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Polish satellite TV abroad

Stu 12 | 515
24 May 2010 #1
I have read somewhere, that PL-satellite dishes and decoders also work when you are abroad. I.e. you can buy a subscription in Poland, take everything abroad, install it there and it works. Can anyone tell me whether this information is correct, please? And if so, any ideas which company has the best package/deal?

I don't need Sky News, BBC World, BBC1, 2, 3 and 4 cause I have that on DigTV? We don't need "adult" entertainment either ... we have eachother and we do find the time and "will" without "external" incentives ;).

Any experiences with different satellite companies are appreciated. Where can I find info on their "pakiety programowe"?

Thanks for the information.
Englishpoznan 4 | 102
24 May 2010 #2
I don't need Sky News, BBC World, BBC1, 2, 3 and 4

We don't need "adult" entertainment

So what exactly do you need?
Miguel Colombia - | 351
24 May 2010 #3
You gotta be quite screwed to need TV...

Haven't watched TV in 5 years and feel better than ever!
Ajb 6 | 232
24 May 2010 #4
It depends on where your planning on going, mainly because the further you go from Poland the bigger the dish you MAY need.

My brother (in-law) purchased Cyfra in PL and took the equipment to Holland where he was working... all worked fine and he could receive most channels!
OP Stu 12 | 515
24 May 2010 #5
took the equipment to Holland

That's exactly where I want to take it as well ;). So how big was his dish? Is it the standard size you get when purchasing a subscription? What is the standard size, by the way?

So what exactly do you need?

I need Polish TV-channels.

You gotta be quite screwed to need TV... Haven't watched TV in 5 years and feel better than ever!

Please, if you have nothing substantial to add, just belt up will you?!
nincompoop_not 2 | 192
24 May 2010 #6
That is correct. Called my friends and they have Polsat package, dish size 80cm and make payments for it over the internet. They are in London.

I know before they've had different provider (Cyfra?) but since then they've switched to Polsat. The first time around somebody from Poland brought them the decoder from Poland and it was being paid in Poland (before 2004).

I think there's a possibility to buy a dish here.

In the UK the three tv sat offered are Cyfra+, Polsat and something called 'n'. I think they've also had this 'n' tv at some point but weren't happy with it.

ahm and one more thing - I think the 80cm is the standard size dish as SKY dish (at least the ones I see) are the same size as their one.
OP Stu 12 | 515
24 May 2010 #7
That is correct

Thank you for your information!
g60edition 6 | 175
25 May 2010 #8
I have the polsat package here in the uk.Choose what package you want and stick your dish to Hotbird 13.Or the cheaper option is -

New pre-paid cards TNK include six monthly income TNK offers a complete program that contains the station TVN, TVN 24, TVN Turbo, TVN Lingua, TVN Warszawa, nSport, TVN Style, TVN Meteo, TVN Siedem,, TVP1, TVP2 , TVP Info, TVP Sport, Disney Channel. After six monthly income pay-TV channels, the user can choose to pay the order. The lowest price is 10 zlotys a month for the subscription offer for one year.

If the user card TNK not interested in pay-TV channels will be permanently after six months (until 2016) to 5 channels - TVN, TVN7, TVP1, TVP2 and
MarkyMark - | 2
14 Jun 2010 #9
Merged:Polish Satellite TV

Hi all,

Wondered if anyone can point me in the right direction for getting Polish tv installed at home in the UK. My fiance is Polish and I want her to feel as at home as possible. Therefore, I'm after as many channels as possible to provide the most choice. Not too worried about subscripstions etc. Just wanting access to Polish tv.

I've found some Polish Satellite solutions all less than £200 but they apparently don't have many decent channels on.

Can anyone recommend a decent solution for us please :)

Thanks in advance.
davie6711 - | 2
23 Jun 2010 #10
Thread attached on merging:
Polish Satellite TV in Scotland?

Hi Everyone,
Hope someone can give me some advice . I'm a Scottish man living on the clyde coast in Scotland. My Polish girlfriend and her two kids are coming to live with me in less than a month. She would like me to have Polish TV installed for her arrival.

I believe that Cyfra+ is the one to have.
1. Does she need to obtain a contract before she leaves?
2. Will this give her a viewing card?
3. If so will this work in my Sky Box?
4. If not should we buy a decoder in Poland and then bring it back home?
I hope someone can give some help.
23 Jun 2010 #11
3. If so will this work in my Sky Box?

I can't answer the rest of your questions but I can assure you that a Cyfra+ card will not work in a Sky box.

You could contact these people They appear to specialise in the sale and installation of Polish satellite television systems but say they do it in England. If they can't help you themselves, they could probably point you in the direction of somebody in Scotland who can. say that they do the whole UK. The problem you might have is that Scotland might be a fringe area for picking up whatever satellite Cyfra+ uses.

Edit: cover Glasgow Edynburg Livingstone Ayr Stirling Bathgate Paisley Airdie Falkirk Coatbridge Galashiels Hamilton Kirkcaldy Motherwell Renfrew. They look to be your best bet
davie6711 - | 2
23 Jun 2010 #12
Hey Everyone thanks for your kind help.
Would think I could install myself but just wondered if needed subscription and Polish decoder.
When I'm over in early July I'll organise subscription and the purchase of decoder.
Many Thanks.
g60edition 6 | 175
24 Jun 2010 #13
just wondered if needed subscription and Polish decoder

Get the card and cam whilst over in Poland.No you do not need a Polish decoder but you will if you buy just the card.I have a Technomate 5400Ci + and Technomate 1500 Super Ci.As long as the box has a CI slot you should be fine as mine works with no problems,When you register the card they do ask what decoder you are using.Im sure that Polsat Cyfra use a 80/85cm dish.If you are on the limits you can legaly go up to 1.2mtr dish on your house with out planning permision.

