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Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Aug 2011 #91
That's what I mean ;) ;0
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
13 Aug 2011 #92
Still I bet my misconceptions about Bulgaria are almost definitely more accurate than his about Poland(:
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Aug 2011 #93
Well, I imagine so :)
KingAthelstan 9 | 142
4 Oct 2011 #94
As much as I have my gripes with unchecked Polish immigration ( small amounts of you people coming would have been fine) I much prefer you to the Romanian and Bulgarian gypsies that come to this country to scrounge, cheat and indulge in crime. Iv'e found most Polish people here to be honest and hard working ( trouble is they undercut the local populace with their cheaper labour). So in if I had a choice, if would hire a Polish labourer over a Romanian/Bulgarian anyday.
NIkolaybg - | 10
28 Feb 2013 #95
A very unjustified comparison. First, how would you define "Pole" and "Bulgarian"? According to their origin? Birthplace? Their consciousness? What about a Bulgarian who has lived in the USA, Canada and France? Is he precisely Bulgarian, or what?

The history shows very similarities between the both nations, and even some meeting points (like Wladislaw Jagelo who died near Varna, or the Polish military who fought for the liberation of Bulgaria in 1877-8). After the Liberation a few Polish emigrants came to Sofia and started their intellectual activities; some of the most popular Bulgarian writers also lived in Poland for short time (to study or just to see the way of living).

In brief, I would like to ask the author of the topic to drop his stereotypes and next time to speak about concrete people, and not about "nations".

@King Athelstan: yes, no one would appoint a gypsy with his/her company; and how we, Bulgarians, manage with 600 000 unemployed gypsyes? It's hard to say, but soon they will start invading Europe. That's why we wanted to restrict their rights, but when we try to do it, someone form the EU comes and tells us off: "You are discriminative, you are racists!" Well, hipocracy, I guess...
Monitor 14 | 1,820
1 Mar 2013 #96

Yes, Poles and balkan people do get along. I am half Greek and half Polish and there are near a quarter million Poles living in Greece.

I realize that post is quite old, but even in 2009 there was not a "a quarter million Poles living in Greece." The article below says about circa 50 000.

In Greece, because of the crisis, been living and working fewer Poles. According to the data of our embassy in Greece, a few years ago Polonia in this country had about 50,000 people. Currently, there are about 10-20 thousand of our compatriots.
Ambassador Maciej Krych explains that the Polish situation has worsened due to restrictions on investment. Most of our fellow citizens in Greece worked in construction, but due to the crisis the industry has declined and there is no work. Besides the Poles has been replaced by different citizens of other countries who have less financial requirements.
In view of this situation, many Poles returned home or went to other countries. This trend is very well seen based on the number of children in Polish schools. A couple of years ago studied here one and a half thousand Polish children, 2 years ago, about 800, now is a 300 Polish students.,liczba_polakow_w_grecji_zmniejszyla_sie_nawet_pieciokrotnie_przez_kryzys.html

. Why do you think there's so many Poles living in Greece?

- because Greece was much richer and had warmer weather and 50 000 is not so many considering 500 000 living in UK.

So "Germinization" as you put it might not be in full effect but it happens. I have already run into many German restaurants and bookstores here in Greece

- you're joking. Many moved to Greece because of weather, not some kind of political plan. Now many are coming back because of economic problems.
marto9304 - | 1
27 Nov 2014 #97
I read many ****** things about us bulgarians and I can't understand why is this hatered ? I'll only say that the psychology is a great weapon and could easily be used to influence in a negative / positive way about someone / something. How many of you have ever had a contact with a bulgarian despite the guy that has started this topic ? Aren't we all individuals ? If he has had negative feelings about this bulgarian it doesn't mean that the rest of us bulgarians are exactly the same like the bulgarian he has met! The bulgarians know almost nothing about Poland and the polish people and they wouldn't know anything since the both sides have never had ties of relationship neither political nor territorial / historical moments etc.. just because someone can't get a long with someone else doesn't mean that the rest wouldn't either. I understand that this polish guy has feld offended by this bulgarian but he has told him his oppinion and the polish guy should have just accepted the fact that every human being has its own oppinion about something no matter of the nationality! I can't understand either why people always start talking about how the bulgarians are not europeans ?! Aren't we a bordering country ? Aren't my countrymen the ones that have fought battles with the non-european invaders during all these centuries since its creation together with greeks,serbians and other people in the past ? Everyone is free to think and talk whatever he/she wants. I'll only say that the people on the balkans are incredibly mixed not only between each other but with other races too. According to historians the bulgarians are mixture of three tribes - tracians,bulgars and slavs. According to scientists everything else could be different ! Each one of us has different genes! You'll know what your genes are when you make a haplogroup test and you'll discover to whom you are more likely to be similar to. I am sick of listening about separation and racism and which country is better than the other one. It's up to the people living on the land to make it prosper or not. There are many factor keys as education, laws, work force, integration. The countries on the balkans are suffering - Bulgaria is one of them. I am sick of listening how poor my country is - yes it is.. its population is near 7 millions of which there are near 3 million pensioners, 2 million and a half working force that has to work to feed the pensioners and near a million gypseas that is draining the social system. I am telling you this as a person that is a bulgarian. Unfortunately this is not the only case and it is not happening to Bulgaria only. Why do you even think that the EU has been created ? There's a negative birthrate in every single country in Europe except Albania (muslim country), Turkey (muslim country). Why do you think that the western countries have opened their borders for immigrants (conolisators) ? This is the end of Europe. Look at Germany - the former nazi country that used to kill everyone that is not aryan now accepts the most immigrants of any other country in Europe. Just think about it people, please! Start looking more global, please ! Europe is becoming more and more like the US and Australia now but it's for the reason that it needs labour.

