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Almost not allowed in Sweden without my Polish passport.

mochadot18 15 | 241
21 May 2020 #1
So last August I was in Sweden and I almost wasn't allowed in.... I had just gone to 13 other countries in the weeks prior and 20 countries just last year and yet they kept asking me for my polish passport. I'm a dual citizen with the U.S. I don't have a polish passport. I had an appointment to get one but now with covid it got cancelled to renew it. I have to drive 9 hours to go to the closest polish embassy. But how come Sweden wouldn't stop asking me for it. I had my U.S passport but the guy wouldn't stop saying I was born in Poland and I needed my polish passport. I just kept saying sorry I don't have one. Is this normal? Like i said in the past year ive been to over 20 countries and have never had a problem. Will I need to travel with both passports from now on once I get it? Has anyone had this problem before?

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