltic to Balkan. Serbs knows that and they wait for Poland... and, they play their role.

not all of us are fooled by EU indoctrination

i hope, for the good of all our children
PennBoy 76 | 2,432
2 Sep 2009 #8
Hehe Bulgarians, i remember how me and my friend beat 3 of them up one time, they were so shocked we hit them, i guess they didn't think much of Polish men. And Serbs they're ok, i know a couple of them, they don't have anything against us.
OP rychlik 41 | 372
2 Sep 2009 #9
Why would a silly Bulgarian have something against a Pole??? Or even criticize them?
They're in a totally different corner of Europe. It's like me thinking I'm better than the Irish.
PennBoy 76 | 2,432
2 Sep 2009 #10
Tell your roommate, that he's not even a Slav, he's a Bulgar that came to Europe from central Asia, they mixed a bit with south Slavs and they're culture and language is based on theirs, they're wannabe Slavs. He's got an inferiority complex so he tries to look down on other to make himself feel better.
OP rychlik 41 | 372
2 Sep 2009 #11
Hehehehe- yes I might have to. It's very clear that he has an inferiority complex. I even told him this but he laughs at this with tears in eyes lol. Very strange fellow. Is unemployed and not making it in Canada. Says he wants to maybe go to Australia or back to Europe.

The other night we were talking politics and I said, "In about 20 years Poland will be an influential country in Europe."

His reply, "No because France won't allow it."

This is his attitude. He's not open to different points of view and acts like he has inside information. Hate people like this. I'm through talking with this idio't.
Eurola 4 | 1,902
2 Sep 2009 #12
Bulgaria was the one of the poorest in the "old' communist block. I think your roommate has has some kind of complex and he is not able to accept the reality that life moved on. Perhaps his parents are still in the "communist era" times and that's what he knows. It does not matter if his is in Canada or Bulgaria. It's sad when a 37 yrs old man still does not get it.
Crow 155 | 9,030
2 Sep 2009 #13
Bulgaria was the one of the poorest in the "old' communist block.

to give you picture about level of Bulgarian development i would just say that Serbia looks much more desirable place to live then Bulgaria, no matter that Serbia was isolated for the 10 years and that our economy suffered because of economic sanctions and blockade, no matter that Serbia received more then 1 mil. refuges (in a country of 10 mil.), no matter that Serbs were target of multiple attacks by NATO and mujaheedines and no matter that Serbian state was devastated by NATO bombs when total damage was more then 200 mlrd. US dollars.

still, when you travel to Bulgaria, you see that Serbians who oppose to EU and NATO, has better standard of living then Bulgarians no matter all EU and NATO investments in them.
Sasha 2 | 1,083
2 Sep 2009 #14

I would suggest that you stop talking about politics where two persons regardless their nationality can hardly get along. I however didn't notice any "communistic" stuff in what was said... He merely said he hadn't perceived Poland as a democratic country and that it wouldn't have been great economically which may or may not eventually be the truth. He's being pessimistic, whereas you rychlik being optimistic and logically don't like what he's saying about your country. End of story.

especially since he's a Balkan prick

What's wrong with Balkan people? I think you should yourself be less arrogant in your judgments to expect the appropriate attitude.

No.Bulgarians get along with Russians.Serbs on the other hand are friendly to Poles.

It's a bit more complicated. Russia helped them both at different times to fight Turks and they both have pro and anti-Russian people. There're significantly more pro-Russian people in Serbia though due to Bulgarian society that is torn apart and experiences really tough times. Some consider themselves Turkish, some Slavic, some don't have a clue on who they are. That's all happening against the background of economical disaster and religious disorientation. Long story short... some Bulgarians are nice, some are not anyway the politics is not the sphere where one has to look for things in common.
southern 74 | 7,074
2 Sep 2009 #15
Bulgarians are basically Slavs but since the natural representatives and protectors of slavianity in Balkans are the Serbs they have an identity crisis as well.

For example they may say with sorrow ''in some places in Bulgaria there are people of turkish origin'' although they hate themselves for that.
OP rychlik 41 | 372
2 Sep 2009 #16
He's being pessimistic, whereas you rychlik being optimistic and logically don't like what he's saying about your country. End of story.

That's it exactly. I have a right to be optimistic. Poland as a country has made major strides in the last 20 years. Many in the west call it a post communist success story and currently Poland is the only major country in Europe not in a recession. This is something to be proud of.

What annoys me most about this Bulgarian is that he is condescending in tone and seems to downplay Poland's achievements. He seems to be more hostile than me.

