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Is it possible to meet a Polish female in Dubai? I'm looking for fun.

24 Nov 2006 #1
is it possible to meet a polish female in dubai???
31 Jan 2007 #2
any girl
m 27 dubai
looking for fun
ukinpoland 5 | 338
31 Jan 2007 #3
Looking for fun? Why is it all guys seem to think Polish women are easy? Believe me they are not ( no women is easy but you know what i mean) They are way above your average English women and not the chav's you see hanging around street corners in UK
wonski81 - | 22
31 Jan 2007 #4
I'm glad You're defending women, but are there any UK-like street corners in Dubai?
Decorator 4 | 291
31 Jan 2007 #5
My nan is a chav, how dare you....
amar_gaonkar1 - | 1
16 Sep 2007 #6
Hi, how ru? nice 2 c ur blogge..wish 2 b ur frnd.. can u plz get back 2 me at amar_gaonkar1@hotmail
wish 2 c u soon..
tornado2007 11 | 2,274
16 Sep 2007 #7
get a life you down and out :) hahaha you made me laugh
16 Sep 2007 #8
wish 2 b ur frnd

lol to who is he talking?
to tornado? haha
tornado2007 11 | 2,274
16 Sep 2007 #9
to tornado? haha

he could be my answer, i'm looking for a new punch bag to take out my frustrations on :)
16 Sep 2007 #10
omg, some emotions! first time i see it in our polite torny which puts smiles everywhere (here too but its so different anyway)
hmmm harder! harder! :)
tornado2007 11 | 2,274
16 Sep 2007 #11
hmmm harder! harder! :)

what is that in reference too??
16 Sep 2007 #12
ah, doesnt matter

i love when man is a bit rough

so shut up and play haha
tornado2007 11 | 2,274
17 Sep 2007 #13
I guess you can polish any girl anywhere if she wants to

do you reckon i could find one in my Christmas stocking, that would be kinda cool, lol :)
bajka - | 71
7 Mar 2008 #14
You can find Polish women all around the globe, the secret is to be able to communicate with them in their own language, money ! :o)
28 Oct 2008 #15
yes yes am looking polishe female to be my freinds
24 Jun 2009 #16
And what the hell is wrong with arab girls?
Go & do things which you are good at!!
rasikdubaim - | 1
18 Jan 2010 #17
hai am single male handsome guy good personality person am looking for girl friend in dubai specially from europe feel free drop your email rasikdubaim@yahoo/aflarasik@hotmail /00971501694358 call me we can meet go out where ever you want in dubai :)

hai where u saty now am single male from dubai feel freeeee cal me 0501694358
3 Apr 2010 #18
The arabs girls are the most beautiful,the most hot and the most honnest;that is why he will not find because they are not for fun,they are much more important than that,,they must get marry to make fun with their husbends,,

,in dubai many forigners how you know that this one is arab man,,,,??EX in qatar there are almost 1000,000 people,,800,000 are forigners indians,pakistanis,ukranians,poles etc,,,the same thing for all arab gulf countries

Ozzy Osbourne
3 Apr 2010 #19
I really have no idea what kind of Arabic people or women you have met, but they are neither correct, not the most beautiful people out there.
4 Apr 2010 #20

polish female
28 Sep 2010 #21
I am a Polish woman living in Syria and I do not think the Arab women are the most beautiful etc. Yes, there are some attractive girls but as soon as they marry and get children, they start looking like old women. When you compare Polish women with Arabic ones you can see that they can be of the same age but the Polish ones look 10 years younger. Therefore most of Syrians think I am 20 while I am over 30. And what is the most terrible I have noticed, the Syrian women think about money. Why there are so many unmarried girls if there are a lot if unmarried guys? The answer is these men do not have money. An Arab women (not all of course but the majority) want a rich man in order to go to restaurants, to travel, live in villas with swimming pools and have house keepers. And a lot of them ask me where is my gold. I tell my husband to send our child to a good school instead of wasting money. This is my answer. I am Polish and I am married to a Syrian man. As most of women I need love, a good husband, healthy children and a happy family. There are some easy Polish females but you, guys, know why? There is no man in Poland who want them so they try with anyone. Better an Arab man than no one. You have to know that it is still shame to tell anyone you have an Arab as your boyfriend, husband etc. I know it very well. Even my husband who is a very good, educated and intelligent gentleman does not feel well in Poland. He does not feel welcome. So as I told you the easy girls exist, for sure (but not only in Poland!, believe me, there are some Arab girls with hejaab and being lovers of married men), but they do it because no Polish man want them. For you Arabs, the tall blondie with blue eyes means a beautiful woman. But the real pearls are already chosen by Polish men. And such women are not easy at all. Tell me how many beautiful Syrian women in their 30 - ies, 40-ies do you know. I mean natural women because a lot of Arab girs are great funs of plastic surgery. If you are a good, loving and moral man you have a chance to meet a good and beautiful Polish (or Arab etc.) woman. If you are not, you meet only bad girls. If you meet only easy women it means that it is sth wrong with you, sorry. But believe me , Polish females can be much better wifes, mothers and lovers (for their husbands of course) than Arabic ones. They study, work, meet people, travel so they get life experience on many fields. You are lucky, if such a woman decides to marry you, of course, if she loves and is loved. And the last point. Poland is in EU now. The country has better economy. Last year it was the only European country with growing GDP (Gross Domestic Product), . Besides Poland has 4th place in Europe concerning life quality, according to the British portal uSwitch: est-of-europe-for-quality-of-life-1769.pdf. So, please do not mix Poland with Ukraine nor Russia. The second country is not an EU member and has the worse economy in Europe. And therefore there is a big difference between Polish and Ukrainian females.

