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Package sent to USA stuck in Origin Post Preparing Shipment in Poland

30 Jun 2016 #1
I was supposed to receive a package back in February (2016), the sender is from poland and i'm in the US

the problem is, it's almost July and i haven't received it. The tracking for this package is stuck at Origin Post is Preparing Shipment and hasn't changed since February when it was supposed to be shipped to the US

The package was sent through Poczta Polska (?)
I've contacted US customs and USPS to see if i can resolve it from my side but i can't since tracking doesn't show that it left the origin country and they're having no luck finding it over there either

does anyone know what i can do or what happened to my package?
kpc21 1 | 753
30 Jun 2016 #2
You cannot do anything. The sender can make a complaint at the post office from which he sent it. There is a special international form for that (, they will give it to him at the post office. And they will return some money. The value of the parcel content, but there is a limit for that. If I am not mistaken - 10 times the price of sending.
johnny reb 50 | 7,181
30 Jun 2016 #3
Thank you for the advice kpc21 as I also have ran into the same problem.
A parcel was mailed to me from Poland back in March to the U.S.A. and it seems it never left Poland.
Are the Post Offices in Poland this incompetent or are there thieves that work in the Post Office ?
kpc21 1 | 753
30 Jun 2016 #4
My experience with the Polish post is rather good. I sent a few letters internationally between Poland and Germany, and while they were leaving Poland almost immiediately, the same with reaching the addressee once they entered Poland, the German post was holding them for a long time, or once even failed to deliver a letter.

I have once even sent a letter from Poland to Poland - but with a return address in Germany. And with advice of receipt. So the letter was sent domestically, but the advice of receipt, with the signature of the addressee, had to be delivered to Germany. At the post office they didn't really know how to handle it, because their computer system just doesn't take such a possibility into account (the lady said that before computers there would be no problem at all), but they did it. It came to Germany. Later than the reply to the letter (sent by the addressee after receiving it!), but it came.

And, what's interesting, sending this letter, I filled in two forms for the advice of receipt - the Polish and the international one (I thought that when the advice of receipt has to be delivered abroad, it should be on an international form, but the lady at the post office suggested to fill in both) - and which one came to me to Germany? The Polish one :)

Just let the sender of your parcel file a complaint at his post office. He will get the money back. Maybe he will have to wait a month or two, but he will get it. It's worse if the content was worth more than 10x sending fee, but in such a case he should have declared the value of the parcel content - in such a case he would pay more for the sending, but now he would get the whole amount.

Does it happen that a parcel gets stolen by a post employee? I wouldn't say it happens frequently, but yes, I have heard about such cases. It's not about lack of competency. The post processes so many parcels every day that it's normal they fail to deliver a small amount of them all.
Jolanta Paliga
15 Dec 2023 #5
Proszę o informację dlaczego od 27 listopada 2023 roku, do dzisiaj, tj 15 grudnia, paczka o nr CP 271 202 085 PŁ, wysłana do USA jest przetrzymywanie na Poczcie ORIGIN?

P. S. W przyszłym tygodniu święta a wnuki czekają na prezenty od Babci i Dziadka z Polski
Cargo pants 3 | 1,491
15 Dec 2023 #6
@Jolanta .Paliga
What was in the package?

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