I should note that he was in Poland in '89 and I had a Bulgarian supervisor here in Toronto who before coming to Canada, worked in Wrocław. Is Poland somehow not welcoming to Bulgarians?
2 Sep 2009 #17
Some reasons I can think of why Bulgarians have problems with Poles:

Poles make a good part of the tourists on the Black Sea coast. While tourists bring in money, they also bring in cultural differences. And most Poles do not go to Bulgaria to visit Mansonaries, they want a sunny beach, alcohol and disco. I remember having heared Bulgarians talk in a dissapointed way about "Polacy" when they realize Poles are taking a place next to them on the beach. They seem not to like the sound of our language too.

As mentioned, Bulgaria was historicaly pro-German. Main reason for that is that it fitted in the German plan of expanding its sphere of influence over the Balkan to support Bulgarian interests of getting some land back. Polish accomplishements in recent past are often explained with the benefit of beeing a neighbour to Germany. While this has in fact helped the economical growth, through German companies outsourcing into Poland, they don't see that Poland had a welleducated work-force and some heavy industry before 1989. Prior Polish accomplishments are too specific to be know to the general public.

A mathematican will know the Lwow mathematics school and value a RPN calculator. But every kid knows that Mercedes is made in Germany.

The "Battle of Varna" is another historical point. Because the Poles did not win, the Bulgarians had to wait 400 years longer until beeing liberated by the Russians. And thats why many like Russians.

As a student in Germany I know a lot Bulgarians here and I must say, either they are pretty fine or complete idots. So I hope you get to know some educated open-minded Bulgarian who is aware of the prejudices of his society towards our.
mafketis 36 | 10,857
2 Sep 2009 #18
First I've heard of Bulgarians not liking Poles.

I have heard that Polish tourists are not so popular with people that sell things at the Bulgarian tourist spots because they're considered cheap. On the other hand, I've heard hotel owners like them because they're generally cleaner and quieter than some other nationalities.

I've known some Bulgarians in Poland, most of whom like it fine here (late summer and longer cold season can get to them though).
wzgrza - | 46
2 Sep 2009 #19
In my experience with a Bulgarian we have gotten along well. In general I have gotten along much better with Central and Eastern Euros then Western.
seraffimov - | 2
29 Sep 2009 #20
Yep, it seems you are all right. I am curious, how you know so much about bulgarians, even when no one of you knows sh*t ( pardon my french ) about bulgarians and Bulgaria.

@rychlik - you are Canadian. You are so far away from Europe, and Balkans.

@PennBoy - "Bulgar"... Offcourse he is a bulgar ( I do NOT defend rychlik's roommate ), The name of my country cames after those asian tribes, that came to Balkans and push the byzantine empire back from these lands. The point here is TRIBE vs. EMPIRE. And of course these land was populated by slavics, so it is not possible one tribe to "consume" entire population of a province/territory or... I am not sure about the I think bulgarians are more slavics than asians. The proof is language and cyrillic alfabet( yep cyrillic was developed in Bulgaria, and yep I know it is not so widespread among slavics ).

@Crow - Man you are balkan. Yeah, yeah I know this sounds stupid, but you can't deny that we balkans are strange kind of people. I do not like it, may be you do not like it, but after all we are balkans, and it is difficult to "outer" people to understand.

Guys I think you try to start some kind of hatred about German influence. Which is better - Russian influence ??? I am quite interested in particular period in history of the 20th century, so Polish people should know better than me what f*cked up thing was comunism.


@krakowiak - Man you have no idea, but 50 years of comunism f***ed up us more than those "...the Bulgarians had to wait 400 years longer...".

@rychlik again - Man I read your latest post... Are you some kind of racist or anti-bulgarian ? Obviously you roommate is idiot you think it is normal to make points about bulgarians.

P.S. May be I should start with this, but my girlfriend is half polish. And I live with her for about 7 years. AND BELIVE ME, there is no kind of international/interracial/inter<something> hatred between us, and her polish mother. So i think entire topic is about stupid rychlik's roommate. I belive that stupidity is state of mind, and has nothing about nationality. So rychlik - the world is full with jerks.
Ksysia 25 | 430
29 Sep 2009 #21
Sounds like the Bulgarian know something about the French politics
Ryszard - | 89
29 Sep 2009 #22
rychlik, maybe your Bulgarian roommate is die-hard volleyball fan? That would explain a lot ;)
seraffimov - | 2
29 Sep 2009 #23
Lol I've missed that about France. You said it just right Ksysia.

Rychlik what is your roommate name. Right now I think that he is not bulgarian at all or he is just arguing with you for fun.
George8600 10 | 632
12 Oct 2009 #24
Yes, Poles and balkan people do get along. I am half Greek and half Polish and there are near a quarter million Poles living in Greece. ^_^ But then again Greece isn't always considered in the Balkans since it can be a term used to refer to the Southern Slavic states. Anyway, don't generalize upon all Bulgarians, I have met many good ones. That was just one idiot who didn't know much.