I can't feel offended because like I said the psychology is something very complicated. I have my personal oppinion too. I can't hate a whole nation just because I don't get a long with someone from a certain nation. Everyone is INDIVIDUAL ! I don't feel offended because I am myself. Just because I have the nationality ''bulgarian'' doesn't make me ''bulgarian''.. what if I want to be just a human ? Just because the people declare themselves by nationality or ethnicity doesn't mean that this woman/man has the same genes with the rest of the people that declare the same ethnicity. Nationality nowadays is not related with the ethnicity. In Europe it is because there is ''native,ethnic population in a certain country and therefore the nationality becomes the same as the ethnicity''. So the gypsies are ethnic minority in Bulgaria, but they are bulgarians because they are citizens of this country. Whenever a gypsy steal something somewhere it is captured the media says ''a bulgarian was captured stealing whatever''. They don't say a gypsy was capture and in the minds of the spectators goes the news that ''a bulgarian'' did something. This is how it works and makes each one of us manipulated. Everything is psychology and you deside by your own to be or not to be part of this separation and racism between the human beings !

I can talk a lot and share my opinion and thoughts with you guys. I just wanted to outline that how the psychology affects and influence to all of us. I am white with dark brown hair and green eys. I haven't made a haplogroup of myself yet because It is too expensive for me right now although that I would be happy to see to whom I am more similar to. If you are curious about your real ethnicity I advice you to do so too. It would be interesting for yourself as well. As a bulgarian I'll say to all of you polish people and friends to look more global. The history is history and is in the past. We should keep going. The history is to be remembered but not used to hate my opinion is. We are the ones that are building the world, yes the world not just a certain country. As an end I'll say that I've met many poles. I have 4 polish friends that are very close to me and I am happy to know them because they are incredibly good people and are people for which I would get up in the night to help them if they call me. It's all up to the people you meet,not the nationality. You could meet bad bulgarians and you could meet good bulgarians like you can meet bad and good poles. Despite that I don't see good future for my country I hope that your country, Poland will prosper and become more independent and competitive to the other countries.

Peace, Martin
JollyRomek 7 | 481
27 Nov 2014 #98
the media says ''a bulgarian was captured stealing whatever''.

Well, let the media say whatever it wants. I have spent a couple of weeks in beautiful Sofia last year and also traveled to your old capital city Veliko Tarnovo for a few days. I loved it. The people were so genuine, welcoming, honest. Absolutely amazing. I also lived in Ukraine for three years and all my friends always asked me why I would want to live there. They asked me if it wasn't dangerous. If I feel safe. I have spend 5 days in Belarus and never felt so comfortable leaving my things in hotel room before because I felt safe and genuinely welcome. All countries that have a certain "reputation". Would I ever leave anything laying around by itself on a train in Germany (my home country)? Most certainly not but I know that I can do so in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Nie ma problem.