13 Oct 2010 #22
BRAVO Polish female ! zgadzam sie w 100 procentach!

the polish girls are well educated and have a lot of ideas, are sure what to do in our lives. And I must say I live now in Abu Dhabi, I lived before quite a long time in Germany, I have 2 kids, and am 30 - but I do not look like old housewife! many people think I am 24 or something. In Germany, I was working, studying, taking care of kid, and doing a lot of other things - and couldn't sometimes make friends only because other mums were sitting only at home with kids. some men, and women were just "scared" of me that I know how to control my own live and have fun with it and do not complain. one of my polish friends had a german boyfriend, and he told me that we are too creative too "przebojowe" - I do not know how to say it in english, so they are just afraid of us :)

best greeting for all powerful polish girls
southern 75 | 7,096
13 Oct 2010 #23
And therefore there is a big difference between Polish and Ukrainian females.

Hm,not so big as you may think.
Natasa 1 | 580
13 Oct 2010 #24
From what i have heard from my male friends, Ukraine is the promised land.
One of them, very curious about women and travels a lot, was comparing sexual experiences he had around the globe, and narrowed the list of the best to two countries, I think it was Colombia (he said that Latino girls are very sensual, submissive and behaving like they are in love) and Ukraine. Both were girls for 2, 3 nights, but he had a crush on Ukrainian girl called Lena (I heard her name 100 times with many different intonations), who was married. I don't have a clue what are they doing, but they have a reputation.

My friend covered his eyes with his hands and said, I lived like this, thinking I know what good sex is, then putting down one hand he said this was a BJ from Lena, and when he put down the other hand he said this is sex with her, NOW I can see. He had sex on all continents, he is not a picky type...

Ukraine was the best. WHY?
SteveSmith - | 9
13 Oct 2010 #25
But the real pearls are already chosen by Polish men.

There are some easy Polish females but you, guys, know why? There is no man in Poland who want them so they try with anyone.

I am Polish and I am married to a Syrian man.

Sounds like you are not much of a catch then, how did you meet your husband?
convex 20 | 3,978
13 Oct 2010 #26
Wow, you read it all.. E for effort
20 Oct 2010 #27
I came across this forum by accident and found it informng about being in that area of word such as Abu Dhabi. I have often wondered what it must be like and have imagined that it is quite nice and warm and has wealth. Polish people seem to get everywhere in world somehow. Let me tell you a little story about an American man of polish descent. His mother was Finland and his father was Polish. His father became very wealthy from Real Estate property ownership in Pebble Beach, California. When he died he left more than 11 million dollars to his son (who was my freind later). This polish american man was a big spender and quite an alcohol drinker. He was obsessed with strip tease joints around the areas of San Jose, California where his mother and he now lived when I met him. He said he had gone to Poland when he got all the millions and tried to help Polish people. He said one Polish woman was so angry that he would not bring her to America that she beat him up!!! And he was a big guy. At any rate, he wasted the money completely and by the time I last saw him was broke, homeless and had his teeth knocked out. He was the kind of guy that when he got drunk he would give some stranger 10,000 to solve their problem they talked about in the bar. His father had been involved with saving Jews from Hitler in WWII. This site reminded me of him. It is nice to hear Polish women are such good catches. I hope all you guys in dubai meet one.
A J 4 | 1,088
20 Oct 2010 #28
I'm glad You're defending women, but are there any UK-like street corners in Dubai?

If there were any, then they probably wouldn't ask all these dumbass questions here.

Syrian man
15 Nov 2010 #29
polish female
Hi polish female,

I'm a young Syrian man who is going to get marry a polish, I would like to ask you about your experience in Syria, do you like it their?

what kind of problems faced you there...
would u like to give any advices!

Any hint will be appreciated

p.s. I'm a practicing Muslim and she has just entered Islam before I know her. both of us are well educated, and you are right she is not easy at all, and I wasn't also searching for an easy girl ;)
sam3er159 - | 1
3 Dec 2011 #30
Look people am from Poland And just for you notice i have been living in Dubai for the past 10 years and yes i know arabs but they r ok not all but less but still i hate them and i dont know why but my rules are who respect me i respect him :D even if he was a bad person

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