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Package sent to Serbia has been stuck at WER Warszawa for 3 weeks.

14 Jan 2019 #1
I had ordered a backpack from a store on the 24th of December. The cost of the bag was around 50 euros.
Since then I have been tracking the order and as the title implies, my package has been stuck at Wer Warszawa for about 3 weeks now and I'm unsure of what to do.

I've taken the holidays into account so I assumed that I'd wait a bit longer, but I find it odd that it hasn't moved at all for so long.

Is there anything I can do to find out what's going on?
I don't speak Polish and I don't have anyone who lives there, so sending someone to check on it isn't an option.
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14 Jan 2019 #2
What's the status of this package?
Here their (WER Warszawa) contact addresses:
Phone : 22 545 16 00; 548 14 61
Or give more details in a pvt message (or try to fill the motion alone) about this package - the tracking number, the place of sending, name of the sender, recipient's name - to file a complaint about their services here:
23 Apr 2019 #3
Did you ever hear more on this? I bought a package from Poland to be sent to the U.S and has been at WER Warszawa for 4 weeks without a new update.
12 Jul 2019 #4
I have a package also sitting in Warszawa WER. Granted it's only been four days but then I saw this thread. Should I be worried I won't receive it on time?
16 Sep 2019 #5
Hello all. I also have a package sitting in WER Warszawa. I ordered some earrings from Poland to be shipped to MI, USA. I was freaking out a bit myself but after checking my email there is a side note that gives you your countries estimated delivery date. North America said between 7-30 days *so vague* but whatever! If my shipment is stuck in WER Warszawa longer than that THEN we will have some issues.

Home / Polonia / Package sent to Serbia has been stuck at WER Warszawa for 3 weeks.
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