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Package sent to Serbia has been stuck at WER Warszawa for 3 weeks.

14 Jan 2019 #1
I had ordered a backpack from a store on the 24th of December. The cost of the bag was around 50 euros.
Since then I have been tracking the order and as the title implies, my package has been stuck at Wer Warszawa for about 3 weeks now and I'm unsure of what to do.

I've taken the holidays into account so I assumed that I'd wait a bit longer, but I find it odd that it hasn't moved at all for so long.

Is there anything I can do to find out what's going on?
I don't speak Polish and I don't have anyone who lives there, so sending someone to check on it isn't an option.
Looker - | 1,032
14 Jan 2019 #2
What's the status of this package?
Here their (WER Warszawa) contact addresses:
Phone : 22 545 16 00; 548 14 61
Or give more details in a pvt message (or try to fill the motion alone) about this package - the tracking number, the place of sending, name of the sender, recipient's name - to file a complaint about their services here:
23 Apr 2019 #3
Did you ever hear more on this? I bought a package from Poland to be sent to the U.S and has been at WER Warszawa for 4 weeks without a new update.
12 Jul 2019 #4
I have a package also sitting in Warszawa WER. Granted it's only been four days but then I saw this thread. Should I be worried I won't receive it on time?
16 Sep 2019 #5
Hello all. I also have a package sitting in WER Warszawa. I ordered some earrings from Poland to be shipped to MI, USA. I was freaking out a bit myself but after checking my email there is a side note that gives you your countries estimated delivery date. North America said between 7-30 days *so vague* but whatever! If my shipment is stuck in WER Warszawa longer than that THEN we will have some issues.
3 Jan 2020 #6
I also have a package sitting in wer warsawa,it's a package from my polish bestfriend and it's shipped to Naples Italy..and the last update is November 30 2019..and it's been a month that it get stuck will arrive the box..?cause it seems that it got lost or I don't know..
Crow 137 | 7,974
10 Jan 2020 #7
Show respect on Polish post service, people. Put cross on yourself. Reprimand yourself. Polish post service is beacon of light of Polish public services. When somebody send something on Kosovo, Polish post redirect that package to Serbia.

Home / Polonia / Package sent to Serbia has been stuck at WER Warszawa for 3 weeks.
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