Take a look at these sites they are a very useful tool. (great helpfull forum all friendly on there)

3. If so will this work in my Sky Box?

Torontonian 1 | 12
30 Jun 2010 #14
question, I doubt it will work due to the distance, but gonna ask anyways

will any of the Polish satellite dishes/receivers work in Canada?

going to Poland in a month and wouldnt mind purchasing a dish, registering with family in Poland and pay for it online from Canada.

I know its far fetched... but possible???
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
30 Jun 2010 #15
will any of the Polish satellite dishes/receivers work in Canada?

in a word, no.

there are maps which show satellite coverage... i can't offer a link though.

the best option might be to find on-line channels. you may have to pay so wait for others to offer more info.
Lodz Tygrs
3 Aug 2013 #16
Bumping this thread.....

So if I wanted a package from Cyfrowy Polsat, would I need to get a receiver from them? I can use my own satellite right?
30 Dec 2013 #17
Yes, buy pols sat.

at in Poland and it works in London no problem
kpc21 1 | 763
30 Dec 2013 #18
Receiver (or at least CI module) must be from Polsat. Cards from TNK (SD, not HD) and old cards from Cyfra+ (from before it merged with n) will work in any receiver supporting encoding systems used by them (Conax for TNK, afair Nagra for Cyfra+). But from Polsat, n and nc+ (product of the Cyfra+ and n merger) will not.

Dish might be yours, you must only set it on Hot Bird 13" E.
Lodz Tygrysek
1 Jan 2014 #19
I'm not able to go to Poland right now, but am interested in a box from cyfrowy polsat. What would be the best option for me do you think?
Lodz Tygrysekk
3 Jan 2014 #20
Anyone help? Please!!
kpc21 1 | 763
4 Jan 2014 #21
Consult a point selling Polsat services? Maybe they would send you the receiver abroad for some extra charge. But they would have to send you an agreement to sign it and this could be a bigger problem.

If you don't manage to find a point which would agree, the only option is that someone in Poland would do everything for you.
Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
8 Nov 2014 #22
Merged: Polish Satellite TV in the UK

Afternoon everyone,

Here is my question, I'm looking to see if I can get Polish satellite TV in the UK (Cyfra+ or N ideally). Now usually the sketch is that you have to have a Polish house/address for them to bill you to and send the receiver, but I was wondering if anybody knew of a workaround to the situation.

Basically myself and my wife (she's native Pole and I'm 3rd generation ((if that even counts)) are looking for ways to give our son a kickstart in speaking Polish, as he is somewhat reluctant to absorb it at the moment. We are just thinking of ways to supplement his learning as he is surrounded by English speakers.

Any ideas?

gumishu 13 | 6,140
8 Nov 2014 #23
as he is somewhat reluctant to absorb it at the moment

what is the point of pushing the Polish language onto the child - if he's reluctant he should not be bothered I think
Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
8 Nov 2014 #24
When I say reluctant to absorb I should have rephrased, as there is no way of measuring how much of a language a child has actually picked up.

He is somewhat reluctant to speak it, is what I meant to say.

I'm not pushing the language on him, I'm immersing him in it ;)
Wulkan - | 3,203
8 Nov 2014 #25
I'm 3rd generation ((if that even counts))

ofcourse it does

he is somewhat reluctant to absorb it at the moment.

How old is he? You made a fundamental mistake by not getting your wive talking to him in Polish right after he was born.
Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
8 Nov 2014 #26
My lad is 3 years and a bit. Trust me, everyone tried to coax the wife into conversing to him in Polish but I'm afraid that she took the "easier" option of just speaking English. My Polish grammar is awful so I was always reluctant to speak to him as it would teach him bad habits early on (much to my regret). Hopefully if we can get everyday TV in Polish then he will start to pick it up, we are also looking at enrolling him in a Saturday school too.
Wulkan - | 3,203
8 Nov 2014 #27
I think the TV is a good idea, Polish cartoons will help him for sure, remember that the time is running and the older he is the less you can do about it.
Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
8 Nov 2014 #28
True true, I've just picked up NC+ Premium for 20 quid so I'm laughing. The sister in law let me use her house address :D
Crow 155 | 9,025
8 Nov 2014 #29
i would like to have better access, here in Serbia, to the Polish satellite TV. Poland should increase its media activities
kpc21 1 | 763
8 Nov 2014 #30
There is no Cyfra+ and n any more, they have merged and now they are nc+.
This is a pre-paid offer. You just buy a set-top box and then top up the account by means of a bank transfer. You don't need an agreement with them, so you don't need an address in Poland.

The only thing that might be problematic are bank transfers from the UK onto Polish bank account. Probably it's possible without transfers, by just buying some top-ups in a shop - I don't know. But for sure it's possible to make a top-up for a few months in advance.

See here:
On the tab "Dostawa i płatność" it is written whether the seller agrees to send the tuner to abroad or not. Allegro is such a Polish eBay. Of course the price of the delivery would be different than the one that is written there, they are for the parcels inside Poland.

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