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Polish satellite TV abroad

Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
12 Nov 2014 #31
Can anybody confirm as to whether an 80cm dish will be sufficient to link up to the Hotbird satellite?

Oh and for anyone looking to buy Polish satellite in the UK, as long as you have a Polish address you can try this website:
12 Nov 2014 #32
Hmmmm possible, depends where you are. I have a 90cm and can get most Sats and I am in the UK.

If you just want hotbird and no other Sat or multi lnb then it will be fine.
Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
12 Nov 2014 #33
I just need it for NC+ with the Sport + Film bolted on.
12 Nov 2014 #34
It should be fine, but you could get a 90cm dish a Skybox and a Nline for about a 100 quid, which would have you massive choice with. But your dish should do you.
28 Dec 2014 #35
Is there somewhere to buy the card?
I have excellent reception on Kultura,TVP info, Historia and Polonia. They are free to air.
But my wife would like some choice like in Poland.

I have two HD boxes one needs a TNK or Conax card it has a card reader.
It is Alien mini HD SE but it can not find HotBird 13 c,d,e. Only 6/8 which does not have Polish.

The other does not have a card reader being a British one but by selecting Non Freesat and having the right dish and LNB pointed at 160 degrees with the correct elevation I have Excellent reception of the four above.

Google takes me to all kinds of stupid places other than just buy a card.
kpc21 1 | 763
28 Dec 2014 #36
You won't rather buy a card anywhere other than in Poland, because the contracts of TV companies with content suppliers allow them to broadcast in only within the area of Poland. They unofficialy let people take the cards and receivers abroad, because a lot of people use them abroad and otherwise they would lose a great amount of clients. But theoretically the TV companies shouldn't do it, so they won't make it officially possible to buy they cards abroad.

Bad news for you is that TVP Kultura and TVP Historia will no more be broadcast free-to-air, probably from 1 January 2015. TVP resigns from broadcasting FTA on the Astra satellite. They will use Hot Bird only. FTA will be TVP Polonia and TVP Info only. On Hot Bird.

All the information is here:

In short:
* the new parameters of TVP Polonia (on Hot Bird, FTA) are:
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13D (13°E)
tp. 133 (11,179 GHz, pol. H, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DVB-S/QPSK)
The signal should be better than on the old TVP Polonia broadcast on Hot Bird.
* from 15 December 2014 on the new parameters on Hot Bird TVP Polonia is present
* form 31 December 2014 (about 23:30) TVP channels on Astra will be off
* from 1 January 2015 the transmission of TVP Polonia on Hot Bird will be a permanent one, not test one
* on the old parameters on Hot Bird TVP Polonia will be probably present for some time yet, for example 2 weeks
* TVP Kultura on Hot Bird will be encoded from 29 December 2014 (about 0:00), maybe they will start encoding later on
* TVP Info on Hot Bird (the signal used now by digital platforms) will start to be FTA 1 January 2015 (about 0:00), maybe earlier
* TVP Historia won't be FTA any more

What is more:
* the Polish digital platforms will probably move from MPEG2 to MPEG4 transmission in the middle of 2015 (or later on), so SD receivers will have to be replaced with HD ones; Cyfrowy Polsat exchanges now all their SD receivers with new HD ones in their selling points, even those without any contract, used by People as FTA receivers - for free

* the TNK SD offer will be valid until 31 October 2016, so topping up the account for a longer period is pointless

In terms of problems with Hot Bird reception, maybe the dish setting is inaccurate. Otherwise - try to replace it with a bigger one (of greater diameter).
4 Jan 2015 #37
Thank you KC1,

I did get the Mini to find the right transponders once I got page 3 of the TVP printout.
It was just that I had to update the settings but having only been given pages 1 & 2. I did not know them.
TVs TVP Info and Polonia all fine in HD.
Thanks. My wife will have to get her son to send a card. For the others thanks again.
Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
4 Jan 2015 #38
I use ncplus and I did my subscription through and then when I wanted to change the channels I just rang up ncplus and they changed it over the phone for me. Because tehwiz deal with the initial agreement you can just make up an address in Poland.
Bagguley - | 3
19 Jun 2016 #39
Merged: Polish Satellite TV in the UK

Dzień dobry!

My wife and I live in the UK and have got a satellite dish aiming at Hotbird 13 so get the free to air polish TV channels.

Whilst I'm aware you can buy polsat NT+ etc boxes and CAMs/Cards from resellers in the UK does anyone know if I would be able to pick up a pre-paid subscription when we are next in Poland?

Many thanks in advance!
29 Apr 2020 #40

Which tv providers do you use to watch Polish channels outside Poland

Good day to everyone,

Which tv provider is reliable to use outside Poland?

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