Let people who do not know it better say what they want. If they are not ready to make that experience of good Bulgarian food, good beer, beautiful landscape, welcoming people and pretty woman ( just like anywhere else in Eastern Europe), then let them be........ no point in wasting your energy over it :)
wildrover 98 | 4,451
27 Nov 2014 #99
After 12 years living in Poland , i now live in Bulgaria . . . In Poland it was impossible to make my English car legal , here in Bulgaria its no problem , mind you it was also no problem in Moscow . . . I am not thought of as a free bankomat here , and there has been nobody trying to sell me stuff at twice the price or buy stuff off me for half the price . . .The people are warm and friendly and life here is much easier than i found it in Poland . . .My electric bills are a quater of what they were in Poland where i had a very basic house with almost no electrical stuff , here i have all electric stuff . . . I have some wonderfull friends in Poland , but i very much wish i had spent my 12 years here and not in Poland . . . .
Ziemowit 13 | 4,100
28 Nov 2014 #100
I have some wonderfull friends in Poland , but i very much wish i had spent my 12 years here and not in Poland . . . .

Yeah, you seem to have found your promised land in Bulgaria! And what about your Russian lady; is she with you in Bulgaria or does she prefer to live in Moscow?
28 Nov 2014 #101
OsiedleRuda: not all of us are fooled by EU indoctrination

Can someone explain to me the problems Poland has with the EU from a personal level?

Keep to the topic please
wildrover 98 | 4,451
30 Nov 2014 #102
My Russian lady is in Moscow at the moment , trying to sell our appartment , but she spent the summer here , and will be back for good soon . . .
2 Sep 2015 #103
I have no idea why I am getting sucked into this ******** blog, however I fill obligated to post my opinion upon this problem. Why is it that people are trying to see who is better then the rest? My experience is that all this fine countries have equal importance and good VS bad people. For example Poland has great Polish sausage, pirogi, good beer, vodka and a lot of tall blond Girs, Russia has good vodka, salami, dark bread and schuba salad( haring salad) also tall blond girls, Serbia has pliaskavica, slivovitz, good green salads, blond & brunet tall girls, Bulgaria has rakia, vine, baniza, white cheese, salads blond & brunet tall girls. All of this people eat meat and like pork, and have very close traditions related to the same root of folk culture. How then can some one differ on what country is better then the other. If it is only on economical structure then yes Bulgaria is the poorest in the EU but in any case I don't think Bulgarian people are dumber then Polish or VS. Also I believe that Eastern European Countries ( Nations ) will prosper far further then the western nations down the road, but before this happens people first must realize that the only way to do this is to valu the culture of each other and help one another in a way that the stronger in certain point help the weaker in those point and vice versa, and not only taking a bend over approach from Western European Nation and The U.S. . The reality of the situation is that a lot of the Western Europe and the UK are over crowded and they need to expand to survive so the eastern part of Europe is the key, however the question is for how much are they going to buy it for and are they going to be able to spin the deal for cheap labor. So wake the **** UP its a plan to buy us out without us knowing and getting noting out of it
20 Sep 2015 #104
I am a Bulgaian living in the USA for the last 30 years. I have always admired the Polish people for their courage to stand up to Russia. Russia is the the worst number one enemy of Bulgaria. It has been historically a victim of Russian agression. Umfortunately there is a small 25 % of Bulgarians who are brainwashed with the pro-russian propaganda. Putin corrupts Bulgarian individuals and groups with 10 Million Euros, similarly to Czech and Slovakia and Monetengro. But the poles are not bribable. Good Job.
delphiandomine 85 | 18,254
20 Sep 2015 #105
But the poles are not bribable.


Funded by Russia.
Jardinero 1 | 407
20 Sep 2015 #106
Russia is the the worst number one enemy of Bulgaria. It has been historically a victim of Russian agression.

Let's keep things in wider perspective: do you really believe Russia did more harm than the Ottomans?
14 Apr 2016 #107
The bulgarians dosent care about poles, except some pan slavic boys, who loves you just bcs of the slavic ideas.Most of us loves russians bcs of the Russo-turkish war 1877-1878 and bcs of the soviet time(propaganda) we used to call ourselves brothers(bratushki) and most of bulgarians still counts Russians for the most close nation.We have a mixed feelings for serbs and greeks and the only nation that we hate with passion is the turkish one.

So we care for russians, greeks, serbs and turks that is, most of us dont care for others.
Of Course we love the macedonians which are bulgarians like ukrainians and belarusians are russians.
rock - | 460
17 Apr 2016 #108
Bulgarianlion, you say Bulgarians hate Turks but I am sure you do not have any idea that proto-bulgars were Turkic. You are just Slavized Turks ;)
25 May 2016 #109
THIS IS OLD AS .... but it goes up in google search on 6-7 lmao . Any way id answer to the original post didnt bother with reading the rest much.