@CROW - well no, Greeks and Poles do have many ties. Why do you think there's so many Poles living in Greece? While Turks and Islamics aren't widespread in Greece, Germans are indeed. So "Germinization" as you put it might not be in full effect but it happens. I have already run into many German restaurants and bookstores here in Greece.

The other night we were talking politics and I said, "In about 20 years Poland will be an influential country in Europe."

It already is, do you know how much of a workforce Poland provides to other countries, or how much energy resource is provided? If I'm not wrong Poland is the EU's biggest producer of wood and coal. Either way, with regards to the humanities, Poland has provided tons in my opinion already.
Crow 155 | 9,030
12 Oct 2009 #25
It already is

i agree. Poland would liberate Slaveno-Serbian Kosovo from Albo-muja occupation. Its just the matter of time
terziev - | 49
17 Nov 2009 #26
as a bulgarian i've always disliked polish people. especially males which are very much on the pus sy side and polish beating bulgarians is believe me pretty rare to happen and indeed very surprising. but now several other reasons:

1. cold unfriendly people! - maybe not cold like swedish, but come on i live on the balkans. i am not afraid of touching people and we have FRIENDS.

2. polish people are BORING (again i'm from balkans). the only way for them to become a little bit more interesting is getting drunk. which leads to...

3. ...polish people cant drink!!! really! but they still drink a lot - most people in bulgaria drink just for joy, not to get drunk. rarely bottom up and appreciate good alcohol like DRY wine. tell to somebody in bulgaria that you have this beer with somethhing like jam in it and he'll be rolling on the floor.

4. polish people are FANATICS. - hello talibans, its 21st century and you actually REINTRODUCED ban on abortions after the fall of communism. you dont know how fuсked up some otherwise nice girls are growing up, because of all your religious crap. damn, i had one that was getting it only in the back yard in order to 'keep' her virginity!!! she was 23!!!!!!!

5. kaczinsky brothers - not any more, but still counts and hmm, doesnt look like eu, but more like central asia thing. they got pretty famous here.

6. polish people are soooooo proud of their history and country, but still whining all the time. wake up poland! russia was, is and will always be the leading slavic state whether you, me, anybody likes it or not.

uff, i have many many more, hehe but enough for an introduction to this forum i think. i've always thought that my connection with poland wouldnt be anything more than banging 2-3 girls, which is incredibly easy for a bulgarian even though i'm far from hansome. yep, most polish males are gays by our standarts.

and after all this i fuсking feel cheated that i felt for a polish girl and actually i like her polishness. almost an year together and after 20 days i'm going to warsaw (i was forced) to meet her folks. and now believe me i'm trying to get rid off everything negative towards polish people, but as you see it's hardly possible.

and come on guys, balkans are really amazing place so its normal for us bulgarians to feel superior.
Bartolome 2 | 1,085
17 Nov 2009 #27
Recently a Bulgarian I met told me he feels safer in Glasgow(!) than in his homeland Bulgaria. I guess that sums up the discussion about who's EU and who's not yet there.

And before you call Poland 'asia', look at your own backyard, pal
George8600 10 | 632
17 Nov 2009 #28
...that much for pan-slavism i think.

Being part Greek and having been to Greece many times, Southern Slavs (which includes the Bulgarians) look very much distinct from your normal slavs, many even look Mediterranean.
terziev - | 49
17 Nov 2009 #29
hmm, it has been deleted. anyway... yep, as i said i feel myself and pride myself for being much more balkan that slavic. the irony is that i'm not so typical bulgarian and look a lot like polish while most of my compatriots resemble more turks and greeks. still one of the best thing about bulgaria is the diversity, but that one is pretty much everywhere on balkans.

Sorry that we destroyed your great efforts to win Polish favour to pan-slavic case with your first post in this thread :-)

aaaa, now you see. not surprisingly polish people are not famous for hospitality. hmm, or maybe not if you're english
17 Nov 2009 #30
yep, as i said i feel myself and pride myself for being much more balkan that slavic

There's nothing bad to take pride in one's roots and history.

still one of the best thing about bulgaria is the diversity, but that one is pretty much everywhere on balkans.

Tell us about diversity!

We had Russians, Jews, Scottish, Germans, Ukrainians, Tatars, Hungarians and probably
a dozen of other nationalities settling here and living on our lands and Swedish, Austrian,
Russian, German, Turkish armies rolling through our lands, borders shifting, blood mixing
etc. etc. As a nation we are pretty much uniform as regards religion, language and culture,
but genetically we're completely mixed.

aaaa, now you see. not surprisingly polish people are not famous for hospitality


We're as hospitable as it gets (providing you don't come here calling us pussies LOL).

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