The room-mate have right wing views, probably most of his views are right wing , thinking Poles are good fertilizer and having wet dreams with Hitler Srsly fck cnts like that i hate them as fck. Sadly we kinda have them here around, mostly ******* ultras of some football team .

Bulgarians are racists in minds but tolerable in actions . we normally hate gypsy's and Turks(for obvious reasons) if there is nation that we love , that gone be the Russians. we dont have problems with any one else (thats the overall thinking but everyone have personal)

we dont have problems with any other slav nation out there but we mostly dont know much about them(well we know about Serbs and Russian rest are are alien to most of us ) .

Any Way my personal view of Polish ppl is this - hard working ppl who whine about ******* everything and hate Russia ." Kurwa i got my paycheck , Kurwa i got flat tire , Kurwa i have to go work . Kurwa i found 10 euro , kurwa now i have to buy something . Kurwa Putin is on TV . Kurwa **** this im going to UK . Kurwa **** this im going back to Poland" etc,etc.
15 Oct 2016 #110
rock - your knowledge is of a pebble! There is not a single fact that can support in any way what you are saying!
For you and everyone else who want to lear about Bulgarians is the following link:
And because one Canadian can't argue successfully with a Bulgarian about the Poland matters doesn't mean Bulgarians have something against Polands. And why the hell Poland. I'm Bulgarian and we (family and friends) almost never speak about Poland - politics,culture, iconomics - absolutly nothing!!! Even though I live in a major city on the Black sea - there are many Polish tourists here in summer time. My suggestion is that unfortunate Bulgarian roommate was only joking, speaking out the first thing he thinks of and the poor guy did not even get it ;)

POLES vs BULGARIANS - there is no such thing. Vladislav Varnenchik (sorry I don't know how to write it properly in Englsh) is considered a hero in Bulgaria. We have no buffle with Polish people. If they have with us, I don't know about it!? I presume that they also almost never think about Bulgaria, exept wen the summer is about to come ;)
Ironside 49 | 10,447
15 Oct 2016 #111
I presume that they also almost never think about Bulgaria, exept wen the summer is about to come ;)

You're right on you money.
On the internet you can find a very weird people and trolls.
Orahova 1
29 Oct 2016 #112
Crow you are moron !you mentioning something about greater Bulagaria and Croatia you moron ,in the 90 your country Serbia started 4 wars and committed genocide in Bosnia and Croatia Serbia attacked even Slovenia all because you wanted to make greater Serbia on the experience on Croatia and Bosnia , and you talking about Slavs you in Serbia are anything but Slavs you are more Turks than Slavs by blood and another think you saying that you are better than Bulgeria don't foreget before NATO bombed you you have destroyed many cities in Croatia and Bosnia like Vukovar Zadar Sibenik Dubrovnik Srebrenica Sarajevo need I go on and yet Croatia even after so much suffering in the 90 -tis people in Croatia now live 10 better than in Serbia and our motorways are way better than you even you destroyed them in the 90-tis whit your TANKS our infrastructure is betty than you aldo you shelf them reluctantly in the 90-tis you killed so many Croatian women and children , your favourite song in 90-tis was "MILOSEVIC SEND US SALAD WILL BE MEAT WE WILL CUT TROUGH OF CROATS " and you have chik you say something so someone better don't , acould go on and on and on for what you Serbs have done to Croatia and Croatian people .
Crow 139 | 8,273
29 Oct 2016 #113
Bulgaria? Ah, yes. i forgot to mention. Good that EU acquired Bulgaria. Fantastic move.
29 Oct 2016 #114
As a Bulgarian I am very disappointed with the things I've read in this thread. Yes there are many bulgarians who like russia but the truth is russia is our biggest enemy and those who like it are just old communists or dumb. He is probably right about the democratic part if you still fight over race.... Russia was created by bulgarians and definitely long after a bulgarian state, including poland....Please do educate yourself before calling us gypsies, russophiles or any stupid panslavic insult. I have always thought of Poland as brothers but turns out most of you hate anyone but serbians and hungarians
mafketis 24 | 8,704
30 Oct 2016 #115
As a Bulgarian I am very disappointed with the things I've read in this thread

Don't take it seriously, nothing on this forum is very representative of Poland.

I have always thought of Poland as brothers but turns out most of you hate anyone but serbians and hungarians

Most of the time most Polish people don't think of Bulgaria at all (a little too far away) or they think of it as a nice place for a seaside vacation.

They think of Serbia even less. Crow is on a one-man quest to create a Pan-slavic empire headed by Serbia (and Poland Russia becoming allies is apparently part of that mad dream) and no one takes him seriously.
Crow 139 | 8,273
30 Oct 2016 #116
Yes there are many bulgarians who like russia but the truth is russia is our biggest enemy

Well, what i know Russia mistaken for bowing to western European insistence and gave Black sea coast /that are now parts of Romania/ to the Romanians, while it was already liberated (by Bulgarians) from Ottoman occupation. It was most idiotic Russian mistake of all times. It was historical chance for Slavic countries to re-establish land connection between themselves. So, that could be reason for Bulgarians to be wary of Russia. It even damages Russian reputation all over the Slavic world.

On the other side. Russia regularly supported Bulgaria in every single Bulgarian-Serbian dispute. What is interesting, if we know that Bulgarians often sided with non-Slavs against other Slavs, while Serbians never in their history sided with non-Slavs against other Slavs, even at a times when Serbs themselves had problems with other Slavs.

calling us gypsies, ........ stupid panslavic insult.

Its not Pan-Slavic insult. Its an insult, under the influence of western Europe.

You must be aware that Slavs as a dominant representatives of White race (from which other Whites originate), themselves, since time immemorial, lived widespread on inter-continental level (even much longer then ended last glaciation/ice age- some 10-12.000 years ago). So, its quite natural that Slavs differ among themselves on sub-racial level and it is healthy, normal and even desirable and, for those differences no foreign influence was necessary.

See, problem is that are we Slavs so segmented and then manipulated to defend foreign interests, instead to take care of our own. So, many of us wait that foreigners write our history what is cardinal mistake.

Crow is on a one-man quest to create a Pan-slavic empire headed by Serbia (and Poland Russia becoming allies is apparently part of that mad dream) and no one takes him seriously.

mafketise, i am longer on this forum then you are. You know nothing. Don`t confuse people
mafketis 24 | 8,704
30 Oct 2016 #117
Russia mistaken for bowing to western European insistence and gave Black sea coast /that are now parts of Romania/ to the Romanians

Why would this be a decision to be made by Russia?
Crow 139 | 8,273
30 Oct 2016 #118
Russia ordered that to Bulgaria (and Bulgaria had to comply), giving that land to non-Slavs, to Romanians, while Romanians as strong anti-Slavic element in the region had support of western Europe (especially France). So, it was Russian favor to western European powers.

You must understand situation. South Slavs strongly depended on Russia in process of their liberation from Ottoman rule. Serbians were the factor that sparked rebellions, first in Serbia and then managed to support rebels in Montenegro, Greece and Bulgaria (bdw, Serbians initiated several major uprisings against Ottoman yoke). Still, Russia provided material/military support to all rebels and had strong militarily and diplomatic influence in the region. But, Russia was also involved in deals with western European powers. Deals that often came in collision with regional South Slavic romantic comprehension of Slavic liberation. So yes, it was Russia that created borders of what is today`s Romania, as i said, in deal with western Europe. It was great Russia`s sin here in the region. Especially if we know that Romanian contribution against Ottomans was minor (what is logical to all who knows that Romania was under western European influence and, western European powers wanted status quo on Balkans- wanted preservation of Ottoman Empire on the account of Slavs). So see, obviously Russia itself wasn`t that strong to dictate solutions. Behind the scene, Russia had to make compromises to satisfy western Europeans. On the other side, that same Russia invested literally millions of lives and tremendous resources in order to destroy Ottoman Empire. That`s how we know that Russia didn`t simple betray South Slavs. Russia just behaved cowardly sometimes and we South Slavs paid that.

BDW, when Kingdom of Yugoslavia was created, in 1918, our King Alexandar had to give parts of Yugoslavia to Romania. Parts of Banat- on the north of Serbia. It was said that he did so because he married Romanian Princess Maria of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen noble houses but, in reality, he had to bowed down to western European demands for correction of Yugoslavian (Serbian)-Romanian border. Western Europeans are sinister players, you know, and they seriously stand behind any regional non-Slavic factor, just to secure weakening of Slavs.
Crow 139 | 8,273
30 Oct 2016 #119
Only chance for south Slavs (this goes for Poland, too) to liberate themselves in full sense of the word `liberation` is that western European powers totally ruin their relations with Russia. This scenario now seams to be well on the way. We should be ready to grab the chance.
Crow 139 | 8,273
30 Oct 2016 #120
In the wake of this discussion, we forgot Bulgaria. Where are Bulgarians in this story?

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